Nicki Minaj Plans To Dethrone Jay-Z

blame it on Illy February 15, 2012

Nicki Minaj is gunning at Jay-Z for the throne. In April issue of Allure Magazine (out on newsstands March 20) the Young Money barbie plots taking Jay-Z’s spot on top. “I had a little conversation with Jay-Z at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show,” said Nicki to Allure. “He said, ‘Congratulations on all your success.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m coming for you. I’m coming for your spot, Mr. Mogul.'” She’s got a long way to go, having not even appeared on Forbes’ 2011 Hip-Hop Cash Kings List, yet.

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  • GBIZ

    If she means his spot in hip hop then shes delusional, especially when she’s comin out wit songs like starships, chick couldnt even take Lil B’s spot wit trash like that

  • jman

    fuck nicki minaj, my grandma spits hotter bars than her

  • Danny

    So this is probably the most ridiculous shit I’ve ever heard. No, it’s definitely that. Fuckkkkkkk you Nicki. Can we PLEASE stop posting this irrelevant bag of estrogen?

  • wtf

    this bitch…

  • NYdreams

    lets not get carried away here, its obviously a joke.. im sure every rapper tells jay that and they both laugh.. (jay laughing cause he knows no1 taking that spot cept em)

  • Unptee

    lol 2db be trolling posting all these nicki stories just to piss yall off rofl



  • *settles on rooftop to snipe the first person who gives a thumbs up*

  • yung

    NYdreams don’t see em taking it either, he’s been wack for awhile now

  • NYdreams

    @yung idk bout all that… i bet if you put em and jay on a track together right now …. em would get the best of jay but thats just my opinion

  • Lil B

    @GBIZ i would suck u off hard bruh #nohands


  • *fires bullet and gets headshot* I can’t be having that shit.

  • Blood

    i would shot this bitch in head if i had a bullet

  • JaySpaceE
  • adi Pre

    Stupid bitch. The last three tracks she put out she didn’t spit one verse, still slap that booty though.

  • ddave

    Gotta love her ambition and body. But she shouldn’t have told Jay she was coming for the spot before her career takes a sudden decline. Best suggestion for Onika is to do a blend of pop and rap songs. Like not that bs entertainment rapping, but that rapping she was doing before she got on.

  • rell

    I’ll eat dat pussy & dat ass but i hate the fact that this bitch is allowed to make music bruh.

  • JB

    Yeah bitch should really consider switching professions.She in the wrong business.Bitch should be getting fucked on camera.Now she got hoes like amber rose & that lola bitch thanking they can make music.

  • LMFAO. Well first of all she needs to learn how to construct a decent verse and get her punchline and metaphor game up cos Jay is WAAAAYYYYYY head of her when it comes to that. Then she needs to learn how to write good songs which once again Jay is WAAAAAYYYYYYYYY ahead of her in that department. And thirdly she needs to pick better beats cos Super Bass is like the worst shit i’ve heard in a decade and i’m not even half-joking.

  • Jay Daniels

    Jay has a phenominal discography. Nicki hasn’t even begun a half decent one.

  • Frank

    ^@rmpwolf why did you even feel the need to explain what she has to do as if its even up for debate that she could over throw him? you wasted all that time writing a bunch of bullshit we already know and never questioned to begin with. master of the fucking obvious over here smh


    What faggot or dumb bitch thumbed this up? Fucking lames.
    Nicki is garbage. Bitch can’t even write a decent song to save her life with her elementary ass raps. She is a gimmick. She needs to drop that gimmicky ass shit she is doing and become a better writer before anyone takes her seriously.

  • charlie

    I was just thinking about how overrated jay-z is as a rapper/artist. I listened to “Resonable Doubt” and till this day that album isnt great at all. Both “Blueprint” & “American Gangster” are better than that trash. Jay only has one album i consider great and that is Blueprint. The nerve of niggas comparing any of his work with illmatic.smh

  • is this a fucking joke…

  • word

    stupid bitch

  • LupeXperienc

    @Charlie: The Black Album is a classic. It is a subjective matter, stop hating so hard.

  • Analytical

    Funny I’ll be that sniper on the roof top ready to take any nun lyrical artist out cause I dont want to hear all that garage.

  • charlie


    its definitely better than that resonable doubt garbage

  • meh

    did she use that stupid british accent and make her dumb faces when she said that??

  • Alex

    Why did you say she’s not on the list? when you click on the link, her name is on that list.

  • Unfuckwitbale

    this bitch is outta her motherfuckin mind son

  • Cameron

    LMAAOOOOO stupid bitch…First we let them vote now they think they can rule.

