• Pauly D

    More Dusty Doom? No thank you

  • The Situation

    ^ word. Already think doom is the most overrated mc. If he wrote an essay, he would lack punctuation. His raps are constant run on sentences

  • Snookie

    stop frontin like Doom dont got heatrocks up and down his catalog. madvillain, dangerdoom, mm food, etc.

  • Pugz

    LMAO at the Doom hate. Dude's catalog is one of the best ever. If you can't keep up with him I understand but sheesh trying to make an argument against the dude's flow is a travesty.

  • professor vento

    this is so god damn dope. i am happy

  • De_Here

    shoutout to saying Doom is still dope and referencing albums from 8 years ago

  • Johnny Blaze

    Jadakiss > Doom

  • dev

    damn that Jadakiss beat is PIFFFFF!!!!!!

  • who cares

    It was dope until Jadakiss came on. What's up with that verse? Sounds like it was recorded off a phone that recorded another phone that recorded it off a 15 year old cassette tape.

  • tompetty

    DEAD at all these comments missing the point.

    madlib is god.

  • yupword

    First of all, Madlib is dope as hell.

    @who cars: Jada's verse is from Ghostt's Pretty Toney album, dope guest spot

    DOOM is also a god, that new JJ DOOM is way ahead of its time

  • jstar

    this album is fucking hot. i suggest everyone buy it if u even respect hiphop!