Too $hort – I’m A Stop f. 50 Cent, Twista & Devin the Dude

blame it on Shake February 23, 2012

$hort Dogg enlists Curtis, Twista and the Dude for the latest track from his upcoming album, No Trespassing, dropping February 28th. HHNM.

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  • daveg

    I’m likin this beat for sure. Song is dope. Good job by all. Why is Devin The Dude credited in the title. Come on now!!!!

  • thatoneguy

    Devin get’s no love, Shake?

  • fuck 2dopeboyz

    how come i cant see the download link or likes/dislikes? ya’ll need to get ya’ll shit together.

  • trufisbak

    fuck u for not mentioning the fuckin dude devin

  • ffff

    shake why the fuck do u not mention devin the dude

    devin >>>>> twista, short, 50

  • FvdedGrey

    All this did for me was make me turn on “See what I can pull” by the Dude.


    Actually like this song! $hort has been ou for awhile tho

  • Velimir

    Why is it so hard for these rappers to find one person around them who knows basic grammar, even when slang is in question. There’s no such thing as a leave, in form of a noun. He is not a leave. He’s going to leave (I’mma leave, or I’ma leave, however you want it slang spelled).

    Same thing happened with Double M Geniuses behind I’mma boss. To boss is not an existing verb (the exception being the mind of Rick Ross where everything is boss – he shits boss, and bosses when he shits), what they were trying to convey is that they were bosses.

    I do understand there will probably never be to many educated members of the hip hop industry, but a little effort is all I ask, it shouldn’t be hard. It’s elementary.

  • jordan retro 4

    Very grateful to the blogger, published the article he asked me to new understanding to the values ??of my life!

  • peetthgeek

    why cant you appreciate that unconventional grammar and diction is a major part of the hip hop art form. go teach high school english velimir

  • Velimir

    I don’t mind the Zs in stead of Ss or different type of spelling. I love hip hop slang. I just hate stupidity. That’s not an unconventional spelling, that’s a completely different sentence, with a complete different meaning.

    Although I have to say, this may not be on Too Short, cause there’s no artwork here. It may be Shake’s mistake.

  • This schitt is GANGSTA! this what the rap game needs!

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    @Velimir, It’s Shake’s mistake. Actual song title is “I’m A Stop”. Doesn’t make much sense either. Ha.

  • leutrim rexhaj

    half of the comments on this page are as grammatically incorrect as the title of this song, smh

  • SMH

    @Shake: Add Devin The Dude to the feature list. Dude been the sickest for hooks. Don’t you hear him for nearly half of the entire song?

  • peteROC

    new web design!?

  • I’m diggin the new lateout!!!

  • (l,k)

    boo!!!! i hate change lol

  • Maga D

    This is pretty nice. YEEEAAAA. Love this, the kid Twista!

  • mathis

    love the new layout

  • Nito

    Hey 2dbz… you fancy huh? Layout is sick now all you guys need is a mobile app.

  • ^^^ yo, cant lie i let out an “ooooooooh shiiiiiit” when i realized what i was looking at. i knew something was up these last few days but these fools kept things under WRAPS. props. (thats the last time i compliment yall).

  • ayo

    layouts dope. REspect

  • the ONE time i post from my phone and go directly off the site i got the song fron haha. devin IS THE DUDE. no need to act like we havent supported dude since jump

  • Maga D

    Oh, & Nice update/remodeling on the site. All yall need are profiles/log ins/etc, to stop three Marty Mcfly postings on every other page, hahaha

  • >the exception being the mind of Rick Ross where everything is boss – he shits boss, and bosses when he shits….DEAD

  • rell

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  • Rolex

    Cool layout. Especially the links under the banner. Good think you got rid of the thumbs up/down feature. Nice overall. Dope song by the way.

  • Rico Band$

    This shit is sooooooooo Fuckin HARD!!!!!!!!! No Remix for this but would loved to heard snoop on here, this is his type of sound!!!

  • marty mcfly

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  • Wu Shit

    50 tys flow was dope

  • niggasinparis

    album leaked, download it

  • 206FRE$H

    that nigga 50 said he want his ass licked…homo

  • nah_dude

    this shittttss soooo dope, threw n threw.