• whateveriguess

    id only seriously take danny brown.
    and idk about MGK yet.
    and that one chick looks like kat stacks

  • whateveriguess

    oh and BTW, that dude is wearing a bear on his head.

  • bobbychalkers

    Danny Brown is on the list, thats a redeeming factor at least.

  • http://www.reupspot.com vick

    They def didn't take our votes...

  • conratron

    for the loss. lbj

  • Caribbean Killa

    lololol not even A$AP made the list..........

  • Quion

    How is there no Emilio Rojas? No Dom Kennedy? Schoolboy Q? XV? Bullshit ass list.

  • DaFaggiestOne

    Danny Brown = only one worthy in ma opinion

  • http://www.twitter.com/fr3dmartins Fred

    Stalley, anyone?
    Emilio Rojas?


  • Tested

    How the fuck can you NOT have ASAP, Emilio Rojas or Dom Kennedy?

  • brite

    Danny Brown should be ashamed of himself for associating with such human scum.

    If he wants to make himself unsuccessful he's doing a great fucking job.

  • 1dopeboy

    Well...at least there's Hopsin

  • NYC-OG

    Macklemore is DOPE. Other than that...

  • Elite

    they just became irrellavant

  • http://dubteef.com lev

    apparently asap rejected being on the cover... can you blame him?

  • Carri Mac

    this list is wack.

    where the hell is kanye west? 2pac? raekwon? nastradamus? didnt they hear "you owe me" and "youre a big girl now"?

  • RSX

    Does French Montana have a bear on his head?

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com C-section commentor

    I have literally never heard of Mackelmore until today

  • http://jayhall2502@wordpress.com JayHall

    WOW...Roscoe Dash is considered a freshman and really thought Rockie Fresh earned a spot on there. Haven't listened to Danny Brown yet so I can't even co-sign him like most ppl will.

  • Klab

    sucks xv or emilio rojas wasnt on the cover but im happy hopsins there

  • wu

    Macklemore?????? Fuck dat

  • muk

    dont kno where to start with this bullshit, maybe the list was read upside down. SMFH! STS shoulda been #1

  • VSZ


  • A black bear

    yeah im on french montana's head

  • iLLestFMF

    LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO xxl and mtv are jokes.

  • http://2dopeboyz.com FuckXXL2012

    -No A$AP? no Stalley? No Schoolboy? fck outta here with this fuckery...

  • endgame

    EMILIO ROJAS!?!?!?

  • Bullshit

    Macklmore & Danny Brown only ones worth the list. Rosco Dash? WTF? No XV, Chip, or schoolboy q? BULLSHIIIIIT!

  • facemask

    Iggy Azalea?

    lol the white bitch got the nod and Rocky didn't? Who put this fucking shit together? How much dick she have to suck to get that mention? Actually, she prolly just sucked the same dicks that everyone else on that list sucked. 3 white rappers, and 3 of the worst rappers ever to be white along with 7 other niggas that will be serving you burgers in 6 months.

    Danny & Future the only niggas with a shot on that list

  • BoomShakaLaka

    Lmfao! Kid Ink? Wtf is Mackelmore? no Action Bronson? Only thing good about this list is Danny Brown and Hopsin and hasn't Roscoe Dash been on out for a while? A$AP Rocky doesn't make the list but his girl does? that's cool lololol no Earl, STS and I'm guessing XXL hates XV's whole existence or dude rejected them this year. I swear every year they make me like the previous one better

  • omg

    lol damn what a joke... who the fuck is Macklemore?

    French Montana been around for like 4 or 5 years, hes not a freshman

    everyone else on this list sucks besides Danny Brown

  • Ace

    Even though French and Roscoe aren't Freshmen in the least bit. Agree with Danny Brown, MGK, Hopsin, French, and Iggy, that's about it.

  • F A C T

    This is why hip-hop is such a shit state.

    GET-A-GRIP !!

  • houstonz

    Macklemore is cool.

    that is all.

  • T

    I say it every year. Where the fuck is XV..?

  • thechronic92

    Danny Brown & maybe french montana are the only two that should be on there. If I had to come up with the other 8? No order: Q, Action Bronson, Stalley, A$Ap, Ab-Soul, Nitty Scott MC, Casey Veggies, & Kendrick (not really a freshman but he got snubbed last year)

  • a

    I will tolerate every other piece of shit on this list just to see Macklemore receive a respectable amount of attention he rightfully deserves.

  • Thank Me

    This is a travesty?
    Wheres ASAP, XV, Dom Kennedy, Emilio Rojas, Action Bronson ...

  • 103


  • Randy

    but at the end of the day everybody complaining about how the list is wack and xxl has no credibility will be back next year checking for the list. just like they do with mtv lists. just a bunch of complainers. shrug

  • 103

    Also no Rockie Fresh

  • Hands On The Wheel

    XXL is garbage..

  • hardy

    Irrelevant since 2011.

  • Randy

    "I say it every year. Where the fuck is XV..?"

    if you been saying this shit for years then he probably not even a freshman anymore. get a grip and move the fuck on.


    This is the Freshman List Complex Magazine would've made.

    But I think guys like Future and Danny Brown should on there, they're known and actually have buzzes.

  • dog

    Maaaaaaan that SUCKS. I don't want to be hearing about ANY of these people for the next year.

  • dmdpro5

    1.i undertstand french montana and machine gun kelly they have buzz,
    2.rascoe dash is not a freshman
    5.is future even a rapper?
    6.kid ink meh tyga 2.0 to me
    7.hopsin is ok but he wont appeal to the masses
    8.don trip really? no one has heard of him unless you go on 2dope boyz everyday

  • Duh


    Kendrick was on the list last year.

  • Stay Frosty

    I'm ok with Danny Brown but it's the Yelawolf thing all over again. He's no "freshman", he's 30. And Don Trip made the best song out of everyone on here, Letter To My Son.

  • chad

    naw 4real tho who the fuck are these niggas tho bruh?

  • Rasan

    Iggy is cool, but what about Azaelia or Nitty Scott here they go only letting on bitch in the room. The fact that she is white girl is irrelevant. They really did mess up with not including Stalley or Meek considering he is a the same level as French. By the way why does he have a bear on his head. To much to gut it and make it a coat?!

  • Duh


    Meek was on the list last year.


    I'd say Stalley, A$AP, Dom Kennedy and Action Bronson were snubbed..they actually have buzzes, they actually HAVE people wanting more and more of their music, and most importantly, they are actually good rappers/music makers...but MGK???? Hopsin?? Iggy Azelea??? Macklemore???? what has XXL become??? Next Rich Hil is gonna make the cover..

  • Hacksaw Jim Thuggin

    No XV or Action Bronson??? MAcklemore Danny Brown and Hopsin are only ones with any talent on this list!

  • hejsa

    Mackle, Brown and Hopsin cool. Rest can suck it!!

  • Juanka

    Oh btw, I voted for Macklemore.


    XXL must plan on giving A$AP his own cover..because snubbing him might be their biggest mistake ever, that kid's buzz is crazy right now.

  • CaliforniaKid

    danny brown a freshman? the dude is 31. he is really dope though, xxx is a classic in my book.

  • Vic D

    This shit is TERRIBLE! Nobody on this list has a legitimate future in the rap game. Future, MGK, Roscoe Dash, French, and Don Trip are all cool, but none should be considered "The New Class" of rappers. God XXL, this is almost worse than the first year!

  • Cameo

    Danny deserved it last year....but good shit, French I understand, donTrip fairnuff, and same with Iggy she got rap and a backend (and she Aussie).... The rest of these fuckers tho? Ieither don't know who they are or WISH I didn't

  • dre

    You niggas still taking this XXL cover shit serious? The last cover that actually mattered was the one with cudi,spitta.blu & wally.Nobody on last years or the year b4 has blew up or even dropped a album that did major numbers(Besides wiz) This xxl shit hold no weight i think they just doing this shit to have you niggas talking about their irrelevant ass magazine & its working dumbasses.