  • MrCrockett

    Lmao this is a joke right?

  • James R aka The Reak Truth

    charlie, resonable doubt is not garbage like your taste,hater. resonable doubt is million times better then The Black Album ,all the Blueprint albums” & “American Gangster.resonable doubt is jay-z’s best album & his rawest . the rest of jay-z’s discography after sean carter sucks & is sell out music not real hip hop like resonable doubt.
    resonable doubt is almost as good as illmatic,haterr

  • Sformusic


  • charlie


    naw any real camel fan know resonable doubt isnt his best album. i know real die hard jay-z fans(not just niggas who like to ride dick) that will admit that blueprint,black album,american gangster & vol 1 are all better than resonable doubt. talk about overrated.

  • kenny

    Who had the best verse on “Monster” tho?

  • marty mcfly

    This bitch is crazy but anyway I just gotta question, why does everything have to be compared to illmatic? Of course its a classic album but some people are cool being themselves and not everybody wants to be Nas. Jay never made an Illmatic because Jay isnt Nas just like Nas never made a Jayz album, He never made a RD, HKL2, Black album or BP123 etc. Jay has never made a Only Build 4 Cuban Linx album and Jay has never made a Snoop Dogg album either because Jay is not these other people, so Jay was never suppose to make a Illmatic album. And 2nd why rappers always talking about thrones and gunning for Jayz? I dont know cause they would do alot better just focusing on themselves.

  • marty mcfly

    I cant even compare another Nas album to Illmatic. The only person that reminds me of a 19 year old Nas sometimes is Jay Elec.

  • charlie

    I hate niggas who always think a rappers 1st album is always their best album. Everybody cant make a illmatic or ready to die.I hate jay-z fans because they feel they have to say resonable doubt is his best album just to compare it with one of the best(if not the best) hip-hop album of all-time(illmatic). Knowing damn well its not in the same league.Resonable doubt might not even be a top 5 jay album keep it real niggas.

  • charlie

    Niggas just love to say “Its jay best album” so they can feel like he made a classic album his 1st time when that couldnt be further from the truth.I’ll give jay 2 classic albums(blueprint,black album) and thats it.Even tho american gangster is a good but not great album.

  • Ink Red

    Okay, since most of you who posted sound like complete retards, lets get this together. Compairing Jay-Z and NaS is like Tryna compair Kobe And LeBron. It dosent work. AT ALL. Yes Illmatic is Classic, But so is reasonable Doubt. They are both classics,so stop bitchin and deal with it. Kuz they are on the same team now. So now to get back on topic of the post, Nikki, Love the ambition, but you have a long, LONG way to go. You shut down Madison Square then say stuff like this.

  • charlie

    1.All Eyes On Me
    3.Me Against The World
    4.Ready To Die
    5.Life After Death/Aquemini

  • marty mcfly

    @charlie, dont let your ego or your own hate stop you from appreciating a great album.

  • charles

    all eyes on me
    ready to die
    cuban linx

  • marty mcfly

    Sit down and learn something and if you aint afraid to be real with yourself and if you still think RD aint a classic after watching the documentary at least you’ll know what your hating on.

  • charles

    lyrically illmatic > reasonable doubt
    beatwise illmatic >>>>> reasonable doubt

    overall illmatic > reasonable doubt.

  • charlie

    i’d like to suck off nas, give a handy to pac and let biggie go in from the back. and mail it to the camel nigga without and reasonable doubt i do it for real.

  • charlie


    admit it blueprint,american gangster & black album are all better albums than resonable doubt.

  • deon

    illamtic shits on resonable doubt in ever category.

  • charlie

    i’d like to suck off nas, give a handy to pac and let biggie go in from the back. and mail it to the camel nigga without and reasonable doubt i do it for real.


    your mother raised a pussy/faggot the bitch shouldve swallowed you i pray that bitch is dead already tho.

  • Nas

    @charlie dawg you gotta stop mentioning my name b. stop stanning all over the place like marty nahmean. f is you to say crazy shit like my first joint is classic. so what you saying b, everything else i did after is trash. f outta here wit dat bs dawg.

  • Jay-Z

    To all the Nas Fans where is Nas now I mean its been how long since he has put out a decent album “You’re only has good has your last game”

  • Kelvin

    To all the Nas Fans where is Nas now I mean its been how long since he has put out a decent album “You’re only has good has your last game”

  • common

    @charlie dude u Drakin all ova this post. take a chill pill. this aint that serious.

  • man, marty. i swear anytime you see a jayz post you make sure everyone kneels down and kisses the ring.

    lyrically rd > ill
    beats ill > rd

    its a tie :( but their not equal.

