Aaron Cohen - Up & Down (Video)

New visuals off AC's recently-released Crack mixtape.

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  • johnny

    this is really good! new wave for real!! great vision great aesthetics!
    super rad

  • Spacemanisnotreal

    cheeaaaaa the kid doin work! Inner City Kids!

  • damien

    im living for this!! go hard my lil white niggs

  • Simbe

    Dope ass shit right here! Aaron is the truth!

  • ick

    Keep it coming

  • SCohen

    This shit is dope!

  • fuckaidol

    A. Cohen Is The Truth! This Video Is Dope....ICK ALL DAY!

  • supersonicsowner


  • sleeperking

    Where'd this shit come from? God damn. So good.

  • cyn city

    real dope!

  • http://abgohard.tumblr.com Luke Wilson

    i need more dopeness

  • D.Fields

    Video is dope!

  • witney

    woa shits real

  • Kuda


  • MJay23

    The 3 heads that said nope must be smoking CRACK for real!!!! Shit is DOPE!!!!!!!

  • http://kevinshanklin.com/ SHANKAHOE

    owwwww this is dope niggaaaaa. ICK outchea.

  • shaunz

    love love love love love love

  • Justine

    Love this video!! Shit is DOPE !

  • http://austinwnewton.wordpress.com figgy

    Aaron Cohen is making some amazing cuts right now...Crack is going to be one of the top mixtapes of the year...he deserves some notice. i am a big fan of this guy.


  • http://www.facebook.com/justine.hershkowitz Justine

    Sick Video!! Aaron Cohen has got talent!!!!


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