  • Iwearbras

    I'm only here for Danny & Iggy. FOH with the rest of these niggas.

    Also I think XXL is gonna apply the "Drake & Nicki" method (they weren't on the '09 cover when they were both hot) by giving A$AP his own cover, along with Schoolboy Q and just give TDE their own cover. I'm disappointed with XV, Action Bronson, Dom K (of whom i voted HARD for), and Stalley not being on tho.

  • Stephanie

    This is fucking garbage.

  • pimp

    danny brown spits like a motha fucker, iggy azaela could get fucked in the butt ,

    macklemore is a lil emo but he def has a fan base, and people that like hopsin are the same people that like drake and tech n9ne (fact)

  • http://fuckwitme.com tompetty

    funny how ppl dont know who macklemore is... and yet they call themselves hip hop heads?

    macklemore headlined his own 40city tour and sold out EVERY venue. where the fuck yall been? only thing holding him back is his beats are toy.

    "yeah im on french montana’s head"

    A black bear said this on February 28th, 2012 at 12:18 pm


    ps. fuck you shake for blocking my IP. i had to mask it so i can comment at work! haha really tho im suprised you filter the news like yall do.


    yup, XXL is officially whitewashed...

    this? this is the future of HIP HOP music?? Really?? Aw man, this is worse than the Young Money Swag Odd Future crap from yesteryear

  • GBIZ

    this is the worst freshmen class of all time...not because I don't like any of the artists in the class bc I do, I'm a big fan of Macklemore's, I enjoyed the EP w/ Danny Brown & Black Milk and I think Don Trip has potential especially after Letter to My Son but come on, Future, Kid Ink, French Montana, Machine Gun Kelly, Hopsin, Iggy Azalea (WHO?!?) and Roscoe Dash? I used to enjoy the XXL Freshmen Class mixtapes, 2010 and 2011 were littered with some of the best MC's in the game right now (J. Cole, Wiz, Fashawn, Mac, Kendrick etc.) but this shit? If XXL thinks this is what we have to look forward to in 2012 then they clearly must not have the same respect for hip hop that they used to have...guess I'm also not looking forward to the mixtape they're gonna put out either cuz I don't wanna hear French Montana yappin about how he "does it Frenchy style, he let's the money pile"...SMDH

  • Danny

    Macklemore is the most deserving candidate on this list.

  • Cameo

    Action Bronson (fa SURE), Schoolboy Q (YUUURP!), Stalley, DomK, MrMuthafuckinExsquire and A$AP shoulda been on it to make it legit (tho I suspect Rocky's got his ow cover comin soon therefore turned it down.....XXL keeps fuckin these things up tho,

  • F.Dot

    @ Dre "Nobody on last years or the year b4 has blew up or even dropped a album that did major numbers(Besides wiz)...."

    You must forgot J.Cole and Big Sean (no major #s but still big) was on the '10 list

  • Shottaz420

    Terrible Terrible Terrible!!!! Action Bronson? Schoolboy Q? eXquire? What is this trash!? Seriously disgusted by the patheticness of this list. Yes, patheticness.


    I should've known a internet voting poll would have turned out like this..some of the biggest suburban kid mascots are on here..thats not rap for EVERYBODY lol..Only one type of person likes Macklemore, MGK, Iggy Azelalia, and Hopsin lol

  • Ermac

    Everybody on this lists fuckin sucks donkey balls except Danny Brown and Hopsin those dude have a future everybody else is lame as shit I lost all respect for listing Roscoe Dash wack ass

  • Wiff!

    never have i felt so disconnected to my culture.

  • beefitswhatsfordinner

    danny brown is fuggin gay.
    the only two on the list worth anything are macklemore and hopsin.
    all others blow. especially danny brown and mgk


    Future = nationwide buzz
    French = NY buzz
    Danny = internet druggie buzz
    Don Trip = south buzz

    the rest of them = suburban buzz
    had no clue XXL was catering to kids from cul-de-sacs and skateparks.

  • franko

    They could have had a legit list. Emilio Rojas, Dom Kennedy, Action Bronson, XV, Schoolboy Q, ASAP Rocky, etc....but no.

  • Teddy

    And I thought last years list was bad.

  • HA

    HA I didnt expect anything more from XXL, nothing but trash on this list. No XV no Jon Connor no schoolboy Q. What a joke

  • QuitTheCult

    Action Bronson>>>

  • Flawed Nursery Rhymes

    Cant wait to read the "What happened to ringtone rap?" article, should be dope.

  • Looking Like A Louie V Mannequin

    I can't believe this shit, I just see a bunch of no name artist. I know that this cover is suppose to open doors for up and coming artist but this shit is unacceptable. No XV or DEE-1? How the fuck is this a hip hop cover and you have a bunch of mainstream artist who have hood anthems and party songs? I'm lost and this years list with the exception of about 3 is a joke.


    Roscoe Dash is a hook man, but he hasn't had a nationwide hit since "No Hands"..cmon XXL, reaching smh..

    plenty of talented, ACTIVE, BUZZING rappers to put on this cover, but no, you chose Hopsin, Iggy Azeeka or whatever, and MGK????? lol welp R.I.P. to the former great "hip hop" magazine

  • Dutchboi

    XV, Jong Connor, Schooboy Q, A$Ap eocky, Emilion Rojas??????

  • Tiiz

    Shake it woulda saved a lot of time if you noted that A$AP declined but whatever. Your blog.

  • Swagmanchriss

    Niggaz don't even read magazines anymore.
    This what Tyler The creator the friend of 2dopeboyz said on twitter.

    anyways Iggy azalaea the only chick id be interested in. She can rap and damn she look good.


  • Earl100

    WOW NO XV?

  • Swagmanchriss




  • D2454

    how come MAHD isn't on the list??? WTF


    lol it's like XXL wants hip hop to be wack..the freshman list is the biggest promo a new rapper can really get right now, yet half of these acts they chose are not worthy of even being considered "hip hop"..lol hybrid ass fake trap wigger ass emo ass shit.

  • MGETEM789


  • Swagmanchriss




  • Edwin

    Macklemore is the only one who I accept to be on this list.

  • solking10

    What the hell is a macklemore?

  • http://www.thedharmaofdope.com Grizz

    @Wiff! Exactly. This shows just how out of touch the mainstream industry is with Hip Hop. I'm actually genuinely surprised at the lack of A$AP and ScHoolboy Q, those guys have been mad getting mad buzz this year.

  • snoopy

    Swagmanchriss is actually Tyler The Creator...he said on twitter earlier he was gonna come on here wit a fake name talkin shit

  • k dot

    XV should have been on that bullshit ass list. That nigga deserves it more than all them up there. Only nigga music i fuck with up there is Don Trip and a little Hopsin. But other than that come the fuck on this shit is just ass ass ass. Also French Montana is a fucking clown, nigga look like a damn fool on that cover smdh...

  • Swagmanchriss

    Swag me out, young nigga talking clean young rich nigga talkin clean nigguhhhhhhhhh
    hey Shake you found ya real mother yet?
    MARCH 20TH

  • Swagmanchriss

    Hopsin a wack nigga that like soup yo.
    Tamika tricked him talm bout she was finna buy him ice cream too!
    lmao this nigga wack b

  • Jamal

    Emilio Rojas need to be on this stupid ass list.

  • k dot

    @Swagmanchriss if thats really you tyler, i hope you know no normal nigga is checking for ya bullshit ass mixtape lol.


    XXL Freshman Lists staff makin final touches to list:

    "okay we need whoever teenagers seem to like, black and white.. we need some 'trappers', some 'rebellious skateboarding moshers', oh a lil deranged druggie emoness in there, and let's not forgot the autotune behemoths.."

