Kendrick Lamar – Cartoon & Cereal f. Gunplay (prod. THC)

blame it on Meka February 14, 2012

Something new from K-Dot, just in time as he reembarks on the Club Paradise tour with Drake and A$AP Rocky today.

DOWNLOAD: Kendrick Lamar – Cartoon & Cereal (Mixed by Ali)
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  • vlado


  • chad

    Intro remind me of somt old outkast shit.

  • devo

    WOOOOOOOOOW. Incredible.

  • RespectItBecauseYouAin’tGonCheckIt

    Something on Valentine’s Day for all the stans about to flood this bitch

  • fsfg

    WOW WOW WOW! Reminds me of some old Outkast shit!
    Oh and all Kendrick stans are now Kendrick kyles.

  • dylan


    yea you right it does,outkast/goodie mob.

    im surprised by the gunplay feature but this shit here go.

  • that dude better

    that some sick shit he cooked up! love every part of the song!!

  • Wiff!

    COT DAMN! this fool has yet to disappoint!!!

  • All his concepts are dope, I can only imagine what he will do in the future, so fucking far from everybody else in the game…

  • mickbigga

    this shit is incredible. I’ve been waiting on some new K.Dot for a minute. Shitbangs

  • HiiixPower

    what a great way to start valentines day. by the way for those who were wondering the feature on the track is Gunplay

  • that dude better

    K dot(PERIOD)

  • a

    @Chad good catch. def some outkast round ATLiens time feel to it. and ya… this shit goes hhhaarrrrdddd

  • peteROC

    Similar flow and feel to Buried Alive. Dope though.

  • HiPHop

    EveryBody Go Check Out That New Love Puppet By Me Production By Amen Purgatory >

  • Gerald Moyo

    How bout adding Gunplay to the feature

  • MRZONE666

    Yeah, what’s with everyone leaving off Gunplay? This song is like, the best thing to happen to me today other than getting paid to shit at work. Two of my absolute favorite rappers on one crazy as fuck 7 minute song? Shiiiiiiiiiiiit bro

  • Bloodshed

    saved my day, no more foreveralone on V-Day

  • ayo

    thank you based god

  • Abstract Cannon

    Fucking legendary. I’m telling you.

  • EricDean

    Ok. We need an Andre 3000 feature on K. Dot’s new album. That song alone would resurrect hip-hop.

  • niggawhoprodthis

    yo who produced this

  • JB

    already 24 plays on my itunes

  • Bigwill

    Cant wait to bang this in the whip summer time

  • unclesam

    Um, why did y´all stop using Hulkshare? Sharebeast ain´t got shit on Hulkshare.

  • Coolcat

    old heads telling the young cats to ignore whats going on in the streets and go about their own business. A little taste of what K.Dots album has in store

  • K dot

    GunPlay is ass, other than that this shit knocks !

  • BoomShakaLaka

    DAMN that was great both of them killed it

  • D39


    I don’t think K. Dot will ever disappoint. They’re well on their way to the top.

    R.I.P. Alori Joh

  • TrillaTrilla

    Shit is Insane

  • KiddJenks

    Perfect way to start my day with some new kendrick. This Negro Never dissapoints. Gunplay did work also. Whats up with the download link though? it doesnt seem to be working

  • SirAnomaly

    WARNING to all rappers, if you are featured or feature Kendrick on a song there’s a 95% chance you will get murked

  • kd



    Who ever gave this shit the thumb, obviously they don’t know what real hip-hop is. Kendrick Lamar, on his way up to where he belongs.

  • htown

    this shit is absolutely bonkers. KDot kills it everytime! Gunplay was a nice feature oddly enough

  • bei you

    Bangin’ this shit as i type.

  • midwestbeast

    can’t download

  • Desmond

    thought gunplay was gone mess it up

  • da bul

    damn this shit is incredible, what’s the hook about tho?

  • anthony

    The whole rap industry needs to be a Kendrick Stan. This is so on point.

  • tompetty

    6:47 of dopeness. thats a hard thing to do. the longer a track the easier it is to lose the listener. this is so well composed tho. intro to outro. gunplay was a huge element in keeping the track alive. sometimes less is more from a feature.


    Why gunplay tho? What’s der connection??

  • Coyotes

    HOT DAMN! Kendrick dropped a bomb right here, 7 min. eargasm!? Hell yes… I’m bumping this for an hour straight right now and it keeps surprising me.

  • “Um, why did y´all stop using Hulkshare? Sharebeast ain´t got shit on Hulkshare.”

    hulkshare has new rules thanks to the whole megaupload shut down. we can go back to them, but you wouldnt be able to download from the link unless you uploaded it yourself.

  • le magnifique

  • brite

    Then can we switch it back to Mediafire?

  • truth

    just what id expect on

    this shit is weak

  • matt

    Gunplay was a perfect feature. Didnt know he had that in him.

