Bugus - Gears f. Russ & Dartlin

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    RUSS VITALE starting to make BLAND BEATS ... 2020 & DARTLIN ALBUMS were BOTH CLASSICS or NEAR CLASSICS but since then kinda BORING MATERIAL or atleast BORING BEATS *NO DISRESPECT* to RUSS though KEEP GRINDING I aint HATING just giving my OPINION

  • o.O

    They obviously make good shit, but a lot of it is starting to sound the same...

  • who cares

    Ok so it's not just me? I got into Diemon when Russ dropped Apollo 13, but I'm starting to feel like it's all sounding the same now.

  • 2

    russ' beats all use the same shit. it's good for one or two songs but get played out. he's got a nice flow tho

  • 33

    all this shit sounds like the same damn shit nothing new here move along. boring ass beats sound like some stock reason shit

  • agree

    MAybe if these kids worried less about recognition and more about getting their OWn sound across they wouldbe somewhere. we're not deaf or stupid.


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