  • deon

    gay-z wanted who on his 1st album? gay-z begged who to get on RD and was turned down? gay-z bit lines from who & tried to turn it into a song? oh

  • marty mcfly

    I sucked a blue ivy carter outta jay dick way before that hoe beyonce,that been my man bitch.

  • SMDH

    LMAO! at this fool saying American Gangster is better than Reasonable Doubt. HAHAHAHA nigga you must be mentally challenged.

  • NYdreams

    Smh niggas that say reasonable doubt ain’t a classic is just lookin 4 an argument cause they bored lol @ American gangster being better of all jay albums da fuck outta here

  • marty mcfly

    @tompetty, im saying if somebody feels Illmatic is better then RD? What difference does it make? None because jayz is not Nas. Is Illmatic better then Nas’s other albums? Yes. And I like Illmatic more then RD and I have always said that from day one but is Illmatic better then RD? No, why because Jay aint trying to out rap anybody, he’s telling his real life. So at that point it aint even about some lyrical miracle shit, its on some hey, sit down and let me tell you my life. So its beyond just rapping at that point. When it comes to those two albums, one is not better then the other because thats like saying Pachino is better then Dinero. No their both dope

  • marty mcfly

    Now of course here comes all the talk about stupid shit because alot of you dont care about what your saying, your just saying anything and just saying some shit is wack for attention. Its like just stop kids its more to life then acting stupid.

  • Tito

    man marty is a bitch ass nigga,ya’ll aint learn to stop paying that nigga any mind yet?the dude live on this site waiting on a nigga to say something bad about jay so he cant come from out the blue and start a argument like the lil pussy bitch that he is.

  • Charlie

    Nas’ dick is classic.

  • marty mcfly

    @Tito, no I be just chilling, listening to music, working on a few business things at the same time and just chopping it up on here for fun. I have never taking this shit too serious but the facts is people like you spend time talking about me more then the subjects of your own arguments because when your proven wrong you cant handle it. If im proven wrong then thats cool with me cause I like to hear other peoples perspective but some of ya’ll lash out in anger cause your over emotional about shit.

  • Shawn Carter

    My boy Marty’s been gettin dick. thats why hes happy. I see you Marty!

  • Jus Sayin

    Whata cunt. Arguably the G.O.A.T. compliments you on your moderate success and you reply with “I’m coming for your spot.” Someone needs to buy this bitch a copy of Reasonable Doubt.

  • B. Emerson 909
  • B. Emerson 909
  • word

    this could be the funniest c-section in a minute..

  • NYdreams

    I’ve never realized how many gay niggas is on this site… Or maybe it’s just 1 nigga actin gay who knows…. It’s still sad smh ..

  • TE

    I hate her so much.

  • Marty McFly

    NYDreams don’t you worry, me and charlie are gonna tear your ass apart too dawg. Is that what you wanted to hear? I know you did. NYwetDreams.

  • EricDean

    She called him “Mr. Mogul” – so I’m sure she means his spot in the arena of business. Hip-hop wise, I think she’s smart enough to know that she doesn’t hold a flame.

  • ghettomoccasin

    @marty i get it… your just agreeing with yourself publicly… good luck with that whole trying to stop ppl from arguing over nas and jay thing.

  • marty mcfly

    Naw go ahead and argue about it but make it a good argument. Dont just say something sucks or something is better but have no clue why your saying it. MY side is, you cant have a classic vs a classic cause they both classic so there cant be a better then a classic cause thats the highest level of artistry. You cant say the Chronic is better then Doggystyle or All Eyes On Me is better then Life After Death cause so what? they both still classic. Is Nas first album better then Outkast first album? and if it is does it matter? OK then cause every album has flaws so talk about the flaws of RD, dont just say it aint classic but then cant explain any further. Illmatic – One Time for your mind = Skip every time but its still a dope album.

  • Lol. she’s on the list.

  • Pauly D

    This nigga Marty a suga queen! LMAO!!

  • malcymalc

    “one time for your mind= skip everytime” hahahaha YUP

  • @marty i agree with that 100. you cant even speak on the issue unless you have the lyrics memorized, you know who produced each track, the rarity of the sample and how they flipped it, as well as the dynamics of the time. at the end of the day tho its apples to oranges. nas is nas and jay is jay… btw i love one time for your mind. its the perfect transition track to blow an L to. personally i think brooklyns finest is the most boring track on RD. (dont crucify me tho)

  • Your not black either

    Paula d man… Just shut the fuck up sometimes

  • lance geneva

    musically she could beat him seeing as she writes cohesive songs and hov just spits 3 verses and a hook everytime but lyrically lol calm down nicki poo..