Drake On Future, Pusha T & Ludacris’ Disses

blame it on Shake February 27, 2012

Drake w/ Kevin Durant at 2012 NBA All-Star game.

Just as my big bro Lowkey said, Drake has been a target for more than a couple of artists over the past year. Future, Ludacris and Pusha T all had something negative to say about him. Oh.. and Common, but they are besties now so we’ll leave him out of this. In the February issue of VIBE, Drake responds in his polite “diss me and you’ll never hear a reply for it” manner..

“I’ve got no issues with him,” he says of Future, who was upset that Drake didn’t appear in his video, “Tony Montana.” “I’m happy I got on the song.” Pusha T, who once cryptically rhymed that, “the swag doesn’t match the sweaters,” gets off easy, too. “I’ve been really open about my love for the Clipse,” he says. “I don’t know, maybe that guy is bored.” Ludacris, who was accused of stealing Big Sean and Drake’s hashtag flow, also receives a halfhearted smack down, “That’s a case of someone trying to use my marketing money to get things going again for themselves. That didn’t affect my day, my month, my year. I didn’t take any of that seriously.”

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  • Pussy

  • k dot

    I respect the fact that Drake aint adding nothing to pointless shots at him but come the fuck on nigga,on MAJORITY of ya fucking songs you taking subliminals or saying what you gon do to somebody. Nigga cut all that fake bullshit out nd stop hiding behind your queer ass crew. Be your fucking man smdh.



  • theBroKing

    wait someone fill me in on when future dissed drake exactly? source please?

  • IslandKid

    and people on this blog will STILL hat eon him for not getting angry enough and responding. everything he said about these artists was so true though, pusha and luda just seem quite bitter to me *shrugs*

  • Tree92

    ^Wasn’t dissing, just mad that Drake didn’t appear in the Tony Montana video.

  • Arm

    Pusha said the shots AREN’T for Drake, and refuted the whole “sweaters” thing by saying “I didn’t know he wore sweaters”….I think it was too coincedental but whatver

    The Luda diss though was completely called for because it was a case of rappers saying that they all of a sudden had fathered a new flow…if you listen to that song, half of it is really just Luda proving that they didn’t. I don’t mind Drake and Big Sean, I just think that whole “Yo, we invented this flow” was out of hand

  • me

    at the end of the day he makes good music he has mad money…mayb he was rite only niggas who dnt get oussy dnt fuck his music…leave the kid alone he obvi isnt gnna waste his time so why everybody wasti theres

  • squuaaad

    ^^ u trippin. i get pussy but i still dont fuck wit his music. i used to back when he didnt fuckin sing on ERRY track. so far gone is still a good ass mixtape

  • staxx

    He’s a Bitch!!! It’s been confirmed

  • F A C T

    Still put money on the fact he sits down when he pisses

  • DamnCam

    Drake reminds me of that kid that supposed to be in a fight after school but gets picked up in his mom’s minivan at the last minute


    so far gone has more singing than take care so i dont get the whole i use to thing

  • Igotcha

    The Nikki bitch got more heart than most of these new rap niggas. Idk how that shit turned out because I don’t listen to her garbage but she did try to throw disses back to lil kim.

  • Don’t worry about it

    So first he was asking for niggas to say it to his face, now he doesn’t care. Ok nigga. smh.

  • Master Lee

    “Drake here’s how they gon’ come at you/With silly rap feuds trying to distract you” – Hov

  • k dot

    ^You’re cool, smh

  • BitchNigga

    Master lee needs to get drakes dick out his mouth lol. Drakes to soft for rap period

  • nito

    drake is no fun

  • leutrim rexhaj

    Its no fun that he doesnt get involved with these rappers, but I respect his stance. He doesnt need to give them any fame and hes just trying to make money for himself and his crew and thats very admirable. On the other hand he might just be straight pusssay

  • phaji

    i think this is gonna make you guys laugh. its a drake meme. 9gag(dot)com/gag/3006527/

  • This pigeon stays getting clowned on.


    thats wack so he can talk shit but when someone responds its corny for no reason “it bothers me when the gods get to acting like the broads” basically saying common whom didnt say anything at or to drake yet is acting like a broad cause the whole world assumed so sweet was about you. SMFH this dude is a clown period and if anybody knew his ass n he puled all these subliminal shit talking antics he wouldve been checked. like he the type a nigga that would talk shit bout a nigga to a bitch then retract his statement when a nigga call his ass out on it. SMFH I dont understand how people defend his down low shit talkin but get aggy when somebody say his name FUCK that nigga. Surprised mufucas aint call X wack for stating his opinion on the lil fag boy cause he is wack had drake came out in like 92-95 niggas wouldve laughed at this clown like get the fuck outta here

