J. Cole x Common x Kevin Hart x NBA All-Star Celebrity Game 2012 (Video)

blame it on Illy February 24, 2012

Cole World catches a lob from Kevin Hart during tonight’s All-Star Celebrity Game to kick off the All-Star Weekend 2012. If you missed the game, the East destroyed the West winning 86-54 with Kevin Hart taking MVP honors with 8 points and 6 assists. Oh, Common gets stuffed by Cole after the jump. MWP.

  • jul

    alley ooop!

  • KING

    cole world ;) backin up his homie drake makin a fool of common

  • SB

    Cole got em……for Drake

  • crec

    cole would probably choose common over drake, i mean he did influence him

  • nito

    jay z should hook him up with a job with the nets

  • qwertydirty

    common did not win

  • Mike

    Cole aint thinking about lmaoo The Drake stans just so thirsty for a win it’s embarrassing. Look at how Cole huggin all up on Common. I agree he’d pick Common over Drake lol

  • Renald Stevens


  • Econ20

    shit is going down in orlando this week son. im up in the spot like can a nigga just get on i4 took me like 30 detours to get me to the hotel.

  • Drugz

    Lmao cole is garbage, fuck outta here with sideline stories nigga you suppose to be on the bench as a 12th option, nigga on his mixtapes crying about not being a starter

  • i’mwithyourGFeatingchips

    i had $500 on cole winning mvp all that ballin talk and he aint shit!

  • Sir Escobar

    imma give Cole the benefit of the doubt and say it was an off night for him, cause honestly he got some moves. It looks like he’s an overall ok player.

  • DivineLiberation

    common stays losing at this game.. first bieber now this. I love dude but damn.

  • Hazzah

    ……seriously tho who the fuck is ghost of shake? Is it shake or someone else? Shits confusing.

  • TobiContinued…

    Frankfurt, Germany… our boy can play ball #ColeWorld

  • CHeeKZ Money

    can wale do that? can big sean? no!

    how can mtv over look him like that?!

  • these dudes were all garbage. even the elderly rendition of Run TMC was embarrassing… very painful to watch

  • no reason

    Kevin Hart is annoying

  • its dope that kevin hart won mvp but big ups to my mans arne duncan he was ballin forreal. kevin should of gave him the award forreal.

  • AskHowFly_ATF


  • Flawed Nursery Rhymes

    How the smallest nigga win the MVP award

  • The Guy with the Glass-Eye

    Common and J.Cole were BOTH SHIT… the way these two rant about ball, ‘specially J.Cole, neitha can do shit on the court… otha than the yawnsome alley-oop, J.Cole was puttin up pure bricks the rest of the time. He fucked up the nice dime from Duncan and couldn’t even make the/a LAY-UP for fuck sake?!… just horrible… stick to rappin ma nigga… Kevin Hart just WAS NOT funny… straight puerile and waaaay too OTT… an they robbed that nigga Arne… seriously… co-sign @Snake Eyez