Lute – West1996 (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka February 23, 2012

When Lute made his debut at the dopehouse a few weeks ago, the response was largely positive. He dropped his tape the other day, so I’d assume this would be positively accepted as well. Tracklist and link down bottom.

1. Intro
2. 80 Proof
3. Queen City Slummin’ f. Ry
4. West Nine 6 f. SchylerChaise
5. Real2Real
6. Upper Room f. Ry & SchylerChaise
7. Carolina Folks
8. Success
9. That’s How It Goes
10. Letter 2 f. 9Mil
11. All About The Money f. JimmyKelso

DOWNLOAD: Lute – West1996 (Mixtape)

  • Brian Kidd

    Why the thumb downs this tape is dope??????????? Or is it because ppl are just mad that he made a tribute cover to the illmatic cover???????? LOL like Joe Budden said, fans are so fickle.

  • rick owens

    This tape is dope

  • @Brian Kidd that’s my only gripe with this. music is dope but the illmatic-wreckage.. is not.

  • who cares

    smh people still jackin’ that Illmatic cover? There’s no originality when it comes to artwork anymore. I’ll check the tape out, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that he can’t come up with his own ideas

  • ok like i said on da twitter.. maybe he is paying homage .. maybe he is saying that was his favorite cd EVER made..

  • wu

    Cover has been redone too much, that said I will still check this shit out.

  • 2faire1bon

    i miss when i could trust the c-section. half of what’s dope is boderline garbage.

  • West1966 Bangs! The Album/Mixtape is Dope! He goes in over Dilla & Outkast……The Nas Homage is FITTING and is ONLY whack when the music disrespects the legacy of the classic. The Debut a few weeks ago was mediocre, but hearing the Whole project in its entirety makes sense. This is Hip Hop by way of Charlotte. This Deserves No Hate!…..& ITS FREE!……….”KANYE SHRUG”

  • buGoudi

    haters gonna hate…but the cover is an homage…and a nice one…and the tape is amazing

  • Rizzy Rapz

    Man recognize A Talented Emcee…HES NOT JOCKING NAS, HES PAYING HOMAGE!

  • 2faire1bon

    j cole is the only rapper allowed to rep the carolinas doe

  • And the Over used illmatic cover continues smh

  • ClaudeJulien

    It’s not an homage when he’s the fucking 500th person to do this. It’s just unoriginal. Playing off the Illmatic cover and putting in a date from the 90s seems like a parody of wack new age rappers biting the 90s style. Thumbs down for complete lack of creativity.

  • Numba7

    I’ve seen the video, and it was dope, but this covers wack. Still im gunna DL the project

  • Maggy

    Homage or not–shit is TIRED. Let it be…Ghost called heads out on this shit waaaay back on OB4CL n RZA n GZA re-said on forever. Jits need to learn your HISTORY before any fuckery. It taints your response…

  • skraight up this that young nigga wist from the crown and ima put it like this…fuck you niggaz hating. i’ll smack the dog shit out of all ya’ll in person…my nigga lute put HIS neighborhood and HIS face onto this cover…i could see if he had queensbridge in the background you fuck boys. STFU and just listen gotdamn

  • Killer B

    I banged on 40 krips listenin to this, this SHIT RIDE

  • bladaoh

    dude can spit but the nas style cover is beyond corny. it would be one thing if a million mcs hadn’t done the exact same thing before him but cmon man do something original and creative cause you have the talent and can spit but this covers gonna turn alotta people off your music

  • Marc

    People have their opinions. Good or bad I’ll take this critism for what it is. Yes, the Illmatic cover has been done over and over, but how many times has this motif and lyrical content gone hand in hand? Conceptually I thought this was the perfect way to let people know who Lute is and where he is from. The picture clearly shows that is was Lute’s up bringing, not Nas’ Queensbridge. Illmatic was Nas’ introduction to the game. I will not apologize for using this same platform – Cover Artist

  • Mac

    the bonus track hard that dude JimmyKelso raw

  • yo

    too caught up on appearance..are you listening to the cover art or the mp3 files? exactly just listen

  • SeanSky

    You niggas are butt hurt over a damn cover??? Did y’all even listen to any song??? Y’all comments sometimes amaze me f how stupid y’all really are. Its overdone we get that but nigha obviously did it for a reason so just let it be sheesh… Smh

  • dturner

    Good shit reppin the city

  • NeckFace

    My brother did his fucking thing, the Illmatic cover is the shit. The last cover I seen like this was the CH tape from a while back, I must not be in tune with everyones shit, so whatever. Back to the point that makes me laugh…
    J. Cole is just a nigga that got lucky, he’s not that great compared to my brother. Anyone can rep North Carolina, I rep it every day. Don’t laugh in our faces because Lute is on the come up and deserves some props. I don’t like 2DB like that but I respect them for this. Give him a chance and shut the fuck up when good music drops.

  • A cover my not define a person’s music, but it is the attraction of people’s eyes before they check out your music, especially on blogs. If there was the sickest rapper in the world ever dropped a mixtape, but the tape cover was a picture of a DICK, you think people gonna listen to him even tho his the sickest rapper? No. Why, its unappealing. The whole Nas cover thing isnt appealing, anymore. When Nas did it the first time, it was cool, when Nas did it the second time it was okay, when Nas did it a third time, he needed to stop, the fourth time, what just “are you serious?,” when everyone and they momma did after that, it was a No, even for Cole. No one is saying the music is wack but an artist as a whole needs more than just the best music to succeed believe it or not.

  • Jordanprime

    He should a cut out all those features they wack.

  • Igotcha

    I fucks with this. Bout to put it on the ipod.

  • djayare

    704 stand up.


    If you don’t know what it took to make the MIXTAPE you have no right to criticize

  • hey! ItsCurry

    I always said “Dat boy Lute….”!!! Good way to represent the city

  • Reez

    even though hes paying homage, originality will get you farther then imitation

  • Coog

    REALLY ?! Yall griping about a mixtape cover??? Bruh coulda took a shit, twitpic’d it for a album cover….. the TAPE STILL gonna bang. the fuck? yall trying to sound like hardened hip hop heads, u sound like some ART MAJOR pussyboys. Listen to the music.

  • J.T.

    The cover may be lame and overused but the music speaks for itself.

  • I’ll do him another cover if interested, I did the cover work for Banner and wayne’s Yao Ming single and do work and do work remix.


  • Lute, SchylerChaise and Jimmy Kelso