• Mike

    Fucking dope as fuck !

  • Numba7

    This shit right here? this shit right here!? lol, I'm playing, I know that jokes played out. but this whole sound is just real refreshing from how boring things have been (imo) lately.

  • Zack

    I love it...great lyrics and sick beats.

  • mani

    Reach, Stress, Gotta Change Momma are the best songs.

  • Cyrus

    nigga I've been listening to this for about 2 hours straight, some of these songs I swear are straight out of my book of life. Gotta Change Momma is like, wow. dat jawn will hit you in tha soul. Thanks 4 this 1 dopeboyz.

  • Chris

    really refreshing. great listen.

  • Ren716

    Dope music fam!

  • SRKingz

    Its about time something sets off like this! bLAAAT

  • Mika

    Loving this tape, glad to see it's a favorite. This is quality music right here. I wish it was professionally mastered though, still sounds dope.

  • ZMike

    this albums awesome. thats all that can be said. awesome. You can tell its not perfectly mixed, but it doesn't take away from how much I'm digging this tape.