  • Yeahmann

    Mann. I fucking love Kendricks music. But someone needs to manage him. Those WACK ASS featurings aren’t good. First Mack Maine x Birdcrap and now fucking Gunplay. Kendrick will be one of the greatest. So stop with putting this wack rappers on your tracks.

  • matt

    @yeahmann its not about who bro, its about how they fit on the track


    this shit meets my damn expectations, but Kendrick is one of a hand full of artists who ALWAYS seems to do so..

    kudos to this mufucka for being such a damn good emcee..almost too scary throw away your pen and pad and forget ever trying to be a rapper like him, good..

  • I put together this mix…comes in at 5:20.

    I changed up the hooks/intro, as well as the verses, to make it shorter, without the pauses being as long.


    Gunplay’s contribution to this track was gold..his flow and raw delivery definitely added to the song’s sinister/epic feel.

    but I’m sure some of you suburban 50 cent stans don’t possess to the ability to appreciate it..

  • ^^^

    Kendrick Lamar – Cartoons & Cereal (Feat. Gunplay) [prod. THC]

  • jay

    this got that outkast vibe to it kendrick was not kidding when he said he embodied all the styles of the era of hip hop we all loved and kendrick got some tight concepts for his tracks gunplay did his thing on the feature everything worked well this is incredibly dope

  • breakingdawnpt1

    this shit sounds like everything else he puts out, he aint never gonna have a proper hit, i guess hiiipower was his attempt, which is one of his badder songs in my opinion, schoolboy q deff outshines this guy, although kendricks verse of blessed is prob my faviourite thing by him cept for look out for detox, but this dude is average at best, you’ll all get bored soon enough, this guy i’ll deff outlive A$AP though that dudes nothing

  • Ali X THC = AWESOME (reminiscent of Organized Noize)


    “ain’t never gonna have a proper hit”

    “badder songs” “hes average at best”

    lol you right bruh

  • Naz

    He aint never gonna have a proper hit, i guess
    hiiipower was his attempt, which is one of his
    badder songs in my opinion, schoolboy q deff
    outshines this guy, although kendricks verse of
    blessed is prob my faviourite thing by him cept
    for look out for detox, but this dude is average
    at best, you’ll all get bored soon enough, this
    guy i’ll deff outlive A$AP though that dudes
    This is whats wrong with hip hop and hip hop fans, too concerned about hits and record sales and billboard charts, this is what happens when corporations manipulate the art..lets be more concerned about the quality of the music, make music for yourself and the people not for these billboards and corporations that dont give a fuck about us

  • peephole

    @armand…why would you do that?? leave works of art alone. or create your own. AT LEAST tag remix in your shit so people dont google the track and get your unofficial version. thats some nerve.

  • Lewnilli

    This shit was way too ill. I surprisingly though that Gunplay added an essential contribution to this song. His voice was really gritty and he killed his parts. I still find it funny how some of you guys find a way to hate on K. Dot still… The man is consistent and dope as hell. PERIOD!

  • Jojoba

    K-Dot did his thing but people have to start recognizing Gunplay def one of the most slept on MCs in the game. Never gets his due. ‘No Arm & Hammer in my Hannah Montana’

  • Derrty

    sounds like it could be a leftover from #Section.80 because of the outro

  • RedLion23

    that shit harrd right dere bruh

  • It’s not a REMIX, per se. There’s no added verses. No verses taken out. It’s just shorter, without the hooks in between every verse. Some people actually want a shorter version to bump. You act like I massacred the track, did you even listen to it?

  • Wtf is wrong with ya’ll

    Why would you ruin/tamper with an artist vision of there music. Fuck you nigga. Leave peoples art alone you disrespectful bastard.

    I don’t like Gucci Mane but he fits perfectly on Vanity Slave pt 2 I don’t like Gunplay but he fits perfectly on this song. It not who the person is its how you use them.

    You are a moron! Simple as that. Also you are named after Those Twilight movies. Go and watch you gay sparkle vampire love story movies and leave hip hop alone troll.

  • lol

    You did massacred the track simply cause you are changing shit.

  • sosabrwn

    i think gunplay kinda just merked k-dot on his own shit

  • Lil B

    SHAKE!!!!! y my mixtape not on yur site? White Flames, its on high demand – google it buh


  • HAM

    DAMN this is amazing. Bump this s*** to the top of the page and keep it there for the rest of the year.

  • I’ll delete the track, then. Wasn’t trying to disrespect anybody. Y’all taking it to heart. The only person that should be that defensive of the track are the people involved with the song.

    Get over it.

  • Maga D

    I always gotta love the thumbs up lamar gets, but I always laugh at it at the same time.

  • brianbrown

    Gunplay gained a fan after this one. Kendrick did his thing like always but I guess I’ve been sleeping on Gunplay. His verse was really dope.

