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    Thank You Fader!

  • Ben Piffy Jr

    DOPE!! My current Favorite 2 rappers got Fader on lock.



  • unclesam

    I HONESTLY can´t get Danny Brown´s appeal. Lyrically he´s not all that, his flow is not all that, the lyrical content isn´t all that, the beats he pick aren´t all that, his delivery isn´t all that, his voice is just annoying. And I´ve only listened to XXX but I´d rate that like 5/10, maybe 6/10, most of the songs on it had me unimpressed. So, can anyone care to explain what makes Danny Brown a good rapper?

    Neither works for me so... You using Firefox? I don´t know why but it´s giving me tons of headache these days.

  • Detroit89

    my favorite 2 rappers!!

  • Kingdom

    Gotta cosign @unclesam, except I also checked out Black and Brown and I still didn't find anything interesting. People swear up and down that he's the shit, but as far as I can tell he's never done anything impressive.

    But Kendrick, on the other hand... it's insanely impressive the way he's kicked in the door to this rap game. No major label, with Dre, Pharrell and Q-Tip on your debut, with everybody else in the industry blowing up your phone? Obviously Kendrick's not in it for the paper, but TDE actually has the potential to be what Roc-A-Fella was 10 years ago.

  • Shawty

    @unclesam & Kingdom....check out his The Hybrid album. shits dope as fuck.

  • unclesam

    Yeah, Kendrick is my current favorite rapper. Honestly, I don´t think I´ve fallen in love with a rapper as fast I fell in love with Kendrick since Biggie (or Blackstar, but I always thought Mos Def was more enjoyable to listen to than Kweli, who I still love though plus Black On Both Sides was the shit too). Dude is insanely talented, he has EVERYTHING you need to be a GOAT candidate (when he´s 5 albums deep in the game that is, of course).

    Will definetly check. I think I read an interview where he said that was like his best project or something. It probably wasn´t said like that but he was saying that basically.

  • iLLestFMF

    Tranny Brown

  • smithereens

    anyone else like danny brown better than kendrick?
    danny is my current favorite rapper so ill try to explain why i like him.
    for me danny brown is just the realest rapper out right now. he gets a sound that could have only possibly come from his own head. everyone else (even kendrick sometimes) makes shit that sounds formulated, or songs that try to hard to be more than what they are. danny brown just plain spits. combines a impossible flow/breath control with relatable material and unheard of and original rhyme schemes. check out "the hybrid" (the song not the album) or "shootin moves"
    black and brown was also imo one of the sickest projects of the year.
    i do like kendrick ALMOST as much as brown, but brown just gets me to straight replay his shit all day not like kendricks shit

  • who cares

    I don't see why anyone lies Danny Brown. Dude is boring to me

  • B

    Kendrick is dope but like everyone said I can not get into Danny Brown. I gave him a chance but I don't understand the hype with him. Kendrick Lamar is the truth though. J. Cole / Kendrick Lamar are the future

  • 730

    Both are equally dope to me.

  • 730

    I say both of them are an inquired taste, cause truth be told it took me a while to like Kendrick, Danny not so much cause I like amusin' emcee who is not afraid to go there when they spit. Each his own I guess.

  • Ricki Lutes

    Kendrick Lamar and Danny Brown, i can't wait to read this! Kendrick, Big K.R.I.T. and Danny Brown are probably my favorite up-and-coming MCs. To each his own as 730 said. The reason i like Danny Brown is because he can do so many styles, high and low pitched voice, funny or hard rhymes etc. and he's 100% himself... personally i like XXX more than The Hybrid

  • Dumpology

    To each his own, but Danny just doesn't appeal to me. To me he sounds just like Pharoahe Monch and I really don't like rappers who just go for shock value. "Lick pussy backwards blah blah blah" lol idk that's just me