• soul brotha #1

    BJ is like a new school Marvin... but, he's making that "Now" music. I can dig it. I need this album in my life.

  • ano

    hot stuff right here

  • NV

    Been waiting for this, now all i need is: ZULU GURU, Divine Scienze, Black Radio, Dame & Porn

  • G

    I can hear some marvin and some Bilal in this dude.... ill combination and ill album

  • j

    too long to wait for kendrick...guess i have ADHD ;-D

  • iowa1

    Loving this album. Can I get someone to re-up the last two mixtapes from here (Taste of Chicago and The New Beginning). I am really wanting to get into this guys music more and I can not find working links for these 2. If anyone can help I will be greatly appreciative.

  • Jay


  • Cubano

    BJ makes GREAT music...and how the fuck does kendrick keep getting better and better

  • shitttttt

    Such a smooth song with actual substance and then kendrick comes in and lays down a perfect verse. The TDE team is really serious from the rappers, singers, and producers.

  • troll

    @shitttt yeah real serious about their singers...just look at alori joh LOL

  • trayday

    @ soul brotha #1 : yeah, he sounds like a new age Marvin tho.. and @ shittttttt TDE is lookin to be a stax or to realate to now a more organic deathrow. they got all the talent, jus hope they cultivate their careers better than past labels. seems the case wit their moves.... #salute

  • iowa1

    Shake, Im definitely going to need updated links to his past mixtapes. Can anyone find these?

  • H21

    im a lil disappointed that some songs r kinda short but its still a dope album!

  • J.West

    The song and the whole album is dope. BJ damn you I can't stop listening to it. Great Job!

  • red


    http://www.datpiff. com/BJ-The-Chicago-Kid-The-Life-Of-Loves-Cupid-mixtape.262960.html

    http://www.2dopeboyz. com/2009/06/22/bj-the-chicago-kid-a-taste-of-chicago-mixtape/

    http://www.djdownloadz. com/bj-the-chicago-kid-the-new-beginning-mixtape

    http://www.mixtapetorrent. com/bj-the-chicago-kid-the-introduction

  • red

    Just helping out Shake & Meka, don't get rid of my post please.

  • iowa1

    @red - greatly appreciated. This is going to make my 5hour road trip smooth

  • JANA


  • http://InstrumentalKING.blogspot.com RaYZoR

    This is simply just a good song. Kendrick is a good addition, but the track itself is smooth.

  • Bryce

    This is a sample of Will Downing's "The World is A Ghetto" Big props to BJ and Kendrick for adding a new angle to a classic!