• Germaine

    2DOPE! I miss music like this!

  • t.a.morales

    Audible Doctor is SOOOOOO nice. Everything I hear from him is dope. Can't wait to hear what he has in store this year.

  • Tanman

    Shit hot Fam

  • HotShit

    I knew doc was nice wit beats but he's sick wit the rhymes too

  • Fretless1der

    Looking forward to the single.

  • James Mitchell

    I Fucks With This! #BBAS

  • Suckasgetdestroyed

    This is nice!

  • clurgan

    whoa brown bag's almost too much right now. every joint dope.

  • Jaded Kiss

    This song is dope. Can't wait to hear more from these guys

  • Samos Smith

    This is really fuckin good

  • Shane

    Hip hop right there!


    this track is hot

  • Victor Romero

    Good work, son. You great.

  • richard

    This is what I'm talkin about

  • HHLives

    someone try to tell me hip hop is dead. i dare you.

  • Julie R.

    this track is inspiring

  • http://soundcloud.com/a-part-2 ap2

    This is dope!! one of my favorite tracks in a while!! Cant stop listening to it!