2DBZxSXSW: The Dopehouse, You’re All Invited!

blame it on Meka February 24, 2012

With SXSW just around the corner, many folks from all walks of life will descend upon Austin, TX for two weeks of art, fashion, film, technology, music and much more. As with the festivities there will also be a host of galleries, pop-up shops, screenings, displays and – the most popular of them all – showcases and concerts.

With so many different things going on, it’s almost impossible to miss your favorite act(s) performing throughout the week, and mostly for free to boot. So once you are finally able to catch your favorite musician perform songs that are in constant rotation in your iPod/iTunes (or, if you’re like Shake and LowKey and still live in the prehistoric era, Zune/WinAMP) what’s left to do?

Well, this is where we come in. As a thank you for all the support you have given us over the past few years, sites like us and our respected, respective contemporaries are providing relaxing alternatives to the hustle and bustle of SXSW. The good folks at The Smoking Section will host their second annual Hoops x Hang basketball tournament, while the crew over at GFCNY (The Smoker’s Club) will be having a rather pleasant surprise there as well.

As for us? Well, we’re be throwing a two-night, Kid ‘n Play-style, House Party… well… party for any and every fan of the site, visitor of SXSW and anybody that wants to relax, drink away your brain cells and have your pelvis feverishly ground upon by that one chick you saw at an earlier showcase.

The Dopehouse goes down on two nights: Friday, March 17th and Saturday, March 17th (yeah, St. Patrick’s Day), with doors opening at 8pm each night. When does it end? I guess when we all get kicked out of the venue. As such, I am currently looking for six fellow deejays, or three deejays a night to help me rock the place. So, if you’re interested and down to rock a set at The Dopehouse (there will be no performances, so all rappers, singers, rappers-turnt-singers and singers-turnt-rappers shouldn’t bother) feel free to hit me on the Twitter or my 2DBz email address: nu0360[at]gmail[dot]com.

Within the next two weeks we’ll be announcing the location of The Dopehouse. See you there.


  • A

    Bro, WinAmp? That’s a trip.

  • someguy

    why is that picture making me laugh so hard?

  • Fam, you ain’t never seen any of my e-mails smh. I feel like the only way to reach you is find you at concert venues and say whaddup in person lol.

  • Fan

    Shake and anyone else running the site. KEEP IT SIMPLE. Stop changing shit, everyone fucks with you cause of how simple and clean it was. Don’t ruin a good thing. 2dope is getting too many distracting icons on the page and is making it hard to load from phones.

  • (l,k)

    @Fan agree 10000000000%

  • Outlaw


    Pay Per Click advertising is a lucrative source of Internet income, especially for a good, high-traffic site such as this. Tastefully placed ads do not bother me at all, my 2cents.

  • Fan

    By all means make your paper boo boo. They have been doing ads for years, I’m not knocking the ads. I’m talking about all these extras on the menu bar and favorites they want to shower us with.

  • SMH

    @A: Bro, Winamp?

    Yeah bro Winamp, it’s hands-down THE best music player ever made. I’ve been using it since you were born. You know back in the prehistoric era of 1996. I mean WAAAAY BAAAACK in the 1900’s!

  • yo

    look at that fat nigga covered in powder..he prolly had a dozen powdered donuts and had 2 lay down cuz he was so full

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Zune is the ish.

  • Flawed Nursery Rhymes

    Nigga, in my hood we ride on fools wit Zune. FOH wit that. iTunes thuggin

  • Mr. Andre

    Is this a paid gig?