    "oop almost forgot the white chick!"
    "yes, the white chick, we've done it, perfect list for the future of Hip Hop music"...

  • Mike

    I haven't even listened to many of these artists, so I'm gonna listen before I make a judgment. However, judging by general reactions I've seen this list is pretty wack.

  • swag

    schoolboy q called hopsin wack on twitter before hnc dropped fuck all these niggas bruh.

  • http://twitter.com/Feed_Your_Ears proDREWcer

    "Fuck XXL you're a size too small
    I should hire Eminem so we can kill you all"
    They got it right w/ Macklemore, but passed on too many others!

  • HopsinFan

    @swag so because q doesnt fuck with hopssin that means you dont either ? get off Q's dick faggot and get a mind of your own.


    lol ayo, 2dope should post all of the odd future music under RaOF.

  • egyle

    lol @ 99 % of all comments here. you mad as hell.

  • broaderview

    I do not understand how Emilio Rojas and Schoolboy Q are not on this

  • Reez

    How is frenchie a freshman? this list is garbage XXL

  • Yooo

    U guys are fuck faces here. This ppl got signed and got
    Bigger buzz then ur favorite rappers. Eat a dick fuck boys why u care about ur rapper so much faggots. You guys call everyone else
    Haters if they say something bad about ur favorite rappers but look at u hating on ppl getting some shine. Smh

  • IslandKid

    they clearly pay for freshmen slots now.. roscoe dash?!? he hit his peak in 09, how can he make it in the 2012 list?

    french montana does he even have a solid fan base?? like real talks has he even dropped a tape or anything this year im curious to know... 3k followers on twitter WOW his buzz is through the roof!


    lol then there's always that one guy who's all like "dude why are you hating, your fasvorite rappers suck, u mad" ass nigga..hopsin fan ass niggas..defending Machine Gun Kelly ass niggas lol..aw man what an outrage.

  • bringbackrealhiphop

    im sick of people saying "who the fuck is macklemore" ... if you don't know who he is then clearly you are listening to some shitty, no-soul hip hop. macklemores been in the game for 12 years tearing up the underground conscience scene. stop listening to dumb-it-down artists and learn something from macklemore. good day.

    also, hopsin is sick in my opinion. you can't hate on him because the guy clearly has skills on the mic. really those two were the only ones i wanted to comment on. aight, peace.

  • Swagmanchriss



  • stuyvesant

    Iggy Azalea is a disgrace to Oz hip hop, she talks like she's american


    When does the real cover with Emilio Rojas, Schoolboy Q, Action Bronson, Chevy Woods, ASAP Rocky, Cassie Veggies, XV, Dom Kennedy, Hopsin (he can stay), and Childish Gambino drop???

  • swag

    No kreayshawn? lolololol

  • Allday

    This list HAS to be a joke. The nominees werent good as it was, and then they leave out Los & XV??!?! Id be embarrassed to work at xxl

  • Jazzmatazz

    I mean this is beyond sad. A Hip-Hop publication that was once the Holy Bible of Hip-Hop (along with The Source) has totally sold out to phony gimmicks and non substantive journalism in hopes for "buzz". Danny Brown is the ONLY dope LYRICIST on this list. Iggy got bars ..She cool..French is cool. But HOPSIN? ROSCOE DASH? KID INK? FUTURE? And Who TF is Macklemore? Get out of here...I actually defended last years list but this is ABSOLUTELY unacceptable. MGK? ..Come on man... Yelawolf punked this dude so hard. Smh ...I mean damn...At least we still have Complex as a credible Hip-Hop publication.

  • fuckedwin

    fuck you @Edwin

  • Flip

    1.French montana
    3.Roscoe Dash
    4.Don Trip
    5.kid ink
    7. Who the fuck is the rest of these niggas....Seriously

    Number 1...Where ASAP ROCKY.....He's suppose to be the star of this class

    Number 2...No Xv or DOM

    Number 3... Not one listens to Action fat bastard but 2dopboyz

    Number 4...Where Smoke dza or Sir micheal

    Number 5...Worst xxl in a minute...only two blowing up is frenchy and future

  • Dialekt

    Man this list is a fucking joke more and more every year... No XV? No ASAP? No Schoolboy? No Dom? MGK, Macklemore, and Danny Brown are the only ones I can even begin to fuck with on this list...

  • k dot

    @Jazzmatazz you lost me when you said French is cool, GTFO ! That nigga is beyond ass and only people who like his shit are max b dick riders.


    Shoolboy Q?

    Truly Disappointed


  • 38


  • Jazzmatazz

    I mean i aint saying he just (Hashtag) Barz On Barz On Barz..Im just saying he got a few cool lil tracks.


    god damn worse list ever i understand french montana,danny brown, and future and i knew mgk would b on their but c mon hopsin? wtf the guy who famous for dissin tyler GAY!

  • iLLSmith

    How the fuck did they leave off Mahd?!?!

  • MiamiBoi

    NO MAHD???

  • trufisback

    what da fuck is a macklemore? iggy azalea? WTF...never ever hearda dem! only legit dudes r hopsin, danny brown, m.g.k. and maybe don trip. and i ain't even fuckin wit none of dem cept for my man brown! where schoolboy q at, what about stalley, dom kennedy, smoke dza, a$ap, action bronson... FUCK XXL.

  • Ellz

    No A$AP??? No MAHD??? No SCHOOLBOY??? They're trippin this year. Like foreal.

  • D3F14NT

    what the fuck....... Danny Brown and Macklemore are the only niggas i fuck with outta the 2012 freshmen. smfh

  • brite

    "macklemores been in the game for 12 yearS"


  • SillyWabbit

    Fuck XXL dawg, salute to MGK, Danny, Rosco and Future but no SchoolBoy, ASAP or MAHD?!?? Hell is going on?

  • Caliblood

    You have Roscoe Dash but no Mahd somebody is getting a paycheck

  • kd

    my nigga Mr. Don Trip...yall sleeping if you dont fuck with trip.
    Danny Brown and Trip...fuck the rest of em

  • Jb @ it again

    Fuck XXL as a staff and a magazine and if your Rollin with XXL fuck you too! No MAhD, ASAP, XV or schoolboy

  • nono

    How is Emilio Rojas not on this bitch?

  • http://bestdressednerd.blogspot.com ace boogie

    im pretty sure people make these lists bad on purpose now just to keep people talking. at least the homie danny made it. Detroit wat!!!

  • Hollywood

    I believe Dom was on the list 2 years ago when Cole was on it.

  • klutch

    STALLEY??? DZA??? BRONSON!!?? STS??? XV!!!!!?? SCHOOLBOY????!!!!!! A$ap said fuck that shit too haha serves those bitches right.

  • timmy2timez

    the fuck is MAHD?

  • BT

    I just can't wait to hear the freestyles from this shit, might make Waka's a few years back sound good.

  • JAyP

    XXL succeeded in what they wanted to do have people mad and at a uproar about the list!

    It's basically what @ Dre said I know everyone that voted did not pick these people maybe (Danny Brown, Macklemore, Future, MGK, & French) but the rest you know they chose to stir up controversy & attention to their magazine good or bad attention XXL Magazine Freshman list is on every comment!

    XXL - 1
    Us - 0

    Maybe we should start supporting a up & coming Hip Hop/ Rap mag that stays true & support their list!

  • yamomma

    macklemore is seriously a faggot tho

  • (l,k)

    cosign only hopsin, dont understand people hating on his selection but everyone else is just pathetic

  • Xavi

    Mahd been killin the midwest, how the hell XXL pass him up?? S/O to Danny tho

  • waiku

    Shitty ass list. No Los, no XV, no Emilio Rojas, no Dom Kennedy, no CREDIBILITY.

