• KnowlesRandall

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  • Embryotik

    Love DOOM's samples, man. But yo, I know a white rapper who talks shit about other white rappers lol....well, what I got to say is that if he can find some flaws in R.A. here, then DAMN MAN you must be a GOD.....
    What a post, big ups 2DopeBoyz! Are you guys in agreeance with me, here?

  • sulls

    R.A. one of the best ever

  • trufisbak

    no download? :(

  • IKH5150

    Where can I get this?

  • Mr_North


  • http://Fatbeats.com Fat Beats

    Available march 6 on iTunes.

  • war22

    i dont dig the beat...its simple...even i can do a beat like that in fl studio