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    OnSmash has the slowest video player of all time. Cool Kids always keep it fresh though with the style and music. Swear they don't get enough credit for some of the shit they do. They were on some of this shit that's considered trendy now back when niggas thought it was whack.

  • nonduality_IS_TRUTH

    ^ You r so right man... I wasn't too impressed with WFRB but it puzzles me why they're still so seemingly underrated, they have a shit load of excellent material... I still MUST HAV that 'gone fishing' - no dj lol.

    Their sense of style is fucking immaculate, they have a mad affinity for being eclectic with their swag... Those vintage polo caps Mikey Wears wears with the strap is fucking sick(I actually bought a couple recently and a Tommy Hilfiger variation - It's still summer where I'm from btw). What other nigga is rocking Hermes polo shirts in their vids?

  • cool kid

    this beat is fuckinn craazy