• ace boogie

    no disrespect to bumpy, cause he killed this, but this beat needs royce da 5'9 like macaroni needs cheese

  • http://www.twitter.com/fr3dmartins Fred

    ^ I have to agree. But still, this shit raw!

  • who cares

    Yea I have to agree this sounds like a Royce beat, but this is still dope as hell


    PREEMO in like a BOXER who was a CHAMPION but NOW is to old & should RETIRE aka he fell OFF .. he used to make atleast 1 CLASSIC BEAT A month now he only makes at most 1 CLASSIC BEAT a YEAR & thats for the last 3 years .. he a LEGEND though

  • http://www.sleepercellmixtape.com PAPIRICH

    Yo this track is CRAZY and Bumpy did his thing..Im not sure but this sounds like Preemo blessed the younger crowd wit a LARRY GRAHAM/GRAND CENTRAL STATION SAMPLE!1