  • xxxl

    who the fuck is dontrip? iggy? kid ink is wack as fuck! macklemore & danny brown>>>

  • davymaivia

    No Jon Connor, Schoolboy, Los, A$AP??! Idk what's worse, this or the Mtv "Hottest Emcees" list. Pure fuckery at it's finest.

  • Nixon

    2009 xxl freshmen were the best ones the rest are all wack ass fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cali760

    A$AP declined being on the cover

  • defizit

    i saw mackelmore live in berekely about 3 years ago and didn't have a clue who he was. i've never felt so alienated from hip hop culture in my entire life - whole crowd was feelin him except me. eh, to each his own.

  • k3

    FUCK ASAP. Cheers for hopin and MGK thou

  • btsallday

    all yall niggas sayin asap: first he wack and second in an interview he said he denied the cover

  • war22

    80% of this list is str8...like Hopsin,MGK,Don Trip,Danny Brown and Macklemore...them dudes can spit...and for the record ...ASAP TURNED DOWN XXL cuz he was busy at the time...what i wanna know is what the hell is French Montana,Future and Roscoe doing in that list ??stop bitchin about it cuz this year list made up for last year Lil B,Mac Miller and Lil Twist

  • bladaoh

    Roscoe Dash, Danny Brown and French Montana are not freshman. The only dudes I'm happy to see on the cover is hopsin and danny brown. the rest suck ass. this list is terrible how the fuck was action bronson, jon connor, asap rocky, schoolboy q not put on? i mean who the fuck is iggy ixawhatever?

  • https://twitter.com/#!/seanryansheldon SeanSheldon

    The list gets worse every year. Obviously XXL doesn't take into account what blog sites have to say. End of Story.
    My List - No order -
    ASAP Rocky
    SchoolBoy Q
    Action Bronson
    Rockie Fresh
    Gilbere Forte
    Dom Kennedy
    Boldy James
    Trademark Da Skydiver

  • james dean

    Macklemore? All about that, cause that guy is crazy good.. Whenever he and Ryan Lewis do a record it's amazing

  • hurtniiga

    who is MAhD everyone keeps mentioning

  • B-MAN

    This is quite possibly the worst list I have ever seen. MTV and XXL are a joke.

  • TrillaTrilla

    @SeanSheldon CO MOTHERFUCKIN SIGN! A$AP wouldnt have declined the offer to be on the cover if that were to be the list....

  • Justin

    I agree with Danny Brown and Hopsin. But wtf is Future and Kid Ink doing on here, let alone all the others. Here's my 10. (no order)

    Danny Brown
    Dom Kennedy
    Action Bronson
    Maffew Ragazino
    Schoolboy Q
    Emelio Rojas
    Tito Lopez

  • Evan292

    how are people upset over Macklemore? He is clearly the best one on here

  • Ripp

    A$ap, Smoke DZA, Shoolboy Q, and Dom all declined the offer to be on the list and those are just the ones we know of right now.

  • Trill O’Reilly

    *waits for a dumbass Kendrick Lamar dickrider to ask why he's not on the list this year even though he was on teh list last year*

  • fuck this shit

    my list - taylor hall, jeff skinner, tyler seguin, ryan nugent-hopkins, cam fowler, erik karlsson, john tavares, sean couturier, steven stamkos, gabriel landeskog

  • JT

    Chip tha ripper? XV? Schoolboy Q? A$AP rocky? List is bogus..macklemore is dope tho

  • fair

    woow this list is a fucking joke....who do they hire at xxl prepubescent boy whp dont know a thing bout hip-hop....danny brown and mackelmore are the only 2 worth a shit and even they wouldnt make my list...remember when xxl use to be the bible for hip hop...how sad it is that this is what its evovled to smdh

  • fuck this shit

    my list continued - buster posey, michael pineda, jesus montero, stephen strasburg, craig kimbrel, freddie freeman,jeremy hellickson, mark trumbo, eric hosmer, jason heyward

  • JustTuurible

    Awful awful awful list........ I feel like i'm taking CRAZY PILLS or something. Danny Brown earned his spot.

  • internet rap critic

    Action Bronson omission is really absurd: ridic talent, legit buzz, and he's you know, actually like a freshman and shit?

    I'm happy they included Future though, OJ Da Juiceman needs some competition for the title of 'BY FAR THE WORST FRESHMEN EVER AND TRUE EMBARRASSMENT TO THE CULTURE OF HIP-HOP MUSIC'

  • dre

    Who Gives A Fuck XXL Died After 2009 Edition.No List Will Ever Compare To: Asher Roth, Charles Hamilton, B.o.B, Kid Cudi, Blu, Wale, Cory Gunz, Ace Hood, Currensy, Mickey Factz. RIP XXL


  • Shottaz420


  • http://ratherunique210.tumblr.com RU210

    This shit is GARBAGE!

    Danny Brown>>>>> everyone else on that bullshit cover except Macklemore cuz I haven't really heard his shit...

  • ThisIsLA

    This that bullshit ima leave it at that

  • cmonson

    @fuck this shit... come on bro heyward was a rookie like 2 years ago

  • http://www.thebossboard.com Snake Eyez


    that is all.

  • kfsfsfsfsfsf

    Macklemore and Hopsin are a deff....why the fuck is roscoe dash on there

  • yourmomdsbf

    i heard asap declined

  • realbig304

    i'm a huge danny brown fan, i like Kid Ink, Macklemore, and MGK but everyone else? WHAT THE FUCK

  • fuck these lists

    Danny Brown and Macklemore are the best picks on the list, and neither of them is a ``freshman``
    Also where the fuck is bronson, schoolboy, asap, casey veggies...the list goes on

  • johan

    @fuck this shit I'm down wit Pineda cuz he's on my yanks now but he was a rookie last year...this year gonna b real weak wit the rookies besides jesus montero who my yanks gave up to get pineda but we needed pitching so itll work out in our favor...back to hip hop, this list is garbage, macklemore, don trip and danny brown the only ones i cosign, every1 else suck dick and won't get more buzz than this xxl issue

  • Caff

    this is the worst list they could have possibly made.. Dom Kennedy, A$AP Rocky, Rockie Fresh, Schoolboy Q, Casey Veggies. smh...

  • Sualel

    ummmmmmm how about Chevy Woods???!!!!! o_O, Stalley.....

  • http://zdopeboyz.com mic capes

    who the fk gave them the go to release this bullshit????????smh somebody actually gave this the greenlight to get published lmao

  • http://mediblog.tumblr.com/ RxMeDi

    For a magazine that is about Hip Hop they really fell way off on this one.
    The Real Freshmen List:
    Schoolboy Q, A$AP Rocky, Rapsody, Smoke DZA, Action Bronson, Chevy Woods, French Montana, Cassie Veggies, Dom Kennedy, and Childish Gambino.
    XXL need to step there game up stop slacking.

  • TE

    This is a joke right? RIGHT?!

  • BoxMade

    People actually voted this year thats why its like that. XXL didnt chose, the fans voted. I voted for Don Trip because he promoted it on his twitter. I'm guessing all these other unknown artist blasted it to everybody they knew and spam there way onto the cover! smh...

  • red

    This list is hilarious

  • therealslimmyg

    xxl just turned into a joke

  • twogunsup

    STALLEY STALLEY STALLEY!!!!! Bronson Bronson Bronsolini!!!

  • http://www.istandariseascreation.webs.com Phillykillabee82

    I don't give a shit who they have on the cover as long as it's any artist who are better than those YMCMB clowns, Lil' Wayne, Gucci MAne, Drake or Nicki Minaj! I rather see Timeless Truth, Torae, Rapsody, Action Bronson, Shaz Illyork, Maffew Ragazino, Greg P.O.R.N., Meyhem Lauren, Truck North, Chill Moody etc. You get where i am going with this....Anyway, I am siked about Danny Brown though. I need to hear what this Macklemore fella is all about. I do agree about XV, But i think he made "The Freshman List" one year. I am not sure about everybody else, But like i said i rather see other artists not named Gucci Mane, Lil' Wayne, Drake or Nicki Minaj. All is well with XXL!!!!

