• Freeze

    omg the first few bars are horrible

  • wordtumy

    this is 2 dope

  • http://twitter.com/aubinbliss DynamicShots

    It's alright. Nothin really special about him though, or maybe I just need to hear more.

    And how in the hell am I posting comments too quickly? lol

  • http://respecttheselects.blogspot.com DSwag

    good song but wtf kinda writing is that? seriously, it sounds like "JFK" is Dot Da Genius' upcoming project. I hate you Meka

  • Steven

    This record is hella catchy. wasn't a fan of the first verse on it but he clean up nicely with the second verse which was FIRE!!!

  • wavybay_b

    I like this! the beat fire, dot never dissapoints!