  • @YAOWAH, true story! Drake’s an artist with great talent. But on the flip side is a bitch in the process for letting these othr MCs come at him like this. He’s not born frm the States, it shows! Now, you don’t have to buss gunz to make your point. But, this is Hip-Hop. Not no damn soap opera (via “Headlines”). Hold dwn your own & shw ppl you ain’t to be fucked with, point-blank! #realshit

  • hmmop

    ^^ i see u flexing them internet muscles, most likely your’e just as soft as drake, so iono why u frontin. but i wonder where all this soft, hardcore only shit ppl are saying about drake was when kanye was putting out that weakass 808’s and Heartbreaks shit, which was dedicated to all the bitches who dumped him. Ppl just like acting like drake is the only emotional dude in rap.

  • @hmmop, Drake & Kanye are two totally DIFFERENT artists. Kanye actually makes MUSIC! And tries not to sing evry melody on his album. “808s & Heartbreak”, really?! That album isn’t even his best nor worst music. Yet, I still dnt agree with that album’s sound & production but that’s me (amongst other ppl, too). Drake came in the game sayin’ how this hard ass rapper who nobody can fuck with. Exactly off of the song, “Forever”. Where he states, “last name ever, first name greatest”. The lil boy (aka thick eyebrows) thought it was gonna be a walk in the park for him. So fuck Drake, cuz he’s a bitch. Now, Kanye’s a producer & Hip-Hop artist slash Pop icon. Whereas Drake’s a wannabe Lil Wayne. And wishes HE can have the TIME for Nicki to brush her lips against his. It’s alwys gonna guys who has that emotional side. But, Drake brings it out through his pores & onto his shoulder. Drake’s the type of cat to wear a flamingo pink sweater and say in remembrance of snuggles. #LMAO

  • Midwestbeast

    Yea ye made 808’s, but that’s just one project. But from college dropout to negroes in Paris ye made hip hop. Basically ye made drake if anything, every drake project has been inspired from 808’s and heartbreak album. I don’t think we’ll ever hear a real hip hop album from because he is not a rapper.

  • LB

    drake not responding on wax to veterans dissing him, besides common, and then saying he got love for them makes me question his politicking especially since he riding off the steam of K.Dot et al to boost his sales. i offically lost all respect for this dude (not as if I had much).

  • The difference between them is strictly that Kanye West wasn’t talking about people subliminally or directly and Drake has done it numerous times. You can’t expect people to sit idle while you say these outlandish things, he has a mind that he’s “Made”. And Jay-Z point was completely relevant, but Jay-Z isn’t one to respond to subliminal’s and if he did be sure he gonna go back and forth.

  • Idk

    Honestly I like that fact he doesn’t respond. With most of u guys in here Drake can’t win for losing. He soft if he dont reply, and if he does, he is fake and try’n to be gangsta. Its kinda comical that everyone is dissing him, which obviously means he’s winning. Jus say’n. And why doesn’t Drake get credit for bringing up the new guys?!..J.Cole, K.Dot, ASAP. Chase N Cash, and even had Stalley open up a couple times for him. I think he should be commended for that. And lets be really honest, these rappers who are dissing are OLD..seriously..when was rapping at 34 plus considered cool??..Pusha T, Common, and Luda are OLD!!

  • TheSadTruth

    ^I was with up up until your last line. So the only people allowed to rap these days are young idiots constantly lying about where they came from, the struggles they’ve been through, and where they rep said city at? Honestly, age brings perspective and makes music better as a whole.

    (Just if it’s not clear I’m 21)

  • idk

    I hear ya on perspective, but my thing is that the OLD rappers are dissing the new guys to remain relevant. Pusha T who I am a fan of has been around for what…10yrs?..Luda around the same amount and Common has been around for 12yrs plus. I just dont see how or why they get so offended by the “new guys”??..Just comes off very bitter. I love competition, but most of the disses and subliminals seem misplaced to me

  • Mr TiBBS

    In Luda’s case didn’t drake say something first???? it’s not like Luda did a DMX. Drakes been saying him & wayne are the top two in the game, eventually someone had to correct him. logically he shouldn’t reply, for his own sake.

  • staxx

    It’s official, he’s a bitch!!!

  • 23Flavors

    This just reminds me of the the shit Jay-Z does. All Jay did was subliminally talk shit about someone and then when the person responded, Jay just would deny sending shots and the other rapper would look stupid, basically shooting themselves in the foot

  • 5280Ft. High!

    drake is a homo rapper! his genre of music cant even be pin pointed cuz he’s a singer more accurately as a pop singer.