• http://www.mixtapebros.com Aaron

    #hiphop dope album... loving the redux

  • who cares

    Album is dope as fuck. On my third listen so far. While I loved "Barrels For Feathers" this definitely outdoes it. Kind of feels like this should have been the original album.

  • Mark


    Sapient makes some of the most inspiring music I've ever heard, in any genre. My favorite hip hop artist/musician in general, for the past 6 years. Hope he gets the recognition he deserves, one day.

    Do NOT sleep on this redux, and if you missed the original album it's a must hear too, though I could say the same for Sape's entire (extensive) discography... Wake the fuck up.

  • Matt

    Absolutely amazing! As someone said, "You get a dope new album with the benefit of knowing the lyrics." Immediately gets you right into the album and able to focus more on what's new. Still takes multiple play throughs to appreciate it all though!

  • valence

    These comments have got to be fakes. Matt, Mark, and Aaron? This shit is mediocre at best.

  • JOhn

    Sape never lets down...Dope.

  • A!Re$1DeR

    used to live in thorn city myself.. sapient production is very underated.. i wish he branched out to other dope emcees and collab'd.. cant complain shit is free.. i would have paid for it.. right on sape.. good looks..

  • Brent Miller

    Must have if you have Barrels for Feathers or not. Next level shit.