Swerve & SYG – Cold Winters & Warm Whiskey (prod. Ops)

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Although Swerve and SYG's 2dope project already hit the net a couple days ago, I wanted to showcase the title track in case some of y'all are still sleepin'.

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  • Numba7

    Loved this tape, I was bumping it this morning.

  • Cyrus

    I posted about this tape when it dropped the other day, but i've since burned it to a cd, for my car (my AUX jack is broke in my car, i know, lame) and have it on my ipod for work. i love this thing so far. I will say it's not exactly happy. There is not anything on this that anyone is going to want to dance too. Not might be the best tape for drinking with a bunch of girls or a party, but for someone like me, its perfect. thanks again 2DBZ for always put me on to dope shit. I swear because of this site I know about all the music my friends talk about like 6 before they ever mention it.


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