  • http://www.istandariseascreation.webs.com Phillykillabee82

    I don’t give a shit who they have on the cover as long as it’s any artist who are better than those YMCMB clowns, Lil’ Wayne, Gucci MAne, Drake or Nicki Minaj! I rather see Timeless Truth, Torae, Rapsody, Action Bronson, Shaz Illyork, Maffew Ragazino, Greg P.O.R.N., Meyhem Lauren, Truck North, Chill Moody etc. You get where i am going with this….Anyway, I am siked about Danny Brown though. I need to hear what this Macklemore fella is all about. French Montana gets a nod from me and that is crazy that A$AP Rocky didn't make the cover either. I do agree about XV, But i think he made “The Freshman List” one year. I am not sure about everybody else, But like i said i rather see other artists not named Gucci Mane, Lil’ Wayne, Drake or Nicki Minaj. All is well with XXL!!!!

  • baltazar

    Macklemore by miles is the best artists on the list (although he is not a freshman he deserves the publicity - although he doesnt really need it anymore)

    Hospin and Danny Brown are fine too

  • GM90043

    Phil Ade, Schoolboy Q, Dom, etc. I've lost all respect for this yearly list.

  • who cares

    Only dope people on this list are Macklemore and Hopsin

  • Marty McFly

    Jay Z should have been on this list...

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^^ No not Jay-Z but ill put the whole JAMLA roster over any other rappers on this list.

  • Dicky Magee

    NO KENDRICK!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!? 1?!????!?!???????
    ! Why isn't kendrick on this list again??? He should be here again like last year, and the issue after that.... what the heck man??????

    I am so pissed off right now...

  • B Trill

    Shit list

  • Rubin

    Childish Gambino
    Moe Green
    Vic Mensa
    Blake Allee
    Rockwell Knuckles
    Nacho Picasso


  • Sir Escobar

    Macklemore, Hopsin, MGK, and Danny Brown are the only redeeming factors of this list. No XV (his FOURTH time being snubbed from the list, epsically after being on his grind all of 2011), no ASAP (not even a fan like that but niggas been on his grind),Casey Veggies, or Phil Ade, like really? XXL has lost my respect.

  • 3

    No 2Chainz

    stupid as fuck, he's blowing up bigger than any of these assdykes.

  • The Mighty Have Fallen

    i had no idea who this chick iggy was so i looked her up... first song i came across was 'you ain't my daddy'. let's just say that was either a bad song to base her talent off of or this bitch has got to be the female version of lil b the based god. they ignored schoolboy, emilio, xv, dom, childish gambino, action bronson, dza... the only good people on this list are macklemore and danny brown, but they've both been around for too long to be considered freshman. this list is almost as whack as mtv. a$ap rocky requested not to be on this list cuz he knew how much of a fraud it was

  • Andre.

    I only approve of Macklemore and Danny Brown, but their buzz happened a long time ago AT THE SAME DAMN TIME.

  • Brendan

    Hopsin. Kid Ink. MGK. Future. This year is a joke...'09 was their best class for sure.

  • JT


    SMH these are gettin worse just like MTV bullshit "top MCs list"

    Danny Brown & MGK. Might check out Don Trip and Kid Ink tho...

  • turftalka


    Are you guys fuckin serious. Every year we go through the same shit. "This is the worst freshmen group ever. Why is Lil B on here? Why is OJ Da Juiceman not on here? Why isn't XV on here?"

    If you're still asking that question you completely missed the point. This isn't just a list filled with the people YOU like, it's for everyone. Some artist might not be widely known (like Blu or Crooked I) but others might become successful (like J. Cole, Big Sean, Wale, Wiz Khalifa, Lupe Fiasco, Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller, Big K.R.I.T. & even Lil B). You guys keep forgetting that the staff at XXL aren't just an underground hip hop magazine, they are appealing to all kinds of hip hop fans from casual to hardcore. And some artist might blow up on a larger scale after they appear on the cover.
    I'm willing to bet money that next year you'll hate that list too and call THAT one the worst.

  • Master Lee

    Where is XV, Stalley, Omen, Action Bronson and Childish Gambino? XXL gets and epic fail for this list.

  • iFloss

    No fuggin neako!? Fuck outta here, he doesn't need the mag his buzz is coming up strong

    A$AP got paid 3m to sign a deal I don't think he gives a fuck

    No chip? That's just straight bullshit he's been grinding for too long

    And School Boy Q smh that hands on the wheel track alone is enough to get em on the list

    XXL ain't shit anymore, I don't even wanna make the cover anymore

  • Master Lee

    Where is Dom Kennedy? I forgot to mention Dom earlier. This list is garbage.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    I agree
    French Montana
    Danny Brown
    Don Trip
    even Roscoe Dash

    I add:
    Action Bronson
    Casey Veggies
    A$ap Rocky
    Dom Kennedy

    Freshmen 2nd cover:
    All Odd Future (Tyler, Earl, Hodgy, Domo...)

  • DaTruth

    Why are faggots repeating names of artists that are 1) already successful on being on the list in past years or 2) refused to be on said list? I would hate to be such an ignorant nigger like most of you dumb faggots are.

  • Grimzz

    This is probably the worst list i've ever seen...ever

  • efalk

    French Montana and Roscoe Dash arent freshman. Future is fucking awful. And who in the fuck are macklemore and don trip?? WORST-LIST-EVER

  • CJ

    Asap Rocky? Schoolboy Q? Dom Kennedy? Jon Connor? Vic Mensa? Rockie Fresh? Casey Veggies? Action Bronson? Childish Gambino?
    This is by far the weakest XXL Freshman list... the sad thing is that it could have been dope. So are they blind, deaf, or both?!

  • kingkicks23

    XXL Freshman List is officially played out!

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com excalibur

    Fuck ASAP rocky. Wack rapper making wack played out shit. Where the fuck are Scienze and School boy Q though?

  • hatersgonhate

    I hated on the list at first but then i gave a couple of the people a listen. There is some potential in this list. like every year some of them they get some of them miss, even in my opinion the best year 2009 - only about 5 artists off that list are still relevant

    Don Trip is retardedly dope
    Hopsin - aight tries to push the envelope like a black eminem with gimicky contact lenses
    macklemore wack
    MGK - for kids
    kid ink been making some noise so wtv can't hate
    - future -- lol tony montana
    french montana - wtv he is what he is
    Danny Brown always gonna dope
    and Iggy, wtv ppl gonna hate cuz she's a girl but wtv they could have done a shit load worse and when shes really spitting and off that pop shit she reminds me of a white lil kim

    they did miss some people but i can see why they didnt put them up, Def should have put up Mr mothafucka

    and ppl stop saying Vizzy, im tired of hearing him rap about not making the list his time has past get over it

    respect to XXL they atleast did a much better job MTV who still believes its 2010

  • B. Emerson 909


  • Underground Gorilla

    1. The comments on here are hella funny.
    2. Alot of other ppl turned this cover down cause they feel it's a bad look( Chip tha Ripper, ASAP).
    -And in all honesty, they are smart for doing it. If you need to get on a XXL for people to know who you are, you probably making average or below music, or you just can't get buzz on your own. -People that really need to be on this list are guys like MGK, and Future who to my knowledge are relatively new to the mainstream.
    3. WHO THE F#@% is MACKLEMORE? I check hella underground and mainstream hip-hop blogs all the time. NEVER HEARD OF THIS GUY...
    * Goes to check out Macklemore's music* Really? This is what people are getting so pumped up for? Lyric's average, flow is non-existant, etc. Only good thing about this guy is that his subject is pretty cool.
    4. Man, a lot of these guys that's startin to come out are old as hell. Like 30's and above. Danny, this mackle guy, Childish.... I'ma bout to call my uncle, he's 43. He still has a chance......

