• conratron

    been waiting for this one. go good music!

  • nate86

    nothing in hip hop right now tops kanye rapping some good raps over a smooth soul beat

  • Yo

    ^I fucks with it, but that was pretty obviously a total throwaway verse.

  • StyleZ.

    Best song of the year for me

  • nate86

    @yo - i dont think so dew, he shouts tony williams in the verse, pretty sure it was made for the song. tony willliams is on GOOD he wants the album to sell units

  • darTal

    ^^ naw he aint on GOOD MUSIC.at least this album isn't. King or The Fool is being released on High Society. just a friend helping outa friend.

  • Rik Malkolm

    Hip Hop Soul right there!!!

  • http://2dopeboys.com ELegend

    Not a friend.... KanYe and Tony Williams are cousins...

  • http://www.hardheadglobal.com Highlight

    You talkin bout a MC flowing over beats by Kanye West, Dr. Dre, Swizz Beatz, etc, etc on one cohesive, well put together mixtape....if you checking 4 lyrics and original flows n concepts, I GOT YOU!! Download my FREE mixtape Scattered Abroad at http://www.hardheadglobal.com!!

  • young King

    Ye borrowed that Andre 3000 flow for this one.


    ^^ naw Ye borrowed that College Dropout flow for this one.

  • Queen

    ^^. my sentiments exactly. Kanye can only get better by goin back. He aint even talkin bout shit on his verse but its still a damn near perfect song.