• yupp….

    i really think i am not gonna like WZRD at all. and this interview just makes it seem even more likely..

  • SB

    cudi should go back to rapping. dose of dopeness was the shit.

  • That Is All

    Cudi is still that dude.. I know him and Dot cooked up some marvelous jams for this WZRD album cant wait for Feb 28!!

  • Tiiz

    Yall sure WZRD still droppin next week?? Why isn't the pre-order up yet?

  • SB

    Preorder is up on amazon

  • D

    I respect Cudder's courage, not easy to be a gay rapper.

  • Thinker

    ^^^ not easy to live wit your mama but here you are on her computer

  • D

    Kid Cudi fans are very familiar with that because theyre all teenage emo nerds.

  • Your Father

    Cudi + Emile > Cudi + Dot

    Not a huge fan of Dot's production.
    Very hit and miss. I did really like Marijuana, though.
    I'd rather have Ratatat give Cudi more beats if not Emile, than Dot.