  • D.Myers

    I used to be hyped for these freshman list...but this is weak as fuck. How is Roscoe Dash even a freshman? There's no way this is the list we voted for on the website.


    I GIVE DIS LIST A 7.3/10.

  • yugang

    Everyone (except brown and hopsin) is garbage on the list. This is officially the worst freshmen class that i have ever seen! even worst than last years and that was terrible (with the exception of kendrick and big krit of course). This list could have been better if schoolboy q (how the fuck hes not on here is beyond me), action bronson (same with q, its beyond me why he didnt make it) and stalley made the list but no, its only about 2 good rappers, the rest are ass and even worse than the suckish artist of 2011 freshmen smh

  • JB

    being a freshman to hip-hop has nothing to do with your age.

    just because you haven't heard of someone in no way means they don't deserve to be on the list... it's a freshman list, that's the point.

    Stop complaining about your favorite rapper not being on here. Most likely he didn't want to be.




  • SeanSky

    Now I know why all these artists turn this shit down, XXL has gotten weaker every year...

  • smittys

    You dude should be ashamed to be getting butt hurt off XXL and MTV's respective lists. We have all know for years they are just bs list created to get people's attention.

    Also you people make me laugh complaining about the people on this list and then saying that Future is a respectable choice. The man's is known only for the Racks on Racks hand dance and having one of the worst hooks of all time in Tony Montana. Fuck outta here with that.

  • Tristan T.

    Ok lets think here you dont just hae one area of music so you cant just speak on who you know... granted people may not have heard of some names its a chance to either give artist a push or further the move that they already making. Artist like Don Trip, Hopsin, MGK, Future, French, and Rosco Dash have already been exposed to the mainstream in some kind of ways so now they are getting a bigger national push Danny Brown & Kid Ink I recently heard of before this list and they have great potential for a mainstream push... after listening to Iggy shes kinda dope i can listen to her the only thing that doesnt fit is Macklamore... but it might be some who like him so i cant knock him... so all the extra talk about this person shoulda been on that person shoulda been on dont need the freshman list because your already giving them buzz and apparently they have a strong fanbase already...

  • King_Sky

    @Hatersgonehate XV does deserve to be on this list. Getting snuffed from the list 4 times, with people that honestly shouldn't on list beating him out (really, OJ DA Juiceman, Lil B, and now Roscoe Dash and Future -_-) is just pure and utter BS.. And besides, the last time he rapped about not being on the list was on 30 Minute Layover which was released like 3 years ago

    On a side note. List is bad. It has some dope niggas, but there are honestly better people. Macklemore, MGK (somewhat), Danny Brown, and Hopsin deserve to be on that list.

  • MrDaveyG

    i don't get how people don't like macklemore? can't there be diversity in hip hop? or does everyone wanna hear about OTHER people making money, and fuckin bitches...that shits so played out god damn. as for the others on the list, F.U.C.K. all that. Danny Browns my dude tho

  • Timothy Campbell

    No A.$.A.P., Action Bronson, Kid Daytona, Earl Sweatshirt... A bunch of fucking MEATBALLS are on this list! 'Cept Danny Brown & Montana... Hopsin is fucking TRAAAASH!!!

  • http://twitter.com/aboynamedandy aboynamedandy

    Leave us with Danny Brown and Don Trip. Throw out the rest.

  • http://kanyewest.com Kanye East

    Wheres A$AP? No Schoolboy Q either. This class is a bad one. Except for Danny Brown and Machine Gun Kelly.

  • 5 Ft. Deep

    Danny Brown

  • AJje

    The XXL list is exactly what happens when record labels sponsor and push their artists to the front page. The first XXL list was golden. Nearly every MC was credible and was really putting in quality work. Out of this group only Macklemore has lyricist credibility. The rest? You really have to question how they even made it here.

  • merkone

    Who shoulda been on the cover....

  • Vick

    Macklemore and Don Trip do deserve to be here. I don't even think Macklemore is signed and Don Trip is just dope. Most of the people you're complaining about said no anyway...

  • gwb

    ALL TOGETHER NOWWWW....FUCK THE INDUSTRY!!!! If u care what they think ur killing hip-hp also!

  • Dead

    *DEAD* at these comments.....and the list...

  • HK

    Last Serious Freshmen crew? 2010 (minus OJ (gotta please the ice eaters right?)).
    Last Freshmen crew that actually blew up and made some money? 2009 (minus the dude that gets beat by his girl (Hedgehog)).

    All successive classes we already know no one takes seriously. You just pick it up at 7 eleven when you're on a condom run and chuckle to yourself that they actually got two dudes on there that you like.

    *Seriously, who has never heard of Macklemore?


    ***Get help

  • HK

    Its a good thing A$sap's on every other post. I might have forgotten that he got snubbed/ declined the list by the time I had gotten to the bottom.

  • thekidcuba

    XV doesn't need this whack cover for people to know him. Let the real squarians keep on listening while most of society who are too slow to even understand XV's metaphors to go jump off a bridge while listening to French Montana.

  • And Won

    They shoulda just not done one this year.

  • And Won

    Macklemore ain't a freshman, isn't the type of rapper you put on a list like this one, plus, he's the only good one. Runner-up goes to Danny Brown. Rest are laughable.

  • timm2014

    Quion said it best, No Emilio Rojas, Dom Kennedy, Schoolboy Q or XV. Bullshit ass list

  • And Won

    Remember Lil Twist or w.e. the eff that dude's name was?....I don't.

  • JR

    Sadly, this exemplifies the state of commercial hip-hop and its journalism. That list, as well as that cover, is fucking embarrassing.

  • Bjanswers

    I remember when these actually mattered like back in '09 and '10...

  • whiskey neat

    "Why nobody wanna admit they like me just a lil bit? Won't be on the Freshmen List. Guess I'll just keep spittin' shit..." - CG

  • swagwoop


  • the truth

    weakest class yet...but your suggestions of stalley, q, cg etc all suck to. roscoe is good for hooks and i fucks with macklemore a lil but the rest are garbo including that danny brown and his gimmick faggotry

  • Cubano

    Aint no list if action bronson, chuuwee, or rasheed chappel arent on it. Also schoolboy q



  • P O’d

    Glad to see Hopsin make it. That shocks me. However...where the fuck is XV, and who the fuck is Macklemore? -_-

  • dremayer

    Glad Macklemore got on there.....he deserves it rhymes better then most of the names people are throwing up....if you don't know who mackle more is educate your ass before talking....2ndly disappointed XV didn't make it but he ain't the first dope mc to miss a list if u know what i mean

  • http://AtariMonroe.com monroe

    The whole point of this is to get exposure. which is why danny brown, Iggy and Macklemore are great pics cuz they have more talent then buzz. Future, roscoe, MGK, and French montana have a big enough buzz that they shouldnt be on here. this is supposed to introduce u to new artists. Not ones that we know. smh

  • HouseOfStark

    I can see Future , Kid Ink and Don Trip but I think the list as a whole is irrelevant. I'm just getting into Emilio Rojas but He has a significant following . Ab soul and School boy Q have been making moves. Asap Rocky revitalize the new york rap movement. this list doesn't capture the pulse of the underground/blog scene at all. I don't think they counted the votes. I've not even familiar with the majority of this class.

  • Cupcakesss

    Nobody on last years or the year b4 has blew up or even dropped a album that did major numbers(Besides wiz) This xxl shit hold no weight i think they just doing this shit to have you niggas talking about their irrelevant ass magazine & its working dumbasses.
    dre said this on February 28th, 2012 at 12:36 pm

    j.cole and big sean are doing alright right now, album sales were alright
    meek mill caught a good buzz and did like 174k or something
    and mac miller has a crazy buzz right now and he did like 150k first week
    with that being said .. XXL SUCKS and their lists are irrelevant lmao

  • Dub.

    i never seen this many comments on this site in my life lol but keep em up though they fucking funny as hell and yes xxl fails again

  • marty mcfly

    XXL is still a dope magazine but they should realize by now that ten different dope rappers dont come out every year or even every two years. Ten average rappers come out every month but someone who is actually dope only comes out every once in a while.

