Slaughterhouse – She Will Freestyle

blame it on Shake February 22, 2012

First Joe and Joell take on Ross’ Stay Schemin’, then the four got together for Crook’s upcoming project, now the machine (minus Royce) try their hand at Wayne’s She Will. All leading up to welcome to: OUR HOUSE; which hits stores May 15th.

DOWNLOAD: Slaughterhouse – She Will Freestyle

  • Driggz

    Where the fuck is Royce?

  • def jux

    joell is so trash.

    crooked killed that flow though

  • They spit… But I didn’t like it.

  • Tyree

    Album got pushed back BTW.

  • Conor

    What’s up with no Royce?

    Anyways, that was a bit overwhelming. Still think the album is gonna be super dope though.

  • Conor


  • yo

    this shit is dope!

  • NYdreams

    i fux with slaughterhouse but wayne version >>>>>>

  • J

    Royce is on tour right now by himself, that’s probably why he wasn’t on it

  • veezy

    jacking someone elses song as a way of trying to out do them is like moving into someone’s house and rearranging the furniture and then acting like youre more successful than them.

    im not a wayne fan but stop acting like jacking someone elses original shit and spitting a bunch of multi’s over it is some kind statement of superiority. its not. lets hear these guys give birth to an original hit record by strength of their own creativity. until then stop rearranging others niggas furniture. its dope but youre not impressing anybody and youre not making any kind of statement other than that another niggas creativity inspired you to do what they already did.
    its cool to freestyle and have fun….but what amazes me is how you dickriders have the nerve to talk sidweways trying to diss the original artist who made the shit hot when clearly these niggas were inspired by him. if anything this makes wayne look better.

    and while these niggas freestyling over a wayne hit record wayne is busy making another one. crooked could have spent this time building something of his own for once but instead he’d rather rearrange another niggas house and you then you niggas start acting like he really doing something great.
    crooked i is the biggest leech in hip hop history. he a dope rapper and i respect him for that but that nigga is a leech. he aint made one album and yet he stay mooching off other niggas shit trying to out spit them like that will open the books foe him. get off your asses niggas. smh

  • Ag

    Really like the 4 Quarters individually BUT Ab-Liva killed this beat already…

  • Lame

    Veezy I’m not sure if you know but they have an album coming out in may of all ORIGiNAL shit. This is just a way of keeping the real fans happy until then. Not a attempt at making Wayne and drake look bad or nothin like that just spitting over a beat they happen to enjoy. Idiot

  • Huuaa

    the album is just called Our House, no “welcome to”

  • def jux

    lol Lame doesn’t understand how wack SH is.

    there’s a reason out of the four of these niggas, only ONE of em got ONE hit. and Pump It Up is clearly bubblegum bullshit that was gonna be used by whichever artist’s record leaked first. he had no part in that shit.

    this is weak. if these were 4 dudes you never heard of, this might be dope. but these are 4 niggas in the game for years who call themselves elite lyricists. not only is this song wack, but it’s desperate and corny. i mean, seriously, could joell ortiz have done any worse of a job selling all that cassanova shit he was talking about? he needs to get his virginal hip-hop nerd ass all the way the fuck outta here.

  • buckets

    ^^ you’re an idiot and your opinion is irrelevant. so what, having a hit song means you’re good? LOL. real hip hop heads recognize talent, not sales.

  • (l,k)

    how are you gonna use the name def jux then talk about how they dont have a hit lol

  • who cares

    I’m a huge SH fan, but I couldn’t get into this.
    And I’m not even gonna comment on veezy’s and def jux’s moronic comments

  • veezy

    I’m sorry for that long and pointless paragraph i posted..It’s just this one dude showed me Crooked I and it made me realize that lil wayne so inferior to him and SH…ever since i realized that ive been so bitter going to different blogsites trying to take anything that has to do with Crooked I and SH cuz i wanna support Lil Wayne and his tight leopard skin pants..i know my last post was gay but i was trying to out gay myself after me and def jux had violent butt sex =/ Crooked I and Slaughterhouse are dope sorry for the misunderstanding…

