• EdmontonRDS

    Great beat. British people should not rap... EVER!

  • swvg

    wtf. Mad props for for muggs and bambu but why is everybody jumpin on the dubstep wagon? song is still dope though, and I'm a dubstep fan myself, but goddamn.

  • nino


  • Wijj

    man all this "brostep" bullshit need to stop, the beat was kinda decent on the verses though .

    And to the fool that say British people should never rap obviously haven't heard Boy in da Corner (wish Dizzee would go back a little to that grime,2step or whatever it's called, sound)

  • slayingtheilluminati

    you americans are morons...


  • James

    That was so sick! Looks like i have a new DJ to follow!