Fozzie Bear – Round Of Applause f. Drake (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas February 26, 2012

Directed by Mr. Boomtown.

Fozzie Bear and Aubrey’s scripper anthem gets the video treatment.

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  • M

    at the beginning he says ‘fixture’ like it was his first time ever using a word with an X in it.

  • Scripper Enthusiast

    What a disappointment this video was… if ever there was supposed to be a video filled with scantily clad (mostly bucky-nekkid) women, this should’ve been it. Like you said, this is supposed to be a “scripper anthem”, so I expected borderline XXX/NSFW level material… yet it was as tame as a pg rated video. It could’ve been epic… instead it was a fail. Too bad “Uncut” no longer exists.

  • I mean, is it me or is Drake’s words completely off with the video? Boomtown needs to sync the words better it just doesn’t look it right.

    Plus I agree with @Scripper Enthusiast, although this is “106 & Park” friendly, honestly this video should of been AT LEAST more of a PG-13 video lol.

  • This shit came out in the summer, why the hell did it take this long to release the video.

    Gucci Mane was in jail and damn near release like 5 videos off Trapback already and that was a mixtape.

    And I kind of expected that at least one person would of had a RIP Slim Dunkin shirt on or something, but nothing, damn that’s cold.

  • bullets

    i always two stepped to this but 1st this shouldn’t be on 2dopeboyz and second im upset all the hype over this wack ass video this shit was gated community suburbs regular mexcicans mowing the lawn at 8:00 type shit all these behind the scenes and special footage for this bs? smh

  • wtfman

    Slim Dunkin wasn’t dead when they made the viddy. Thats why..

  • MithritadesHD

    This shit sucked! all this time and this the bullshit they came up with? get this shit outta here…lets hope Worldstar stay true to themselves and get the uncencored version IF there is one

  • DGR

    You never realize how many drug refernces there on in a song until the execs censor the video hahaha

  • Mr. Andre

    Where’s all the ass clapin?

  • saul

    Why did the director even give this video a plot??? Its a party song which I enjoy, but the video did not need a storyline!


    Am I the only person that noticed what’s goin down at 2:30 and why is waka’s arm around another dude……Is he sitting in is lap?!?!?!?!