J. Cole – Grew Up Fast

blame it on Meka February 22, 2012

Grown Simba reached 2 million the Twitter followers, and in celebration he let loose this new track.

DOWNLOAD: J.Cole – Grew Up Fast | Alt

  • KATO

    Cole World!
    haha the beat kinda sounds like a drake beat…

    Still super tough tho!!!


  • Timothy

    Sounds like a drake beat





  • gully

    lol does kind of sound like a 40 beat

  • kingkicks23

    This what happens when your rob him from his Grammy!

  • kayo

    Cole world man talk shit but this hot….

  • dg

    wierd, he’s using drakes flow? he changed his 2 pac flow. why? i kinda like it. its hot. this is how he should sound, on these types of beats, not those cheap cole beats.

  • unclesam

    Decent track. But I still expect much, much more from Cole.

  • CHeeKZ Money


  • 1dopeboy

    Nice track. I dig.

  • T

    He fucking killed it. I’m not normally a huge Cole fan but this is honestly great.

  • his first joint released in 2012, of course it had to be dope.

    I wonder when that Kendrick/Cole project gon’ drop. shit’s gonna be nuts.

  • Pox

    So wait? Who is he talking about? Drake and OVOXO? That who he going at? Or is this a stretch? Mek and Shake please weigh in at some point to generate this discussion, aha.

  • Fred

    Dope. Cole be working hard. Apparently he will drop his second album this semester

  • franz ferdinand

    El fuego

  • Master Lee

    New Cole? Dope! Cole always comes with that hot shit. Cant wait for the new album.

  • VJ

    This is some of the best shit I heard in a while.

  • zeus


  • Bil4l

    I like Cole’s style and lyrical ability, sounds dope but he spits about the same sorta shit all the time.
    It’s only allowed if your curren$y and content involves weed.

  • Thinker

    ^^^^ personal opinion. nobody else fucking believes that shit. please tell me what dude spoke about in here and relate it to any of his other songs. shit is fresh, dont play it off like it aint hot

  • sayWORD

    ^ -____- Besides his life, what else do you want him to rap about? Astrophysics?

  • I wish he would have came this hard on that album. dope track

  • Peppington

    Love the sample

  • poetic assasin

    Damn – yall people are so hard to please… this sounds like nothing 40 wud produce and he sounds nothing like Drake….

    keep killing it Cole

  • DBS

    Dope sample, dope verses but those drums fucking kill me, terrible.

  • Sekvision

    It doesnt matter what he puts out, this niggas always got negative shit to say.

    Btw the track is dope.

  • YoungCosby

    Knew this would be hot with my cousin David Ruffin as the art!!

  • oogie

    Can someone explain the hat trick, few goals line?

  • YoungCosby

    @ Oogie – A hat trick is 3 goals scored in hockey.

  • adi Pre

    Wow, nice! Love that sample.

  • jwiii

    people still think he’s not going at drake? he’s always talking some shit (j. cole that is about drake).

  • d.cole

    and this is why cole is the best rapper alive. boomshakalaka

  • Achilles

    the song is great. No more words are needed

  • Achilles Heel

    Then why’d you have to say no more words were needed?

  • dboss

    I don’t think I’m speaking just for myself when I say this…PLEASE get a new player! That thing is more inconsistent than Gasol right now.

  • Flip

    This is a shot at the game….Talking about all this singing and fist pump music in rap and hiphop….This shit is collllllllllllllllld worrrrrrrrrrrrld

  • Ben Piffy Jr

    Wow!!! Cole going in without a fuggin curfew!!!

  • Ducey

    Shit is wack Jermaine. Try again you stay making me fall asleep lol.

  • Melo15

    Best j.cole song I’ve heard in a while… and that line about diggy was hella funny

  • PRI89


  • aghh

    Goin at canibus maybe?..

  • FuckWannaBeA&R’s


  • jd

    Drake clone. BTW, Drake sucks.

  • Son of S.A.M.

    Cole is coming for the game this year, let’s go.

  • Anyone

    David, David Ruffin.

  • Kanemku

    Yall niggas stupid… This sounds nothing like Drake. This is pure Cole. No Drake flow, no Pac flow, no “anybody” flow. Pure Cole.

    This shit sick!

  • J-Mac

    for some reason these audio links are all switched this played that blow a 100,000 song for me

  • Scags

    “Funny how my old highs is suddenly my new lows;tired of every chick sayin she models b4 she swallow so I only fuck with hat tricks, bitches with a few goals 
    Bitches with a few goals, hat trick nigga” this nigga J Cole nice.

  • mR

    yall niggas got double double double double crossed hahaha

  • Uncle Phil

    This nigga repetitive as hell. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

  • 2 Cents

    @ oogle

    Basically saying he doesn’t wanna mess with chicks who only pursue the one goal of becoming a model, and instead would like a girl with several goal (at least 3 it seems ha), with the metaphor being multiple goals within a game in sports is usually called a hat trick.

