Smoke DZA’s Top 5 Marijuana Strains (Video)

blame it on Shake February 24, 2012

In the premiere episode of their new KarmaLists web series, KarmaLoop has Smoke DZA list off his five favorite strains. Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the c-section below! DZA also choped it up with FRESHPres about the JETS movement, Rolling Stoned, weed rappers, A$AP Rocky and more. Check the interview after the jump.

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  • this dude smokes no sativa???/ where’s the variety.

  • huh???

    i pretty much agree, but blue dream shoulda been on there

  • Ocean Grown Kush

  • laughinatulames

    got our self a bunch of fake ass weed wannabes, talkin out they ass. comments above are even worst…

  • yea, i disagree with him listing all these common indicas. #1 shoulda been that Jack H. if you dont know, you better ask somebody.

  • thatrealshit

    sour deez is the shit. i had a mix of blue dream and mango kush before too, that shit was dankkk

  • iGotJokes

    the shit comin from Mexico is that fiyah.

  • 666

    Indica > Sativa

  • nibs

    haha cuz dont know shit about bud

  • realtalk

    Typical black guy to name mostly Kush strains..

    Headband is one of my favorites though, glad it made his list.

  • Dutch Tree, Super Lemon Haze, Cheese. and Durban Poison. Went to Cannabis Cup last year, Cheese was the winner and SLH iz a staple out there, but Dutch Tree and Durban Poison are my fave domestic strains.

  • SMH

    @MidWestFlyest : you are a complete fucking moron. Recycling everything you read.

    Cheese is fucking garbage.

    Consider working on developing your OWN ideas at some point in your life.

  • Haaaank


  • cali grown

    og cali kush over errythin ho

  • iSmoke

    @ the people talking about he doesn’t smoke sative: Sour Diesel, Headband, and OG Kush are all Sativa dominant.

    @whoever was talking about he only smokes Kush: OG Kush isnt a even a true kush. True Kush strains are Indica and originate in the middle east. OG Kush is a Sativa Dominant strain as i mentioned earlier. It’s a cross of Sour Diesel and Chem Dawg – 2 Sativa dominant strains. Smoke DZA obvously doesn’t know this either tho.


  • therealMartyMackFlyy


  • Dank

    Properly trimmed and cured: OG, Spacequeen,Ingrid, 707 headband, Afgoo, Kushage, and Romulan and Bullrider are really all u need

  • pj

    all yall somke bunk!!! get a job

  • Dankness

    @therealmartymackflyy blue dream dont give you couch lock nigga

  • silence


    sho don’t. I like the shit, but you aint gon be stuck off it tho.

  • a lot of idiots in these comments wondering if some of you are just stupid or high when you wrote your comments. His top 5 was garbage btw.

    Some strains I like as said above Jack Herer is that ish I like the jack flash cross cause its sooo energetic. Oh and yeah blue dream isn’t even a B in my book same as green crack everyone seems to be jumping on those two boats lately lmao. Trainwreck is nomz but that Reserva Prada (spelling) cross of the purple urkle and trainwreck omg NOMZZZ. As someone said above Grape Ape is good i love grape tasting weed tbh. Amnesia Haze is a great sativa so nomz. I don’t know why above someone was hating on cheese that ish is popular as hell and for a reason the distinct taste it and smell it has is to be desired true its not the most potent but mmmm. I just harvested some ish called Jackpot Royale that is one of my favorite tasting strains ever. Whoever said durban above i’d agree that makes it in my top ten too though I’ve rarely come across cannabis cup quality durban in my time the few times I have omg. In my top 3 I gotta mention an east coast underground legend probably won’t even be recognized by majority of people Albert Walker, that strain is just pure nomz and potent too boot. Surprised nobody mentioned Ak-47 I love that hybrid My buddy used to grow ak-47 crossed with A. gold made it even better imo. I gotta say something about headband too I love the taste the potency is pretty good too but no way is that a top 5 maybe top 20 but not even top 10 JS. Too each their own good weed is good weed but really the question is why is this fool giving his top 5 when he obviously doesnt know ish about cannabis. I mean really lets leave this ish to the professionals get you another issue of hightimes DZA and just quote off the first five strains you see with kush in them LMAO for your 5-10 why dont you.

  • slayingtheilluminati

    you guys cant touch the real Dutch haze you wilkl be knocked out for shure…
    for shure LOL


    what’s the song in the background?

  • His name nickname is KUSH GOD…what did yall expect. 4loko is da track on da background

  • kd

    @iSmoke. OG Kush is my favorite…and it is a pure INDICA. Yall dunno shit. Top 5 is OG kush, white fire, cherry pie, nyc diesel, and GDP

  • Afghan,Dour,Chem dog,O.G Kush

  • yallfakinthefunk

    to each his own ! out here on the westcoast we can go to any dispensary and cop that top shelf so whats the point of arguing what strain is better… plus once you have the strain there is a low grade,medium grade and premium grade of it depending how it was handled during the growth process. shut up and do you. we all no nyc niccas dont really no shit about bud anyways , thats`s why they all say “smokin on cali”. west up bitch niccas! who ever said jack herer is nice ,you aint never lied! especially premium grade!

  • Friz


  • realtalk©

    all these gimmicky strains.. you guys should come out to amsterdam and smoke some good dutch weed.. you’ll never want any of that other trash yall smoking anymore

  • will

    cherry py

  • OGs, Sours, Chems, Kushs, Hazes, Dreams, Berries, Durbans, Thais, Affies, Grinspoons, Snows, Queens, Bellies, Mists, Oranges, Pies, … this random list could easily go on for days. How anyone with a genuine interest in this regard (not just a few names one managed to recall and perhaps even sample) would seriously pick only 5 is just beyond me. The more mindful minded will probably conclude that plants grow pretty much everywhere, especially indoors, given the right conditions. Rants and loud noises won’t change that. If you got dat killacali, dat dank or whatever else might be en vougue: good for you. There are many places with exceptional genetics and those genetics are by no means sure to always stay in one place, country or continent. It doesn’t matter where you go, people do seem to be able to produce both the worst and sometimes the best. That is true for the plants and the end product as well as the wealth of corresponding information and marketing. Cali may be right up there and have shitloads of authentic and ‘unique’ strains, but so what?

  • riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

    quit talkin and smoke sumthin b*tch