  • Joe

    idk y but this sounds like some illuminati shit

  • B. Emerson 909

    H A R D !

  • nickd

    all you guys on gunplays nuts, the song has a story and his verse is totally irrelevant to it. guys a clown

  • Chris

    You guys are really gonna sit here and act like Gunplay did so poorly that it took away from the song…?

  • YoYo

    Utter garbage. Damn there are a lot of you with bad fucking taste. Shouldn’t be surprised. Probably the same people that like gucci, drake, wayne and niki. My poor ears. This guy is overhyped garbage. He’ll be forgotten in 5 years. Guaranteed.

  • ryan

    i like the asfp sample at the beginning
    i love the rest

  • yardy

    its cool but the dude that wrote “WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW KENDRICK!!!!!” is a straight up groupie, and he has no shame in it.

  • PC Groove

    “let my life loose in this booth, just for you / muhfucka i hope ya’ll amused”

    got this shit on repeat…keep it comin K Dot!!

  • mcd

    Kendrick Lamar is truly on some other shit haha his music comes in on wavelengths that these other rappers can’t even touch

  • realfan

    I like kendrick lamar and all but holy shit the people on this site want his cock in and all around them

  • NoName

    Damn tht nigga gun play actually held his own but song is so so tho

    And damn whts up with all the homo reference from certain ppl y’all must get no pussy smh shame

  • dre

    shake wtf you talkin bout i just downloaded somethin off hulkshare today that shit work perfectly fine

  • jfjfdjfdsjfjjd

    we ( most of us ) just accept and realized that he is a great artist ( technic/lyric )! his musik is dope.. he deserves that hype

  • jeremiahWRONG

    @YoYO your as dumb as your alias. kendrick sounds nothing like any of those artist you listed. haha come up with an original argument g

  • Kanye East

    Can’t help it if you dumbasses can’t comprehend a deeper message than your typical, surface rap. Kendrick is one of the most compelling storytellers out there right now.

  • 103


  • Gunplay fit the track, stop complaining

  • bashir215

    Best Valentine’s day gift EVER TDE BLACK HIPPY FUCKIN AWESOME

  • olderthanyou

    i dont know why but this reminds of Return of the G.

  • Spike

    This is fucking incredible

  • Swageezy

    So if you listen to this song on a good set of headphones with superior bass, you notice why this song is so good. Beat has a huge amount of depth and Kendricks verses slip perfectly under the bass. Beat varies throughout the song giving it a spaced-out, chilled feel. As soon as you start spacing out Gunplay wakes you up with his gritty voice. I’m telling you, bump this shit with your eyes closed. Sonically, its pretty fucking good. I just need someone to throw the lyrics up so I can follow Kendricks verse…

  • SupremeSoulstice

    fuckin incredible.. glad to see that some of the newish cats have done they homework! Dope indeed K. Dot

  • DArin

    Everyone go download Rippa Fokus NEW MIXTAPE #PreGamin

  • Lil B

    “When Legends are born, we must look up to them with courage. We realize that Lil B is more then a human being, he is the voice of our generation, he is our last hope.”

    – Lil B

  • 2dopeisgarbage

    just leave it at the top of the page the rest of the week. jesus, all hail mediocre music

  • Rocket scientist

    GUNPLAY feature


  • PJ

    On my 8th listen. This shit is fire. Propz to K. Dot. He merked but Gunplay went IN and the real star of the show is THC. The production on this is masterful. The bass and the horn in the background are epic.

  • Adil

    Holy mother of god.. He will not disappoint. Wtf is with him.. Fuck yeah

  • Dmdpro5

    I like kendrick as mush as the next giy but you niggas sound so homosexual “oooo kendrick is so great” “perfect way to start my day new kendrick” “oh new kendrick great vday gift” “omg hes our saviour” “oo kdot litterly shits all over this epic beat”

  • ^^^ None of that shit sounds remotely gay. Except maybe the vday one…lol Maybe niggas do jock him a little hard sometimes but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this track is fuckin dope…

  • I’ve said that least 4908933 times. SCK was here

  • I’ve said that least 3094461 times. SCK was here

  • realknowsreal

    sounds like a scHoolboy Q beat been groovin on this one track ALL DAY!!!


    Gunplay did not fit the track and there doesnt always need to be some faggot feature and if there does couldnt he find any better than some dumbass with the name gunplay( stupid fucking name might as well be gatblaster or capbuster), it would have been better with just kendrick rappin

  • You’re a fuckin idiot if you don’t believe in Kendrick, simple as that, a fuckin idiot, remember that

  • wordup

    Jason Pounds really produced this THC can’t play, SMH

  • <—– Please listen to this guys, yeah you guys mite think this is a regular guy just tryna rap mite think hes a bandwagon … no this guy sis just like kendrick lamar different guy same life story HES SOOOO GOOOD, just no one knows who he is ?Someone please listen, describe, like my big brothers music i believe in him & i want him to make it .

