The Avengers (Trailer #2)

blame it on Meka February 29, 2012

When Justice sent me the official poster for this flick the other day I mentioned that it looked like something Pen & Pixel would do for No Limit album covers back in the day. Now seeing the new trailer… looks good, but I’ll still be waiting for The Dark Knight to drop.

  • We’re comic fans and movie fans. There is no either/or. See both. Enjoy that things we grew up with can actually have this much production to visualize our dreams of seeing them on the big screen

  • sum guy

    I had my doubts about this movie but this trailer looks awesome. but honestly I’m more interested in a sequel if it has a spider-man cameo

  • Who is the guy with the arrowbow? Legolas, nah but foreal

  • And Won

    Come on, that’s Hawkeye. Hip-hop and comics, bong bong.

  • someguy

    dat 3 seconds of robin scherbatsky.

  • Big-O

    Love it. This is my childhood come to life.

    Everything about this looks dope as fuck!

    Spider-Man cameo might not happen, cuz Fox owns the rights to that & the X-Men. But I have my fingers crossed to see a Spider-Man, & maybe in a sequal, a Wolverine cameo. I can’t fucking wait for this.

  • Spirit Equality

    can’t wait till marvel owns film rights for every character, so the film crossovers can *really* get popping.

    the first trailer for avengers didn’t grab me, but that scene with hulk catching iron man damn near made the case itself. ha.

    dark knight, i’m seeing no questions asked. nolan has my money first day on any batman project.

  • Cali Grown

    Wasn’t Nick Fury white? What am I asking, these movie companies never get shit right when it comes to super-heroes.

    Despite that this does look amazing. I echo everyone’s comments so far.

    Who’s playing the Hulk because Edward Norton should in my opinion.

  • Please tell me Cali Grown isn’t being serious with his misinformed questions. Asking stuff that can be EASILY Googled… You’re on the damn internet. USE IT.

  • Cali Grown

    My first question was actually rhetorical. I was making the point that a lot of super-hero movies are inaccurate in one way or another.

    My second question could’ve been easily googled. Yes I admit it. Now lighten up.

  • Jean

    Justice League >

  • Josh

    “I’ll still be waiting for The Dark Knight to drop.”

    I think you mean The Dark Knight Rises.

    As for the question about Nick Fury being white, yes he was; however, in the Ultimate universe he was modeled after Sam Jackson. Marvel turned Nick Fury black, probably because they knew if they ever made an Avengers movie that they could probably cast Sam “I love acting so I’ll pretty much do any movie” Jackson. So the “movie companies” (in this case MARVEL STUDIOS) didn’t get anything wrong, you are just not up to date on the latest happenings. So you tried to sound like a smart ass but just ended up looking like an ass.

  • Cameron

    Why isn’t Edward Norton Hulk tho?

  • AirMagicMamba

    The Justice Friends fron Dexters Lab> The Avengers jk cant wait for this! Scralett Jo is bad

  • @Cameron

    Much like Terrance Howard being removed as War Machine/James Rhodes, Ed Norton let his “I’m bigger than this, I deserve more than the next guy” ego stand in the way of the bigger picture. And as we can all see by now, this has turned out to be a bigger picture than ever thought could be possible

  • Birth of a supervillain

    @Cali Grown Yeah Nick fury is white but The Movie is based off the Ultimate marvel universes where where Nick Fury is black not white

  • J.Mercedes

    none of the summer movies even matter, Dark Knight is the only must see super hero movie

  • ctwins3644

    dark knight rises >, but this new trailer got me hyped!! respect marvel for being able to put all the pieces together to allow for a film of this magnitude

  • Huh?

    Actually the movie are a mix of both the 616 (Mainstream) & 1610 (Ultimates) versions, though the films follow the mainstream a bit more.

    Good thing too, cuz the Ultimate versions are all some serious dickheads.