• bzo

    wait. does this really have an INI feature? like Grap Luva and co. INI?

  • hugh

    yes. dont sleep on this dude

  • Unkle Paulee

    Loox interesting. 'Bout to peep it now..

  • BlackKidzDream

    Been waiting for this joint all month.
    Asaad is tight yo.
    If you don't know, try something new.


    INI feature? Interesting as hell. Idk if I care to check out the whole tape but he does get some respect for having them on the tape.

  • Hella

    Naaaaah it ain't that INI, it's some random

  • engineering

    this is better then i thought it would be. dude got a good ear for beats to

  • jeezy

    the production on this dudes project > 2012 so far mixtape wise ... shit is toughhhh