Directed by Digital DK.

How they describe it, covered wagons, I'm laughin', I ain't never seen a wagon.

Originally recorded and shot for the OKC ADDY Awards. Look for the full version to be released in a couple weeks.


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  • H. Ra

    OKC on the come up... Watch.

  • AbovedaHellz

    Hell yeah dope shit! And KD scored like 50 last night! Dope video! Jabee is that next nigga!

  • i’m cool

    dude's flow is SOOOOOOOO monotone

  • NotahaterlikeIMCool

    They used to say that about RAKIM and GURU

  • YoozAHoe

    You know somebody hating when they start pullin bullshit out they ass cus nothin bout his flow is monotone lol