Tsu Surf – Hanna Montana (Video)

blame it on Meka February 21, 2012

The email in which this video was in said, and I quote, “Tons of ass all in the video, so I’m pretty sure your readers wont be mad at it.”

*presses play*

Mute and enjoy!

  • (l,k)

    that bastard lied

  • Danny

    Stick to battle rapping ‘ya fruit

  • fart

    considering 85% of the video is looking at a guy rapping and 10% was a barfight and 5% was saggy asses I’ll say there was no fucking point in posting this.

  • who cares

    Only good thing bout this post is the gif

  • fart

    really did you even watch this before posting it?

  • who cares

    lmfao at fart’s post

  • sum yung Guy

    tsu surf has waaaaay better music than this…post some of his real songs not this jokin shit…this is the wrong song to introduce him to this site cocaine paradise, cuz i’m rollin, heaven’s got a baby, no love, prices on my head, etc so on and so forth

  • Lotlan

    Cosign what sum yung Guy said
    this was a just a freestyle but his actual album stuff is solid.

  • J.O

    and dude is an exceptional battle rapper as well…

  • I’d be upset even if this was on BET Uncut

  • dj a-1

    this is dope