The Cranberry Show – Paranormal Karaoke (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake February 29, 2012

The thing with shedding light on new artists at the dopehouse that most people don’t seem to understand is time. Not only do we have to find the time to actually open the email and read the jibber jabber inside, we also have to find time to give it a solid listen, develop some feelings towards the music and decide whether or not we’d like to post. Seems simple if the day wasn’t already as hectic as it is and we only got 1-2 submissions a day right? But that’s not the case. In between my design work, planning for SXSW, showing attention to the misses and maintaining the site itself, I’m left with little to no free time at all. So when I get bombarded with emails, Twitter @s, etc it’s easy for me to say “fuck it” and keep it moving. I honestly try to listen to as much new music as I can but it’s physically impossible with the 50-11 up and coming rappers that seem to pop up on a daily basis. So… unplanned rant aside, here goes something new from the Milwaukee duo The Cranberry Show. A 10-track project that serves as a follow up to their 2010 release, Sex and Pencil Shavings. Tracklist, stream and download link after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: The Cranberry Show – Paranormal Karaoke (Mixtape)

  • SMH

    @Shake: It says Karaoke, not activity.

  • SMH2

    hahahahahah 2dopeboyz i seriously love your site based soley on the name and the dark look… that the only thing i can say keeps me comin back.. shake, meka, justice, miss pease… all completly stupid. paranormal KAROAKE… not ACTIVITY

  • Fucking Dope!

  • synthetik

    Wow,that’s crazy cuz i just saw them live last weekend and that was the 1st time i heard of em. they are pretty dope.

  • see what i mean? haha… changed made.

  • Randy

    DOPE… I like the sound of their music.

  • Miss Mandy

    I’ve literally come to this site a bunch of times and searched their name cuz I keep hearing it everywhere. Just wish that there was a little more of a bio on here instead of a rant. I want to know who the fuck these guys are and why I hear their name so much.

    All that aside this music is definitely going into regular rotation on my ipod.

  • Theillest

    Been Hearing about them for a while now. Glad to see that made the site . The hard work paying off.

  • Chad

    The Dopelife made it to ? Music is great, Movement is strong and they could go far ! Hope they keep coming with bangers like this.


    There we go

  • Fr3shOn3

    Hmm, never heard of them before but ill give it a listen. Randomly clicked the track with Gerald Walker just now, not bad. Downloading.

  • Steezedundee

    Thanks for the post …. We appreciate the support !!! #DOPElife

  • riK_DiLLa

    Hmmm..didn’t kno if I liked this until the 4th song. The creativity is winning. Very good project

  • MAC

    FOLLOW>>>> @cranberryshow

  • I’ve Had The Pleasure Of Hearing These Guys Live Before And I Can Say They Are The Most Power Packed Performance I Have Experienced In The Last 5 Years. I Loved Their Previous Releases That Were Lighter On The Ears, Really Easy To Go About, and Catchy. But Now With This Release They Have Truly Proven They Can Hit That More Thoughtful Target And Have Really Grown To Be A More Than Solid Duo. #DOPElife Definite Download And 10/10.

  • Morphine

    Blogs introduce me to a million wack things a day, coming across shit like this makes it all worth it.

  • Vision

    bout time they got posted on here lol

  • thrashr

    DOPE LIFE. real music right here big up cranberryshow

  • Barjees

    THE CRANBERRY SHOW IS SO DOPE….THEIR MUSIC IS THEE HOTTEST OUT THERE! I been listening to them for a while now! Shit gets me horny. *Very much pun intented*

  • geekedup

    Milwaukee’s own…Milwaukee is on the rise

  • k dot


  • Dontpushme

    I was not going to give this release a listen. Checking for new music just isn’t my thing. The Cover was sick so i gave it a chance. I am now a fan. Shake, You strike again my friend. Keep posting shit like this and i’ll keep telling people this is the best blog in the industry.

  • SMH3

    @SMH2 its actually KARAOKE not KAROAKE

  • Big Op

    One of the most creative projects I’ve heard in years! Just went to their website and downloaded everything!

  • SMH4

    @Big Op … The website link in the article is BROKEN and DOESNT work. How did you find it.

  • JuiceMan

    Milwaukee got hella dope and these cats are in the middle of the pack talent wise. Gerald Walker and Pizzle are a problem!

  • SAFSdk

    So happy to see my brothers Arcane & Young Focus on 2DBZ!! They deserve it, they work harder than anyone I know, and their music/ live show is amazing!! AND they show love to the homie Klassik, be on the lookout for him/ SAFS Crew as well. And wat up to G. Walker!! #DOPElife

  • brainstorm

    Been listening to these guys for a minute… Super DOPE

  • silence

    @ Shake

    yo hire some trusted ears with no jobs to sift through all the random shit you guys get sent. namely myself. you have my email.

  • “You beating us is like losing a game of Jenga to Michael J. Fox”… if you get a chance go see TCS live. Also, don’t bring anything important in your pockets to their shows. You will be jumping.

  • Dope beats, dope raps…turn this shit up.

  • Mike

    This is why I dig the site, you guys give a lot of love to new artists. Plus I trust your ears… I still have unlistened tapes from last year I got from here (40 something of them) soo I know what you mean. Like some one said you may have to hire some trusted ears for that job. Like…me :) haha

  • Mr. Grey

    I come here often and never post a comment until now. This album is crazy; B.M.H. and Farewell are stupid dope. Beats Bars got me trippin. The whole project is great. I will be looking out for these Cranberry Show boyz; its fitting that they call themselves The Cranberry Show, cause we need to clean out all this wack music being released and get back to RAW emotion provoking music such as this. Thanks 2 Dope Boyz.

  • Numba7

    These guys aren’t that good ^^ for all of this.. im guessing this is mostly bullshit comments. The productions cool though. The plays on the soundcloud don’t match the hype in the cesection for the kind of blog coverage they have gotten over the last day or two. It’s whatever though, do your thing.

  • Wonton Soup

    lol yeah 5-7 comments with solid likes would’ve been believable but you got more positive comments than likes smh

  • jessie2hood

    Yeah i hear those last 2 comments lol But in all honesty, I didn’t even know that there was a like button until i came to the site 4 or 5 times. These guys are good. Its New and Fresh and they from the midwest i believe? Either way, Keep it up. We loving you out here on the west coast.

  • Tigerhoods

    I enjoyed the music. The first time I heard of them was when Dj booth posted one of thier songs. And now they made it to another big blog. I recently looked up some more music and it’s pretty constant. Overall I give the group a B+ . I can see them becoming a national act in a year.

  • Pops

    So it takes sooo much time to decide to post an artist? How long does it take for you to decide to post Waka Flocka? Stop trying to bullshit your viewers and just post the music and give a description.

  • fact

    super happy these dudes made the site. have listened to them for a grip now~ Milwaukee got it goin on… Prophetic~Gerald Walker ~Automatic~ Logic&Raze!

  • outside

    Rarely do I listen to an album or mixtape all the way thru…but this one is impossible not to. Every song sounds completely different, yet they all build off of one another. I’m a perfectionist so there’s a few things I noticed that annoyed me…but it’s a 9 out of 10 without a doubt. Can’t believe this kind of music is coming out of an up-and-coming artist. I wish more of the music industry impressed me like this…this shit could change the game. Looking forward to the next project.

  • Queen

    Suggestion box time: How bout you recruit somebody (with a diverse ear) for the sole purpose of reading and listening to new submissions. Jus sayin ;) This post is def appreciated tho.

  • Uknown

    This is good! Creative!