  • MH

    @merkone you idiot freddie gibbs has already been xxl freshmen in 2010..SMH

  • MH

    and fred da godson

  • Haters

    FUTURE IS THAT NIGGA!!! KID INK TOO! quit whining about ASAP and all them... just because they are heavily promoted doesn't mean its good music.

  • sirmerckalot

    all the people saying who is macklemore? you're dumb. check him out he's the best rapper on the list. but i don't think he a freshman. overall very very weak selection though.

  • KillThemAll

    vrey weak selection indeed. look at the previous covers and how the artists have changeddddd...man. last year kendrick with section 80. this year roscoe dash who raps about bologna.

    hip hop is in a dire state.



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  • http://www.twitter.com/_fresh85 Fresh

    There are so many things wrong with this list.. I will say, Future got a strong enough buzz to be on here.. Iggy, that white girl is dope, sexy and from cross the seas.. French's buzz is on point, Machine Gun Kelly, is aight... Danny Brown is cool, but i can't listen to that nigga.. but i have no idea who these other guys are.. but no Q, DZA, Dom, ASAP, Alley Boy or Azalia Banks?? seriously yo.. Kid Ink? Maklemore? Hopsin? Don Trip? who are these guys? and didn't Roscoe Dash have a number one hit out 2 years ago, son should be Junior by now. XXL, fuck outta here

  • http://fuckyou.com eric

    asap turned it down you stupid mother fuckers

  • Emilio

    I'm getting to old for this shit.

  • Juan

    you know the list is fucked up ROYALLY when you got machine gun kellys one hit wonder ass. the fuck is roscoe and french doing on the freshman list? where the fuck is earl? casey veggies? pac div? brandun deshay? all these nigga deserve a spot more than those was ass dudeds they got on there. this years list is a joke.

  • Alex Tobin

    You people think Macklemore shouldnt be on here just because you havent fucking heard of him, why dont you go youtube his shit and then eat your words.

  • teepee

    wow this list gets more retarded every year.... remember it had asher roth, kid cudi, b.o.b, wale - artists who were actually creative and different - now its just degrading to very basic and boring rappers

  • marquis

    hey fucks, xv is NOT a freshman anymore. he's not gonna be on here. what i'm pissed off of is how are you NOT gonna have stalley, schoolboy q, rocky (even though he rejected), emilio rojas & my nigga dom kennedy? like, seriously. the only favorites on here is danny brown & macklemore. mgk's rage pack was HORRID, future is wack, iggy's okay, hopsin's okay, french is okay, don trip (i haven't heard much, so i can't say) & motherfucking ROSCOE DASH? "all the way turnt up" dropped like what? 2009. fuck this list. it should have been CHUUWEE, MACKLEMORE, STALLEY, EMILIO ROJAS, DOM KENNEDY, SCHOOLBOY Q, SEAN ROSE, ROC MARCIANO, DANNY BROWN & ACTION BRONSON. PERIOD.

  • realtalk©

    @marquis ROC MARCIANO ARE YOU RETARDED.. dude's been around longer than everyone on this cover combined.. and you bitch about XV not being a freshman.. fuckhead

  • ghostdog221

    If this list isn't an indicator of why print journalism in hip hop has declined, take a look at the featured article 'What Happened to Ringtone Rap?'

  • http://twitter.com/lexaristes lexartistes

    Future, Danny Brown & maybe even MGK deserved to make the list they have literally taken off tremendously within the past 6 months.

    Roscoe Dash, Kid Ink & French Montana have been around for sometime & more just recently released one good song or are finally getting noticed.

    Macklemore, Don Trip, , Hopsin???? Never heard of yall.

    And Iggy Azalea is ok, she probably made it because she's associated with ASAP more than anything. It's nice to see a female on the cover but I would have preferred to have seen Azealia Banks.

    I'm upset about the list but at the same time would you have wanted the artist you wanted to make it next to some of these people. They were better off not making it.


    @marquis !!! you must be 16 years old!!!! ROC MARCIANO aka THE LAST BOY SCOUT been around long enough to be on songs with Biggie & Craig Mack. STEP YOUR RAP GAME UP DAWG!!


  • A$tronaut

    XXL and its fuckery....no q, mad a$ap turned it down, no stalley, no dom, no nitty scott mc...i fkz wit mgk, french, hopsin but...roscoe dash (WTF?!), never heard of a mackelmore (mite check em out), future (uhm wtf again?!), kid ink (lil propz), danny brown(got style but i caint fux with it), don trip(this guyz only buzzin on 2dbz), oh and this a$ap affiliated chick(gotta look into her) but nitty shouldve been first female...other then that...this cover is pure F.U.C.K.E.R.Y

  • First I Park My Car, Then I Fuck Your Bitch

    @KillThemAll: there's wack rappers on every cover bruh. Last year it was Lil B. the year before it was OJ Da Juiceman. Before that it was Ace Hood & with the Leaders of the New School issue it was Plies.

  • Ghost

    If you dont think Hopsin deserves to be on the list please go listen to him and if you still think that go find a cliff and try to fly

  • ahh

    Dee-1 SNUBBED!

  • ruppch

    Danny Brown and Macklemore are both dope as fuck, but they are like 30, how are they freshmen?

  • j

    has anyone else fallen in love with iggy azalea? she is beautiful

  • hop

    all you fuck boys talking shit about hopsin, go watch ill mind of hopsin 4

  • http://Www.cloutonline.com J. Anaya @ Clout Magazine

    After the wiz ,fashawn, j cole list and the buzz it generated for almost all those artist and a select few from the year before the labels saw another great outlet for promotion. Thats why last years list was full of already " signed" artist . Xxl had a good pure thing going but fell victim to payola and playing p.r. Puppets for the majors...

  • http://www.twitter.com/JulianSketchd Sketch’d

    Smfh!!! Hahahaha, wooooo!!! @merkone Fred The Godson was on the 2011 list, Freddie Gibbs was on the 2010 list, get your facts straight bro!! This years class definitely disappointed me, this list whack!! XXL Freshman Class of 2010 was the best list of all time!! The only people that deserve to be on this list is Danny Brown, Kid Ink, Hopsin, Macklemore and 6 other people like Dom Kennedy, XV, A$AP Rocky, Rapsody, Thurzday, & D-Pryde.

  • Flip

    Roscoe Dash has LP was hot.....look it up...J.u.i.c.e

  • J.West

    This Proves that Hip Hop is Going Down Again. What happen it was great last year (not including the XXL freshmen list last year), but in general it was good, now we start early 2012 with this bullshit wow. They said to vote and what happen, we got shitted on with this gay ass list. If this is what is suppose to lead hip hop, it's goin in the wrong and gay direction. I thought the hottest MC's list was bad , but is beyond Gay.... Put Real Rappers On There.

  • BenGarves

    Macklemore should have been on the list last year. Glad he made it this year.

  • royce

    fuck the others...Hopsin has every right to be on the cover...if u dont agree...go listen to his albums Raw and Gazing at the moonlight

  • dr.dave

    u got be fucking kidding me.....

  • SmootHgHost

    Only Danny Brown & Don Trip deserve to be on this cover maybe Kid Ink but hes not that dope or original tho. SMFH at the rest! No Dom Kennedy, XV, ScHoolboy Q, The Kid Daytona, Dee-1...

  • SmootHgHost

    & For The Record Iggy Azalea is wack. Rapsody, Nitty Scott & Boog Brown should have her spot

  • Espo

    Looks like its time to hang up the "Freshman" tradition XXL.

