• Unfuckwitbale

    I would like another WTT and a Jay-Z solo album this year.Highly doubt that would happen tho.

  • jb

    RNBxclusive shut down. SOCA takeover


    Meka, Shake - with all the web shit going down you guys should keep us posted as to what is happening. Could this happen to your website?

  • Danny

    I feel like Pharrell has two hundred and sixty five thousand eight hundred and ninety one projects going on and they'll all go unfinished.

  • high off the life

    give me another allure PLEASEEEEEEE

  • marty mcfly

    I sucked a blue ivy carter outta jay dick way before that hoe beyonce,that been my man bitch.

  • nonduality_IS_TRUTH

    Ha! Love the filmaker analogy.. OG talk right there

  • http://www.asicsonitsukatigeronline.com/ Asics Onitsuka Tiger

    I stared at Grandmother and stopped chewing for a moment.