Gibby – BRAVO!!! f. Sham

blame it on Meka February 29, 2012

The homie DJ Spintelect told me a bit about this artist out of the West he has been working with, Gibby, for a bit now, and he finally drops off the dude’s first single from his self-titled EP dropping this summer. Nice.

DOWNLOAD: Gibby – BRAVO!!! f. Sham | Alt

  • #LADT all the way up^^^

  • Keese

    ShouT out to dirty legends!! shit hot

  • Byouhteefull

    LADT!!!!!!!!!! Doing thangssss lol

  • Dirty Legends on the come up! The song is too ill! CLAP CLAP!

  • Ahhhhhhhhhhh!! Look mom! We’re on 2DBz!

  • Tim

    Shout Dirty Legends this shit is amazing CLAP CLAP

  • Tim

    Shout Dirty Legends this shit is amazing CLAP CLAP #LADT

  • real shit

    gibby a ugly ass nigga

  • SMH

    What a broke ass nigga drinking the worst shit possible. Coors and Capt. Morgan… Damn nigga you fuckin cheap as fuck and both of them shits are nasty. Step your drinking game up, then your rap game bitch.

  • JT

    Shout out LADT ! They on the up & up!!

  • pokeaball

    Bravo bitcheess, love it keep it up LADT!

  • Tyquan

    Niggas is hating on the homies

  • Niggas really haitin on my boys drinking choice well where we from we drink captain take coors to the head still drinking mickeys and rockin shows. Fuck haters Dirty legends up !

  • ShmicoDoe

    HORCHATAS hahaha sham and gibby killin it… LADT is next up.. keep doin it my dudes..


    Gibby’s boys jizzing all over this post haha

  • Robert

    THIS SHIT FIRE!!!!!! cant wait to see yall post more music by GIBBY, & Sham.

  • @Robert Thank you man, we appreciate that a lot. I made the beat.

  • Bishop Magic don Juan reporting live! this shit HOT

  • yall keep doin ya thang and stay focused.

  • ILL


  • Stephanie



    “whippin on somethin thats loww bitch…taggin on walls gettin potentt…wit my niggas & we posttted….”

    nevr heard of these cats…but they hard..
    thank u 2dope for keepin me connected

  • miggyfoo

    the name says it all, Bravo.
    you niggas is doin that, keep pushin.

  • pete


  • this track is too dope!!

  • gia

    good shit guys, keep it up!

  • sarah

    get up on my level…this shit coo

  • gegezzy

    niggas been out here puttin on for dark skins …… fuck you mean we really out here my nigga

  • DopeBoy

    I don’t know who the fuck this is but this shit is pretty cool…flow wasn’t that strong but the song is cool.

  • #LADT #DIRTYLEGENDS big ups to gibby, sham, and Lawrence Frazier for this classic right here play this in you headphones and your whip one time.