• HD

    Dope. Thanks

  • what?

    Ah, it's a clean version but still dopeee

  • Tev

    Tuff i like it i love Melanie tho RS

  • k dot

    Song is dope, Cole came correct on this shit too.

  • d easy

    this girl is talented

  • http://www.zeedubb.bandcamp.com ZeeDubb

    nice but I just don't like the drums on here. to much randomness

  • Cameron

    I like the drums

  • will

    Agree with ZeeDubb. The drums are too much.

    Cole was meh. good but nothing great.

    solid song though

  • MorrKid

    Fuckin with Cole's swag on his last two songs. Finally startin to sound less dry.

  • OneTwo

    Cole killed it, dope song.

  • K3

    man i thought it was awesome until cole came in. whack verse. i just aint into those flows where they be callin shit out. like the BET cypher with slaughterhouse 'hi rianna' blahhh

  • kingkicks23

    Expect to hear it on the radio

  • unclesam

    Beat was whack, singing was whack, Cole´s verse was meeeeh. Overall a whack song.

  • chickenshells

    I don't know about y'all but...I wish I was that light pole right about now.

  • J.T.

    This is a good vibe song. Cole did what he was supposed to do and Melanie had a good melody.