  • NoName

    Idc much but still going to tht concert their gonna be having soon tho

  • It was a cool little joint nothing spectac, but in my opinion still better then the original version & the only reason the original is a so called hit is because the over hyped artists on it drake & wayne who in my opinion doesnt deserve the type of buzz that alot of these other unknown talented passionate artists deserve.
    First off for the negative comments talking bout Crooked being a leach lol I dont see it as that he just shows how to really justify a beat that wasnt fully ripped to its potential & 2nd i didnt know you had to drop an album to be considered relevant.
    Music aint bout the sales its bout the message or lyrical content you come with.
    The other comment talking bout slaughterhouse.
    Do you know how they even came bout, by real hip-hop heads that actually listen to real music that asked for a collab for them 4 plus Nino Bless. Any one of these artists would rip anything you throw at them & in any other era of hip-hop would be relevant but since we are in the are where you have to talk bout money,cars,clothes & water down your lyrics to be relevant then they are always finna be in the same boat as they are in now, which shouldnt matter cause they still living comfortable & have fan base & for yall saying Joell Ortiz is wack yall crazy, you must not know how late 80s & 90s east coast hip-hop went down cause he would have fit in with that era smoothly.
    SMH at the people that dont know anything bout lyricist
    But hey to each there own

  • JunkieNeedaFix

    shit decent… cant wait for the album

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Crooked I killed this. Btw why is the same dude “veezy” posting several different comments with run-on sentences, miss-spelled words, bad grammar and warp out opinions sounding like the “Mad Rapper”? We know it’s you posting those comments. You’re using different names but typing the same way saying the same sh*t in different ways and long ass illiterate sentences. Geeeesh! Stop the hate!

  • ladd

    ^smh I bet you post youtube comments about this is not that bullshit lil wayne. she will was a good song how it was straight spitting doesnt make a good song gotta be creative to and actually make a song. sh might as well just do a cypher for 60 minutes straight and call it a album if there not bringing creativity to the table

  • drill

    this shit is horrible, wtf?? what did they do to that hook? this is a shit remix. gtfo slaughterhouse.

  • Ty Boogie

    I don’t really like this track, but NONE of them cats are whack. They are without a doubt my favorite MC’s period. Lyrically, Crooked I is perhaps the best Lyricist ever in my opinion. Joe Budden is my favorite rapper/MC of all time. << My personal opinions.

  • Crooked I.

    God of the West Coast.

    That is all.

  • Danny

    It’s not Slaughterhouse without Royce ……

  • you’re all gay

    fuck all you faggots writing paragraphs on here, bunch of fucking marks

  • Victor

    These 4 members has together managed to create 0.0 classic albums. They good rappers, but they are bums as musicians.

    People need to get of their nuts. My question to all Laughterhouse fans: how many classic albums nigga? And dont even dare to name me some bullshit mixtape.

  • Lepel

    Classic albums are overrated

  • Laughterhouse

    Crooked I = 0 albums.
    Joe Budden = 0 classic albums
    Joell Ortiz = 0 classic albums
    Royce = 0 classic albums. (although he as a couple of classic tracks such as “Boom” and “Hiphop”.

    People just keep making excuses for these bums. Complex rhyme schemes dont mean shit if you dont know how to make great music. I know their next album will be filled with forgetable beats and lyrics. Being technical with it is cool, but at the end of the day, rap is about the music. Laughterhouse need to step their musicality up.

  • ohhshyt

    ^^ yo how the fuck can you say royce have no classic album!? what about Idependence day!?? or more recently bad meets evil with Em who when platnium! how many platnium album did you drop!?? thats right none!! so fuck off bro and go back listen to that stupid lil wayne sport blog! LOL like if this dumb ass know anything about sport! xD

  • Laugterhouse (Crooked I spelling)

    Actually, “Hell: the sequel” went gold. But sales is besides my point. All I’m saying is that, Laughterhouse fans have to face the facts that to this point, none of them have been close to making a classic album. And yet they are perceived as gods on the internet.

  • Icy Fresh

    I have to laugh at the haters who still listen to SH. If you think they suck why you even listening to all theyre shit. I think Gucci Mane sucks but u wont catch me commenting on his tunes cause i dont listen to him.Slaughterhouse are dope co-signed by eminem and the fact that Royce & especially Crook been in he game so long and are still relevant says it all

  • Honest

    tell royce to fucking rap.. he is the coldest in the group.. not to knock any of the other dudes, they all have skills

  • BigRed59

    Crooked I is the talent of these guys. Only reason half of these fools are jocking Royces nuts is b/c of the bad meets evil EP. True “hip hop heads” that follow whatever EM pushes. And to veezy how is it there fault they can take a beat and destroy it making another artist look like he should go back to working at kmart?