Barack Obama Sings… Again (Video)

blame it on Illy February 21, 2012

President Barack Obama transformed The East Room of the White House into an intimate blues club Tuesday night for a concert featuring Mick Jagger and blues all-stars where El Presidente belted out the blues anthem of his hometown “Sweet Home Chicago.” Awesome.

BONUS: Barack Obama’s 2012 Campaign Spotify Playlist

  • PRalines

    This dude’s turned fake as fuck, he straight up sold the fuck out. Dude used to spit bars for real and now hes singing half-ass hooks over washed-up blues singer’s instrumentals? Get real.

  • 38

    obama is a fuckin g

  • guest

    yeah, this is definitely what he should be doing with his time in the white house.

  • Classic shit

    Yo American politics… classic shit

  • 1dopeboy

    @ guest — As the leader of the free world, without a doubt, he has the most stressful job in the world. I think that he deserves a night to just relax, every once in a while. Give him a break.

  • Looking Like A Louie V Mannequin

    Haha, Obama was like fuck it. If I can’t get no other vote I’m most definitely about to get these women to support me. I ain’t mad at the nigga

  • j

    @guest chill the fuck out b…as homie said b4, the most stressful job in the world. can he take a night off?

  • I’m with @guest…he’s always doin’ socialite stuff. Fix the fuckin’ mess you got us in and take all the time off you want.

  • GOP

    lol thats a good way to spend our tax dollars, throw another party for all his rich friends….. maybe first fix the shit u got us in, then celebrate…..

  • amazing

    @materialboy and @guest. a couple videos and stories about him doing “normal things” and now apparently hes “always doin’ socialite stuff.”? let the fucking man live and you talk as if fixing the world is as easy as cooking minute rice.

  • Akademik

    Alright, before you fags get your g-string all up your ass, this was a program for children and teenagers to come to the White House and participate in a seminar on Blues music that ended with a concert. A dude from my neighborhood was invited to go through a group here in LA. He was able to get out of the hood, and go to DC to play his guitar for the First Lady. So stfu if you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about. Folks always want to pile all the problems up on Obama’s back when that asshole Bush is the one who fucked up Clinton’s surplus when he left from office. Read a book, get involved in something besides being a internet dickhead, and hater. If you think America is fucked up now, fuck around and let Santorum or Newt, or Romney win the election. Obama in 2012 fags…

  • Classic shit

    Leader of the free world ae? fucking americans. get of your bloody high horse you are not the free world, you are america.

    Stop trying to police the world for fuck sakes worry about yourself

  • ALF the quarrelsome

    Psst FYI white house events are customary in EVERY administration, so get a life.

    And to the bamma that said Obama “got us in this mess” nigga, go to bed.

  • tompetty

    @Akademic “So stfu if you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about. Folks always want to pile all the problems up on Obama’s back when that asshole Bush is the one who fucked up Clinton’s surplus when he left from office.” —-i was with you until you contradicted yourself. theres simply no way you can back up that argument. its almost laughable. you must be in community college.

    obama’s a g tho. handing the mic back to bb king. shit gaves me chills.

    and @classic shit — you twit. america IS the leader of the free world. as much as ppl dont want to say it, america inspired the decolonization of africa and the rest of the european ran world. so yeah fuck off with your bullshit BRUH.

    we global!

  • tompetty

    ps. since reagan, the average amount of ppl a president entertains in a 4yr term is 400,000….. so if your just now getting pissed bc of a video you saw on 2dope.


  • idiotsthesedays

    @materialboy – How did Obama get us into this mess? This mess came as a result of deregulation during Clinton’s presidency and greedy bastards Wallstreet bastards breaking laws. Last time I checked, Obama inherited a bad economy that started during Bush’s presidency. It’s funny how much Obama has done and people still think he has done nothing. Do you actually think the economy could be completely turned around in 4 years? It’s hard enough to do as it is but we have a permanent filibuster in the senate because dumbass republicans won’t vote for anything Obama democrats try to pass. We also needed a lot bigger stimulus package than what was actually put in place. The economy is actually in a slow but steady incline. It’s a shame that idiots that soak up everything Fox News says, and believe it to be truth, area allowed to vote. And people wonder why the country is in shambles…

  • idiotsthesedays

    I guess I should have reread my post before posting. A few typos…oh well

  • tompetty

    @idiotsthesedays please stop spreading disease. if we spend anymore we’ll hit a downgrade THIS YEAR.

  • YoungCosby

    He’s is Barack Obama, not Jesus, not Buddha, not Allah, not God, not any superhuman from an alien planet or holy deity. People need to stop treating him as such. People always try to say that he has done such a shitty job, but seriously, is creating more private sector jobs in 2010 and 2011 than Bush did in his entire presidency so bad? Giving the FDA the authorization to regulate the marketing of tobacco to minors? Signed the START treaty with Russia? Increased the fuel economy standards for auto manufacturers? Launched a site to track federal spending to increase transparency? I can go on and on… But I would continue to highlight all the bad stuff, so I’ll stop here.

  • James Brown

    Don’t understand the hate towards Obama at all. Maybe If Bush hadn’t fucked things up in the first place, dude would have had an easier job to begin with. Punks always want to forget the root cause of a problem when Its convenient.

  • oddfuturama

    Cute..seeing internet duds argue about politics like what they say means anything to anyone

  • austin

    ^cute the irony of an internet dud bringing down other “internet duds.”

  • GOP

    @James Brown haha “Maybe If Bush hadn’t fucked things up in the first place” he inherited the county with a 6 trillion dollar defecate, Bush didnt fix it but he sure didnt fuck it up in the first place….. that was Clinton, know ur facts kid!!!

  • TheTruth

    ^Clinton’s policies left Bush with surpluses, and positive movement projected for years… the Bush Tax Cuts took care of that.

  • OBL you know

    u say bush didnt suck balls? cmon man gtfoh

  • Cameron

    Obama fell off hard. He needs to drop an album and stop releasing loosy blues singles. Your never going to break into MTVs hottest MC’s in the game with this shit, step it up.

  • Cameo

    officially the coolest Head of State EVER