KiD CuDi – Dose of Dopeness (prod. Dot Da Genius)

blame it on Shake February 20, 2012

With WZRD‘s release just a week away, Dot Da Genius decided to liberate a track many fans have been anticipating for yeeears.

What’s even better? Dot decided to release it for for free. Grab a link here or here.

  • TRO

    This past weekend in Jacksonville, FL, Miami’s own DJ Smokey Bear won the Mixtape DJ of The Year.
    Smokey was presented the award at Bigga Rankin presents Duval Diamond Awards 2012. The event was hosted by the comedian Lil Duval.

  • Mike Tomlin

    If you are dissapointed with this track, “do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it?”

    This is dope as fuck fuck fucccccccccccccccck.

  • IslandKid

    so fucking dooooope

    i want this kid cudi back

  • dre

    this shit brought a tear to my eye i miss my nigga cudi.

  • Paps

    Tears coming down my eyes, I’ve wanted this song for 3 years

  • too bad the snippets for wzrd sucked monkey balls

  • johnny

    is this going to be the cudi we are going hear on this album?

  • nudime

    you guys need to chill

  • raptor

    ^yea, every single comment on that page said they sucked and then within a half hour the whole page mysteriously disappeared.

    2dopeboyz, you’re the kind of website that really should not be getting into the payola game.

  • Leroy


  • Elite

    unfortunately this is nothing like the cudder we’ll hear on the new album. this shit was made in like 08.

  • 206FRE$H

    F I R E !

  • adi Pre

    Cudi’s that dude! Dope!

  • trbo

    :’) tears of joy right now!

  • realtalk©

    4 YEARS.. 4 years we been waiting for this and it’s fucking EPIC..

    I can understand the criticism on WZRD.. but this is crazy.. MOTM3 is gonna be SICK!

  • Thank Me

    Will we hear music like this from Cudder again?

  • How long until one of you decides I’m just a “hater”?

    Are you guys really enjoying this THAT much? Damn I don’t even like the song enough to d/l.

  • This is obviously old cudi..

  • yb

    I’d have liked to hear the hook more than once…

  • Your Average Jet

    LOL that’s hilarious as fuck that the WZRD snippets were deleted. Get this nigga Cudi the fuck outta here.

  • F.C.

    i love cudi like the next fan..but grown ass niggas in here talking about they crying tears 0__o ?

  • motm-iii

    Someone’s gotta edit this song. Replace the stupid talking at 1:44 with the hook and add the hook at the end to replace the talking. That’d be fucking awesome.

  • Flawed Nursery Rhymes

    Been off that cudi stuff for awhile, this definitely sounds like old cudi. Post Mixtape- before MOTM. I dont think we will hear cudi like this in the future. Not expecting much from WZRD lp

  • dtb

    cudi’s average. seriously, get off his dick. and i dont hate his music or him. he’s just average. why does everyone think his shit is legendary? the fuck.

  • Your Average Jet

    ^only emo, suicidal nerds think that lol

  • kd

    this cudi >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • realtalk

    idk but this is just epic.. i think youre just hating because cudi got himself some fans.. and these kinda songs are what got him those

  • Myke Hawke

    Too soft for my liking.. Jets Foo..

  • snug

    @your average jet

    nigga i’ll bet yo lil bitch ass the fuck up. you felt the need to come back & leave another comment like we aint see when yo pussy ass hated the 1st time. get off cudi dick fuckn house nigga. i’ll slap fie out yo pussy ass.

  • greg

    CuDi a fucking living legend.

  • IslandKid

    hey did anyone else see where those WZRD snippets went? meant to check when i got to a computer but i cant find it on the website anymore – did they delete it?

  • greg

    jets foo? maybe if currensy fans werent high they wouldnt forget to go buy his terrible music when it drop.

  • jr

    ^^^ @greg

    he only got 12 fans & 6 of them are from wiz

  • the rapper eater

    @ islandkid

    a lot of blogs get paid to post things/advertise events etc, im guessing that was one of those paid advertisement thingys cause when it got a lot of hate they decided to delete it. most of the stuff on here is legit though, but some of it (e.g schoolboy q getting 6000 thumbs up) is paid for

  • BoomShakaLaka

    this was pretty damn great and yes this is the Cudi I miss as well.. the beat is beautiful but smh let’s not do the whole Spitta vs Cudi thing cause they’re two different artists and no one is gonna win ahaha

  • Ricki Lutes

    this is great music!

  • this is pretty ill. nothing wrong with an artist developing. if cudi still sounded like this after 4 years we’d have grown tired of him

    wish he still would’ve done A Man Named Scott

  • dead links fuck

  • jrugged

    Did any of you listen to the song before you mindlessly expressed love for it?

  • FuckWhatYuTalmbout

    Damn u sound like a square ass nigga.. Spitta drop free projects every month.. This nigga cudi just sound like a bitch on #Here

  • jman

    Need a new link asap

  • Sylver21

    this beat is dope, per usual. i may be tiring of cudi’s verses tho, cuz i almost couldnt deal with him here. his verse’s rarely impress me when he strictly raps.

  • Ari

    As a Cudi fan (I still bump cudi demo, MOTM I and II, A kid named cudi and dat kid from cleveland) I hope wzrd is worth it. Like I hope he actually raps or pull a B.O.B over some rock/rap/techno. Cuz if he pulls a drake then IDK bruh. oh and MOTM III betta come out unlike A man named scott or else he gettin the nicki treatment.

  • Cameron

    Cudi does not make songs about black man advances. He makes songs about drugs and being sad.

  • Cudderfan

    Damn beat sick….. Cudi sick…… I love you Scott Mescudi :)

  • moonmancuddersperm

    it’s aight. Coming from a big cudi fan