KiD CuDi & Dot Da Genius: The Making Of WZRD

"Teleport 2 Me, Jamie" f. Desire

As part of WZRD Week Scott and Dot linked up with Complex to speak on the making of their experimental album, which just dropped today.

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  • Not a hater, just not a stan.

    WZRD suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks. Much worse than I expected. The disappointing leaks are some of the absolute highest points on the album.


    WZRD was good..fuck what you say

  • Himself

    I actually liked wzrd..people who wont like it are people who just listen to hip hop..theres more music out there

  • WhoA!

    it wasnt bad..but I feel like they could've done better..I liked it either way

  • Harry Potter

    I can see how some people wont like it..But its actually a good album.

  • dre

    Wzrd is a CLASSIC! Down the road it will be in the same class with 808s & The Love Below.

  • Not a hater, just not a stan.


    Hey slow class, hip hop isnt even my favorite genre. Bad music is bad music no matter which way you look at it, and poser pop-rock is one of the most dispicable sub-genres in the entire spectrum of music.

  • Dream

    Kid Cudi is still the illest artist on Good Music. All-Around artist.

  • dre

    Cudi doesn't make music to please the audience. He makes music to share what's going on in his heart & mind. As a true artist should... WZRD

  • Not a stam, just not a hater

    @Not a hater, you are a hater, sir, and you also blow peen. Tis all.

  • Brandon

    Not gonna bother listening to Cudi's album cause he's not my type of music. He is talented though.

  • Not a hater, just not a stan.

    Thank you for the insightful response. Sometimes it's reassuring to confirm that you are, in fact, smarter than the people that disagree with you.

  • Rocket

    The only way this album could have been better is by having "Rocket" on it.. other than that... THIS SHITT IS FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

  • Not a hater, just not a stan.

    i actually liked the wzrd album ill listen to inbetween giving blow jobs threw a glory hole at the arco gas station bathroom i love dick!

  • Not a hater, just not a stan.

    ^Aww, now I hurt his feelings. Kid, how long has it been since the Trolling thing has actually fooled anybody? Are you so stupid that you couldn't possibly come up with anything new? I shouldn't even need to point out the irony here, but you realize your feelings got THIS hurt in the first place because I said something less-than-positive about your male hero? AND you're making gay jokes? There are therapists now that can help you with your sexual confusion, kid, you don't have to passive-aggressivly take out your frustration on the internet, especially when you're too slow to come up with a new idea.

    No matter how much it hurts your feelings, this pathetic excuse for an album is still gonna sound just as terrible. Your hero has failed. Time to get a new man-crush.

  • Mike

    Great album I didn't expect the album to be a CLASSIC. Rock fits Cudi.

  • Not a hater, just not a stan.

    I love the way I can tuck my penis hole into my butt hole, it reminds me of my early days in the Catholic church that I really miss

  • ThisNiggaIsGay

    ^^^^^You..Have...No...Life. Climb a tree or die in the dirt. Kick rocks


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