    Danny Brown has BEEN the shit, but fuck his last album was called THIRTY; no freshman there

  • Yes

    Hopsin and Danny Brown are the only 2 rappers I can agree with.

  • Ben

    The only people i can stand to listen to on this list are macklemore and don trip, and macklemore is not a freshman and don trip could easily be replaced by like 20 other choices.

  • Coop

    macklemore is legit. hes from seattle so i gotta rep for him. but everyone else is straight trash. this is worse then MTVs list of hottest MCs. Clean your fuckin ears XXL

  • Matt

    Why is Roscoe Dash even a Freshmen? That nigga has been out for awhile.

  • Whore Arse

    Hopsin just ripped off Eminem's early flow and content. He's not bad for gimmick rapper though.

    KA (Grief Pedigree) is who everyone should be checkin for.

  • persianrug

    Is there only room for one female on the list? What about Azealia Banks?! Her and Iggy are basically on the same level!

  • Tony

    Macklemore >>>>>>>


    Who came up with this list? I'm glad to see Don Trip and Montana on there but who are the rest of these people?

  • mittromneyonabitch

    what the fuck is a macklemore? hopsin is the most swagless nigga roaming the earth. kid ink is wacker then wackuuuuuuh. french montana is more like a retired vet; if that nigga is a freshman, then kanye must be a junior. iggy will follow in the same short ass tracks as kreayshawn. roscoe dash is a rapper? these motherfuckers must have been picked by a deaf and blind staff. what in the fuck is this shit? iran needs to be beefin' with the niggas who designed this league of extraordinary dickheads instead of israel. omg i got bitches nigga.

  • boodaddyexchange

    all these niggas suck. i ain't even know who the fuck macklemore was. i though it was just some motherfucker that came with mgk. shit, with the niggas on this cover, it probly was.

  • Terry

    Macklemore is dope. He's not some other mainstream rapper, he does real shit. Its a shame that he's on the same page as these people. Danny Brown is good as well

  • Ruger

    Starlito would out rap everybody but Don Trip.

  • FuckYoUPayMe

    In all honesty, I see nothing wrong with this list: Machine Gun Kelly's really buzzin' with that Wild Boy song; Mackelmore clearly has his audience; XXX is critically acclaimed, Kid Ink has a very strong and devoted fanbase; French Montana has been KILLING the mixtape circuit and recently signed with Bad Boy; I huess Hospin has a core following(I didn't know he had one that strong); Roscoe Dash practically made Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay, and Iggy is always up on Ustream so I'd imaagine her head is always extended to her fanbase - not to mention her "My World" video.

    ASAP and Schoolboy declined to be on the list, so what the problem is? I don't particularly "like" most of the artists on the cover but I feel like they have a right to be on there; although I do believe Iggy was a last pick because of ASAP And Schoolboy declining to be on the list, as her buzz is probably the lowest on that cover.

  • cloud 9

    I HAVE NO CLUE WHO THESE PEOPLE ARE!!!! lol is that bad??

  • http://RapRuler.com Jerel

    This list is mehhhh. Click my name though!

  • StonieRobinson

    My List ...
    Earl Sweatshirt
    Danny Brown
    SchoolBoy Q
    A$AP Rocky
    Fuze The MC
    Kreayshawn (Lil B made it last year ... No hate)
    Main Attrakionz
    Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire
    Dom Kennedy
    Heems (Himanshu)
    Azad Right
    Kids These Days

  • MikeMaverick

    LOL! i read maybe the first 20 comments and at least half the list got cosigned by someone.........we each got our own taste, stop hatin, get a real job.

  • Yuri Bezmenov


  • whiteboiiduece

    thank you XXL for officially destroying the concept of the freshman class, its a good thing that chip tha ripper denied it, i would too if i was on a shitty list like this. now danny brown MGK and don trip are the only ones deserving to be on there, other than that whack ass list.

  • Raider Nation

    Can you just go back to the regular 2dopeboyz.com layout ... The new one blows -___- just like this new XXL freshmen class...

  • Gionna

    This list is complete bullshit! Future??? Roscoe Dash?? Kid Ink???

    Macklemore is fine. But what about A$AP Rocky? Childish Gambino! Schoolboy Q!!?!? Like wtf were they thinking.

  • Isaac

    Macklemore, MGK & Danny Brown.

  • http://www.pooo.com poozversusweez

    Fuck yall nigguhs future deserved it he lyrical way more than any nigguh on tha list fuck kendrick he aint lyrical nor is Q so get off they dick, future reppin da south ATL bitch and he lyrical and he lyrical beetch and he bettar than all you wak east and west and midwest and north nigguhs.HE way more lyrikal more than EMINEM that fake fat foney non lyrikal EMINEM eating.FUCK KNDRICK LAMAR AND ScHOOLBOY.Q AND EARL

  • http://www.pooo.com poozversusweez


  • 20dopeboyz

    french, mack, & mgk deserve it... but the rest!? WHAT!? iggy azalea.. honestly... asap rocky's girl made it and not him.. XXL, PICK BETTER TALENT.. PS Where is Dom Kennedy & Action Bronson in this mix?????

  • wat

    @whiteboiiduece: Chip LIED about denying it. The only person who DENIED it is A$AP and that's because his schedule was too busy. Dumbasses.

  • Lil Swaggz


  • Spank

    A$AP is a must...still ridin that trill wave

  • G09


  • lew

    man i use to follow danny brown on myspace bout 3 years ago.. freshman?

  • Dmill

    With all due respect to everyone on this board. It's a disgrace that people really do not now who Benjamin Starr is. He has dropped in my opinion the best mixtape (album) last year, and his mixtape (album) the year before was just as good. He should be on this list but his buzz is nothing. He has the most potential of anyone I've come in contact with for a while. I agree that Stally, XV, Action Bronson, and Emilo should be on this list. But I would also add King Mez, and Skewby.

  • boston

    I actually like how a lot of the commentors haven't heard of macklemore. Those who've listened will agree he is real hip hop amongst these wack rappers

  • Bmore14

    After peeping this list, I truly feel that HIP HOP IS DEAD.

    I quit.

    It's been a fun.

  • Yelleth

    Hopsin is the only one that TRULEY deserves to be on here....oh yeah and fuck Mackelmore

  • DCdanny

    Smh... This Is Super Trash. Danny Brown Is The Best One There....

  • ejm201

    Why are dudes some hard on Hopsin? Dude can spit and brings it every time.

  • http://yahoo.com Dimes

    NO XV!!!!!!!

    Damn. XXl cheated us. I voted for XV, Hopsin, MackleMore, Kid Ink and some others.

    BUT WHEN I VOTED I LITERALLY CHECKED LIKE 15 DIFFRENT PAGES OF VOTES AND Nobody had Iggy whathername(never heard of her.

    OR FRENCH MONTANA( nobody even considered him a freshmen)

    OR Roscoe Dash( this guyis like a junior. Didn't he die like in 2010?Plus everyone knows him already)

    AND Future had like 2 votes( worst on the list)

  • lloyd

    Most of you are hatig on Macklemore...but the guy has a pretty big fanbase :p just because you dumb cunts don't know about doesn't mean NO one knows about...get ya hip hop game up

  • http://modelsinthehood.tumblr.com Aaron Minicudi

    A$AP's not on here because his manager's didn't plan time for him to be in the shoot because they thought he was too good for the freshman cover, they want him on a solo cover.. XXL wanted him, he was the top pick.

  • Future

    Its not about lyrical talent its about whos the hottest/got a big buzz

  • Shawn S

    I really don't care what everybody else thinks but I can't wait for Hopsin to blow up!!! This is that nigga!!!! I put money on it!!!! Listen to mind of Hopsin 4 and 3!!! And "am I a phsycho"!!! He would kill anyone!!! I mean it ......ANYONE