• que?

    Hey JES, how do you spell Scotland?

  • http://www.twitter.com/kidmezmurize Mezzer

    Posessions make you rich?

  • CoolCat

    show me a nigga that doesn't like Bob Marley, i dare you

  • BdubZ

    ....no coincidence it drops on 420....

  • Asada

    I'll show you a bunch of people who only like and know of 3 Little Birds & One Love

  • balot

    This looks like a very tasteful documentary. I don't know if I could take another shitty biopic soiling on the legacy of another great musician.

  • tylerdeauvea

    Haha 4/20. Don't argue about who is a real fan, and who is posing, because that's really weak. The man had a message, and if that message is heard through a popular song or in the days of Duppy Conqueror it doesn't matter. It just make you look like a douche. Long live the message.

  • bladaoh

    this looks really good