Jay-Z Introduces Rita Ora (Video)

blame it on Illy February 24, 2012

Jay-Z introduced Rita Ora to the world yesterday premiering the British newcomer's brand new debut single "Party & Bullsh*t" on New York's Z100 radio station. The West London-born singer will put out her Roc Nation debut LP later this year.

  • P.H.I.L.L.Y

    They should have just called it bullshit.

  • erf

    she looks like she has gypsy-roma in her albanian blood.

  • Cjffhdhh

    I prefer BIG's version.

  • Veronica

    I hope she sings more soulful songs on her new album, her song, "Awkward" with Craig David from 2 years ago was really good.

    Hey Shake or Meka, have you guys seen the new Gilbere Forte video "Conquer", It just dropped this morning.

  • DGK


  • anthony

    my god this sucks. even for pop.

  • Mike

    Good looks on 2dopeboyz it looks good (the layout) / Rita is gonna be worth the wait.

  • ddave

    SO more importantly is Jay Electronica's album still gonna drop? We could use that around May/June. No pushbacks Mr. Carter.

  • DGK

    SO more importantly is Jay Electronica’s album still gonna drop? We could use that around May/June. No pushbacks Mr. Carter.


    HAHAHAHAHAHA it will never drop man. Jay Electronica doesn't even rap anymore.

  • Igotcha

    Ain't like jay gonna help push niggas like ross is doing. No way in fucking hell I'd sign under roc nation.

  • mR

    ^^^^ because nobody asked you to sign under Roc Nation.

  • sfuse

    Rita ORAL :-O


    wow thats such a shame, Biggie is turning over in his grave wishing Jay didnt do such a thing. wow


    Love the new layout BOYS!

  • AyeTajiddin

    @Veronica it's Khemist FEATURING Gilbere Forte, but I agree that Shake and Meka should post it. It's a dope song. Khemist deserves some shine on these blogs.

  • Ya boi

    Jay-Z must be fucking her because this song is ass

  • Stay Frosty

    Question is, are they marketing her as a pop singer or R&B singer?

  • Skooby

    Little minds don't understand business. Do you really think
    Jay-Z is thinking about finding new rappers? He's a BUSINESS, man. You can't disagree that he has an eye for talent. Rihanna is all I have to say.