Genesis the Greykid – Here We Are (Video)

blame it on Shake February 21, 2012

Before the present fans of the Greykid come in and take my head for “being late”, I just wanted to submit my late pass and keep it moving. Anways, I first caught onto the VA native’s music by a fan-submitted email. First listen was the above video for Note to Pharrell (I Just Wanna Be A Writer), then came the Coodie & Chike-directed video for Here We Are. After digging both the visuals and the music, I decided to give his Grey Skies and Grey Skies 2 mixtapes a spin. Same result? Yes. So if you’re like me, use this post and catch up… and maybe dude will come through with some new material soon enough.

  • someone

    dope…look forward to his future being present on this site and many more

  • another person

    This kid is dope. I checked out his other music, n I gotta say I am now a fan! Gotta watch for his new stuff.

  • CharlotteAveCrooks

    Dopeness….yo kid is serious-ly talented.

  • averageguy

    genesis is dope …. new fan right here! real people shit

  • King

    The Future!

  • hartatack05

    Not going knock you for being late just glad your on board. Hope he gets signed. Humble and down to earth guy. He deserves to get some air play.

  • Follow him @hi_im_genesis

  • kenny slim

    This is what the game is missing!!! VA stand up….who said hip hop is dead?

  • Spielberg

    ya your a late but dope regardless shout outs to Genesis doing his thing you have Canadian supporters