Christina Milian Signs To Young Money

blame it on Illy February 14, 2012

Really the only person unhappy with hearing this about Young Money’s latest addition is NewMusicCartel’s biggest Christina Milian fan Splash. She made it official on Twitter over the weekend and partied away with Lil Wayne at the YMCMB pre-Grammy party over the weekend. Cash Money Records will release Milian’s much-delayed fourth studio album titled Elope later this year.

  • hater


  • jdgonzalez3

    This is how hard Lil Wayne has to try to get poon?

  • These niggas givin out record deals like condoms at the clinic. She still could it over and over again though….

  • trill4real

    that is a RAoF, she is an average actress and needs to keep doing that. this is how my rocafella dynasty fell, niggas started signing anybody. seen that movie many times.

  • Malik

    I swear they’re acting like the Washington Redskins of record labels.

  • ^And like the Washington Ethnic Slurs, they never really win. My apologies to any Washington fans on here lol


    R any of these ARTIST ever really “SIGHNED” to a LABEL like THESE.
    All I THINK it is, IT’S a sort of CO-SIGHN

  • marty mcfly

    I gotta disagree with most people here and say I think this could be a good move. I say that because even though “The Throne” deserved their awards at the grammys. The Young Money brand was robbed again for the 2nd year in a row imo. You got 17 nominations coming from 4 different artists on the same label and nobody wins nothing. That really dont seem right especially since since Wayne, Nicki and Drake have been all over the place for the last two years. If you dont like they music I understand cause its obviously marketed towards little kids but I think they were just ignored outta hate cause how Nicki didnt win best new artist is ridiculous and even people who hate her would agree after the year she had. So I dont think Slim and Baby are just signing people only for money anymore, I think they want respect from the whole industry now in all forms of music.

  • Cubano

    ^^^man shut up they signed her cause somebody wanna fuckkk her lol not one talented artist on young money except drake… his music is wack but he has talent.

  • marty mcfly

    @Cubano, With the exception of Drakes music, I dont like none of they shit especially Nicki and Wayne but just keeping it real.

  • zachariah

    Conspiracy against YMCMB? So you think Jay-z and Kanye told their Illuminati brethren to make sure they win nothing in retaliation for dissing them? ROFLMFAO

  • Unfortunate, she’s cute she should be on a respectable label.

  • Sfuse

    Which will come out first her album or the baby she’s going to have by Wayne? SMH :-(

  • hater

    Nicki was ignored? Then who the fuck was performing at the grammys? btw that was a shit performance

  • PJ

    Wayne and the Dream keep sharing each others leftovers. The Dream is mad AF right now, he’s probably on the phone now trying to sign (or fck) Nivea.

  • the realest

    @ marty

    YMCMB was nominated 17 times bcuz they’re the most popular at the moment. they went 0-17 bcuz their music is trash. EVEN drakes.

    and wayne obviously signed millian on some oldass beef he got with the dream cuz of nivea. remember wayne and dream went back n forth wit i fucked your girl and lolipop nd a few subliminals.
    cuz really, millian wasnt poppin even when she WAS poppin. nd young money cant even get shannel goin, and nicki gotta perform shitty ass illuminati rituals just to get ppl to listen to her music, so wtf can LIL WAYNE AND BIRDMAN do for millian. it aint like they l.A. reid or clive davis or some shit. this move gets a F. the cassie album would be better simply bcuz its puff.

  • Birdman for CEO of the year. His label is under fire and having its credibility come and to question, and he signs a R&B singer with nooo Hits??


  • Flawed Nursery Rhymes

    *^ Into Question

  • Mr. Andre

    Whatever. Can we get a some sexytime pics of Christina though?!

  • yslsir

    weezy stay wanting the Dreams left ova’s smfh