  • Ink Red

    shout out 2cents for explaining the hat trick. But damm what more can yall ask for? Cole killed this, Dude who prod. this jawn gave the perfect blend of a 40-esque type beat/or some no Id type ish. This is some real talk hip hop for ya ass. So some one explain why he got robbed of a Grammy,or even better robbed of a spot on the hottest MC’s list!!!

  • grammar nazi

    “reached 2 million the Twitter followers” slow down on the typing Mek.

  • realrap


  • Master Lee

    Why do you niggas hate so much? This song is hot end of story. Anyone who hates on Cole is retarded. He’s one of the best in the game right now. Everything he drops is fire.

  • Camron Giles

    Why are the jcole stans mad. The song is simply plain trash. Dude fell off hardbody, dont expect to hear about this guy at this time next year. He might win a few bet awards here and there but expect DRAKE to surpass and have longevity in hip hop. Still waiting for a Hov and Cole picture lmao, jay dont even fuck with his lame boring ass.

  • Jake

    This is RIDICULOUS!
    COLE WORLD!!!!
    Step up, song of 2012 so far

  • nick

    this really does sound like Drake for all the people saying it doesn’t

  • BlackHippy

    I’m the deadbeat father of your little brother, in other words God damn I’mma bad mother f-cker

    name a drake line as good as this man?

  • BlackHippy

    serve niggas and bring change, thats a waiters purpose

    or that line, there isnt one

  • Cameron

    He said Kinai (whoever that is) made the beat. Cole had a great freshman album lived up to his hype and will continue to grow a an artist in all directions. That being said he is still under Drake, but I don’t understand why everyone needs to be compared to Drake lately. Could some one explain it to me?

  • zachariah

    If you look for something, you will find it. Now, one person said he sounds like Drake, so all the following bloggers follow that shit. Idiots, just enjoy the song.

  • chad

    song made my dick soft boring ass rap nigga fuck j cole & whoever idea it was to bring this shit back to the top.

  • Yep

    what’s a drake beat sound like?

  • Flawed Nursery Rhymes

    Took Shots at Diggy TBH

  • B to the O B

    lol @ Cole not reaching the success as Drake. Cole is a better rapper period! He may not have the mainstream exposure as Drake, but that doesn’t mean his music isnt superior to his. Anyone that has any sense in them and is a fan of rap music can see that..

  • ^^co-sign i dont get how ni99as can say cole sounds like drake….Cole>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>drake

  • Tha 23rd Buchan

    Some of these haters sound like they tryna revive NYC/BROOKLYN’s dead ass.

    COLE WORLD!!!!

  • NoName

    And this joint 2dope the nigga Cole came with the lines overall track dope

  • Bil4l

    Cole and drake should battle it for the fans to see who’s better.

  • young

    That song was weak . Wtf he talkin bout . Who cares give me some real shit I can feel and relate too . If it ain’t deep and lyrical give me something I can ride to shit . We need to see improvements . Go back to “the warm up” days . Anybody can do what he just did .

  • thatrealshit

    how ppl gonna say he sounds like drake… besides the fact that i dont think ive ever heard 40 produce a beat as soulful and jazz inspired as this, drake barely even raps anymore. ppl r sayin coles never gonna be as big as drake and theyre probly right cuz coles never gonna blur the line of pop and hip hop on his albums as much as drake, for every “work out” he releases he comes out with 50 songs like this one…cant say the same for drake. drizzy can have every 14 year old white kid in america buy his album, real ppl know that doesnt substantiate ur music

  • sam

    dope song but if i read the title right this is a j cole song not a drake song the flow is similar not copycat find new things to talk about like j cole not getting pick for mtv hottest mc of 2011 bull

  • huge drake diss

  • Adrian

    damn , why do everybody want him to rap about depressing shit all the time ? i like the real shit and the bragging shit . he got money so let him rap about money . #COLEWORLD

  • Wuhddup1

    I love J.Cole n all but forreals tho this song wasnt THAT fire as alot of yall is makin it out to be. Its him on his “any given sunday” level if you really think about it and listen carefully. Dont be a stan juss because its him. Ehh fuck it alot of yall are anyways lol Cole World niggas!

  • Wamp Wamp

    Mediocre, like all of his music. zzzzzzz

  • Jay D

    This song is dope. Cole’s flow is tight and the beat goes. This sounds nothing like Drake lol It’s a SOUL sample, we all know Drake has no soul at all. Only KRIT and Cole really know how to handle a soul sample out of the new guys…let’s be honest.

    Good stuff, Cole. Keep it up!

  • MyFiddyCents

    cole da gawwd! Grab a saltine and kick back!

  • big dan

    anyone else hear big sean is in the building? i feel like he could’ve worked this beat but im excited for any collab with them

  • Thank Me

    Cheap n**ga if you was liquor i’d probably throw yo ass up


    this nigga is still continuing his legacy as the corniest overrated rapper of this generation.


  • chomp

    that shit he was talkin bout. thats that shit wiz on

  • connell

    whys the stereo skateboards sign on there??

  • will

    lol at the haters. this is a dope track, been bumpin’ it non stop for the past couple days.

    lol at the people not understanding the hat trick line.