Tyga – I’m Gone f. Big Sean

blame it on JES7 February 18, 2012

Spotted: SoulCultureUK.

DOWNLOAD: Tyga – I’m Gone f. Big Sean
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  • Ass

    Nipsey hussle-extra laps
    Give a real nigga sum credit..

  • Let the Tyga hate begin, just because people hear Rack City and just because hes part of YM, people are gonna just dislike this without even listening when this song is dope and the rest of the album isnt too far from this track and bearly the rack city crap

  • wessss

    you can’t sit here and say this song doesn’t have a good sound to it. Tyga may not be the BEST lyricist, but he’s certainly not trash and can put out good music. I’m excited for the album, should be a good listen. A nice mix of party songs and chill shit like this.

  • Mooky

    Don’t just cause of rack city the album goes in

  • dre

    you couldnt pay me to listen to this or anything else from this nigga

  • Uncle Phil

    Tyga and Smedium Sean are so trash, I can’t believe actually support this crap.

  • bryant

    #Random… I wonder what birdman does with all those CDs he goes to buy? Hmmm

  • Lynx

    Big Sean murked this record “My inner circle count from my hands and my feet, breaking a branch down call it family tree”

  • Lynx

    This record is toughhhhhhh

  • this guy is so wack… nice hair tough… nooot!

  • G dot Q

    tyga has alot of hits nd misses with me, this one hit though. Dope track

  • beppbepp

    woah. this is kinda nice. surprisingly.
    beat = 8/10
    tyga = 6.5/10
    big sean = 7/10
    hook = 7.5/10

  • beta64

    I’ve been through this album and it’s garbage…

  • 313detroit

    sounds like a drake track

  • yea big sean got down

  • Melo15

    “im a g plus one mothafucka I’m gone” people say big sean be falling off i just don’t get it tho hes just getting more and more creative with his lyrics

  • TheBlackGuy

    This record is dope…. Anyone that says otherwise is just hating, plan and simple.

  • Ducey

    Big Sean murdered this shit. FFOE niggas. Legendary in the making boi. Shoutout to Tyga too. You old pimple faced nerds can keep hating lmao.

  • Uncle Phil

    Ducey is a woman for sure. lololololololol

  • Lyon

    Lol @tyga copying Drake’s flow & voice.

  • Flip

    tyga stinks, Big sean made this record…..smash his verse

  • MadNasty

    Drake clearly wrote Tyga’s first verse.

  • jman

    I’ll be honest, usually I can’t stand Tyga. This track, along with Kings and Queens, is starting to change my mind a bit, though. I’ve been impressed with these last two songs he has released, as they are a far cry from the “Rack City” type shit that he used to release. If he can keep this up, I might quit the hate on Tyga. Either way, this is a pretty dope song.