2012 Paid Dues Line Up (Updated)

blame it on Shake February 15, 2012

When the line up for Murs’ seventh annual Paid Dues festival hit the net Wu-Tang, our best friends, Hieroglyphics, Living Legends, Dipset, Kendrick Lamar, DJ Quik, Psycho Realm and Dilated Peoples were the listed performers. Now, as April 7th gets closer, the rest of the acts have been revealed. Ab-Soul, Brother Ali, CunninLynguists, Crooked I and many more. Just take a look at the flyer up top and grab your tickets now.

  • Danny

    no asher??? wahhhh

    And Shake, I fuckin’ love you, bro, but it’s time for a new joke haha

  • Mike

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ab-SOUL!!!!!!!

  • sick

    where sean price at?

  • Megalodon

    he’s in boot camp clik smarty

  • prkgfx

    lack luster line-up in comparison to previous years.

  • don king

    Ha! Mac Miller and Odd Future get top billing over Boot Camp Clik and Hieroglyphics? don’t make me fucking laugh!

  • The Dude

    IDGAF about mac miller or odd future, but this show looks RIDICULOUS!


    Glad I copped my tix a month ago!

  • SirAnomaly

    They have a little something for everybody. Personally, I need to see Hiero, LLs, K dot, 3 6, Quik, Solo, PUTS and of course the WU

  • Rick

    Curtiss King

  • Luck

    Its fuckin Oldominion not Old Dominion, jesus christ get it right

  • saybitch

    MAC MILLER >>>>>>> WU TANG

  • kettlewon

    Slaughterhouse is supposed to be performing in San Francisco that same night, and since I live in northern Cali, I’m thinking about just going to that… but my concern is Crooked might not make it because he’s performing at Paid Dues… I guess he could just hop on a flight to Frisco right after Paid Dues (in San Bernardino)…Maybe all of Slaughterhouse will be at Paid Dues since they have a show in L.A. the day before…

  • Mr. Anderson

    This shit is ridiculous.. fuck all that mac miller, 3-6 and odd future bullshit. Wu,Living Legends, Brother Ali, Dilated Peoples Hierogylphics, People Under The Stairs, CunninLynguists

  • L


  • BoomShakaLaka

    LMFAOOO our best friends xD

  • Bill

    Am I the only one who was sure LA Symphony didn’t exist anymore?
    Pigeon John had unreal solo albums up until his last,
    maybe he thought the group come-back thing would get that retro buzz-
    I would say the same about Oldominion and replace PJ with Sleep to say the same thing, but Onry released one the of best modern hip-hop efforts to date as “Dark Time Sunshine”.
    Living Legends? Does anyone think Sunspot Jonz, Bicasso, or Asop are dope?

    just felt like nerding out with other heads who were around during that indie-rap boom.
    i really fucking like this line up, it’s incredible.
    All the groups I just clowned I would still LOVE to see, and highly respect.
    Dope fest.
    Funny how the youngest on the flyer, Mac and OFWGKTA, are the biggest.

  • RK

    Why TiRon & Ayomari so low on the bill ?

  • Juanka


    CunninLynguists at Paid Dues…Wu, K-Dot, Ali, Quik, Hiero, Boot Camp, Doomtree, Macklemore…etc…y’all don’t know how much envy I got right now, y’all don’t really know…

  • doesitmatter

    CUNINLYNGUISTS!!!!!! FINALLY they get these guys on a line up for paid dues.

  • Your Average Jet

    lol ya’ll mad cuz Odd Future got top billing over your favorite unknown rappers. GTFO.

  • TDEFan

    it’s a sad fucking day when Mac Miller’s name is higher up than Kendrick Lamar.

    K.Dot>>>>>>Mac Miller.

  • NoSik

    DAMM sick ass line up def goin this year, aha but ay yo ahaha what the fuck what is mac miller an odd future doin there an performin above clasic artists these dudes are honestly clowns compared knock offs to the real yo, aha real talk jaw tyler for me and ditch odd future for poetic death to fill in there slot TRUE HIP HOP SHOW FURSURE AFTER THAT!!