  • sawdse

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  • LupeXperienc

    If U dont like this, then go listen to some Nicki Minaj! Bet u loved her Grammy performance x her pop singles. This is fire & it shows that classic Hip Hop still exists.
    We support good shit ova here, it aint about being a stan of Kendrick Lamar, it’s bout being a fan of (good) HipHop

  • GFID2012

    u pathetic bakkpakkas betta recognize the nigga gunplay.

  • suckdickmuch?

    yooo, i dont know WTF @bowsergames @pistallate and @medicalquestions are talking about. yall MUST be from the uk or somethin. i dont know how you have an office job and can barely put a sentence together.

    “And he actually bought me breakfast because I found it for him.. smile.” <— gayest shit ever… he bought you breakfast because your both butt pirates…

  • mcd

    Kendrick Lamar is the calculus of rap music. Some of you niggas just don’t understand it

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  • cmarie

    wow!!!!!!!! the bass is taking me in!!!!!

  • Hello, I can’t understand how one can upload your web site in my rss reader. Can you Assist me, please :)

  • Chip

    Shit goes hard af

  • anthony

    LupeXperienc: Yessir.

    To quote Kendrick:

    “Looked in the mirror, then realized I-I-I had something to prove
    You told me “Don’t be like me, just finish watching cartoons”
    Which is funny now cause all I see is Wile E. Coyotes in the room
    And I run it”


    You running shit like fucking RoadRunner.

    Get out his way or get stomped on.

  • bigherb23

    Yall niggas is the worst man did yall hear the pain in Gunplay that’s real life talk the man just gave yall, I GUARANTEE if it was Nas, or Lupe or anything respected rapper in the game that’s “lyrical” who spit the SAME exact verse and spit it in the same EXACT way as Gunplay yall niggas woulda lost yall minds…that’s the prob will hip-hop now-a-days smh

  • bigherb23

    any other*

  • B-Line

    I listened to this track it’s dope but I dunno maybe it went over my head I tried to really listen to it but He just has this weird rap and the feature was on point my favorite part of the track but really can ANYONE TELL ME WHAT THIS IS ABOUT. THE SONG THAT IS….

  • Flip

    The city was bait and this track just made me a fan…Support this or by 2014 you all be wearing lime green uggs singing how to love

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  • Doping

    sounds like a$ap himself should’ve been on this

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  • marty mcfly

    I sucked a blue ivy carter outta jay dick way before that hoe beyonce,that been my man bitch.

  • trumessiah

    Basically what he’s saying is that his father was living a corrupt life in the streets and no matter how much he tried to shelter him he ended up being like him anyway. His dad tells him to watch cartoons, but even then he can’t escape the influence. He ironically finds similarities in his corrupt way of life and the cartoons that was supposed to be sheltering him. Took me a few listens, but I got it.This is my interpretation at least.

  • Thinker

    ^^^ nice interpretation. i got the same message too. dang if this isnt going on the album, i cant wait to hear what he’s got.

  • RRHH


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  • TekZilla

    Thank the lord for a TRUE quality artist like Kendrick.. Here’s to hoping the powers that be don’t shut him down like Jay Elect.

  • Being a Newbie, I will be always researching online for articles which will help me get further ahead.

  • -_-

    How I interpret it…Gunplay’s verse is supposed to represent the father figure that Kendrick references in the hook. In that way, Gunplay’s verse is still relevant to the concept of the entire song…

  • joe mama

    this shit is different but i like it!

  • Ricki Lutes


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  • Lil B

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    Word up buh, Ya dont see me tho
    I got hoes in different area codes.
    Bros and toes match and those.
    Cocaine is the anthem,
    Yur girl sniffs out of my dick like a panther (BASED GOD)
    Only real niggas love kool aid,
    I drink kool aid
    because it bring COOLaid (GET IT?)
    Niggas on me like Im there father,
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    aiight, that was just a little taste on what to expect for my next mixtape – 2dopeboyz mess with me, my supporters are behind me

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  • Xi

    honestly this guy is going to die a legend.

  • Fye shit….and niggas sleep on Gunplay. Just watch

  • Christopher Vassell

    *bllblblbllblblblbllllllll bla bla bla bla!

    that’s why i listen to this song


  • Tyler Durden

    Sorry but Gunplay fully bodied that shit… that’s the most RESONANT verse I’ve heard from an artist in a looooooong muhfuckin time… least of all, did expect some shit like that from Gunplay?! That shit was straight REAL TALK… recognize… tha niggaz nicer than I thort…

  • EZ


  • nuffsaid

    He can do better.

  • King Tyrone


  • anthony

    This needs to be on an album. Any album. Someone needs to make money from this.