Azad Right – It’s All Right

blame it on Shake March 1, 2012

Click to watch Azad’s video for The Fire.

With a sample of The XX’s Intro in line, the LA upstart goes straight in. No hooks, and that’s all right.

DOWNLOAD: Azad Right – It’s All Right

  • KeepinItFresh

    Saw this foo perform as an opener in Hollywood when I went to the ‘Te and 9th concert.

    This guy made me a believer right then and there. Great stage presence, great flow, lyrically plus. Best of luck to Azad.

  • Yupp..

    Azad right is dope he’s hella slept on. Still listen to spiderwebs all the time.

  • hphop

    he is lyrical, genuine, talented with GREAT stage presence!! LOVE his mix-tape “The Time is Right” – actually all his works! He is next in line.

  • Samson

    Yo this dude has it.. What else should i listen to from him??

  • Frank

    Great to hear him rapping. Lots of diversity from this kid, looking forward to more

  • patrick

    yea this is pretty good but i like his spiderwebs song more. glad you guys are posting his stuff though check out his mixtape

  • letYouDownEZ

    this sucks. i think this kid seriously wrote half these comments cuz this garbage. sorry

  • GR

    Azad spams the fuck out of the interwebs. I’ve run across YouTube comments that sound like “Man, nobody in the game right now is fucking with Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, Azad Right and James Blake”, which get like tons of thumbs up. It just annoys me that he has peeps trying to up his name alongside people with actual unique talent. This dude is just ordinary.

    Call me a hater.

  • rai

    ^ i’ve seen that too but i ended up hearing about him and logic that way cause someone was talking about them on a kendrick video. the few songs i’ve heard are nice and this one isn’t bad

  • L

    I love the diversity he shows. he’s a dope lyricist and his flow is always on point.

    Anyone who calls him ordinary ^ IS just a heter…

  • asue

    my favorite of them all, azad right. always coming in for the kill.

  • Confused

    Someone PLEASE explain to me what isn’t ordinary about him or his flow?? This aren’t shots or hate but if you’re saying we’re haters and there’s something overtly dope about this point it out. I MUST be missing it if that’s the case.. Give me ONE dope line or punchline from this song and I’ll consider giving something else a listen. So far I gave this thing one and a half listens and quit after that.

    Luck-One and Logic are two of the newer “unknown” people (just like Azad) who 2dopeboyz has posted lately and they BOTH rapped circles around this kid. Moreso, Luck-One.. his song “Bad Seed” that was posted is dope – even if it’s not your cup of tea you can’t call it wack. THIS on the other end is definitely arguable.

  • Hartman

    Lol if punchlines or dope lines were the only thing that we looked for most of us probably wouldn’t love KRIT or Q as much as we do. Logic is a little too goofy and reminds me of Mac Miller but Luck is definitely dope. Him and Right are definitely the two new cats I’m checking for after this.

  • wise one

    i know this kid and hes a fucking fraud in every possible way and i can almost guarantee he made most of the comments above

  • mile

    This is dope. Azad never disappoints lyrically. This is real music. Stop hatin’

  • slimtrimmer

    His Time is Right mixtape is easily the most slept on in the last year

  • Meg

    If you’re not real, you won’t appreciate Azad’s music as much. Just like if you don’t get P***y, you’re going to hate on Drake. I’m not crazily into hip hop but Azad Right is always on point. It’s perfect for car rides. California LOVE!

  • unclesam

    You´re not crazily into hip-hop but somehow you find your ass on 2dbz?

  • hphop

    I’ve been watching this kid since last year and everything and anything I see about him is talent and genuine. I went to couple of his shows and he killed it. he sure is NO fake or running out of story to tell cuz he is coming from his heart/life experience. Listen to “You are appreciate”, “Spiderwebs”, “Promises”, “Pressure” , “Alone” and…… and tell me you dont see talent and lyricism. i dont understand about all these ‘punchline’ shit…but either you like his style (so enjoy it) or you dont like it (then “change the channel”). HipHop is about spreading LOVE and not hate!

  • Confused

    Hip-Hop is NOT all about spreading “love” (go to a reggae or christian music forum for that).. and a music blog is all about opinions and critiques. If you don’t want it critiqued then keep it in your bedroom and play it for your friends. I swear you people are so sensitive.. You market your product and post it on the internet it becomes a brand. Brands get disseminated or sent to the gallows based on people’s critiques and their positive or negative word of mouth or lack there of. It isn’t personal so don’t take it that way… I completely understand that Mac Miller might be a hell of a guy and nicest kids in the industry – that DOESN’T mean I have to like his music and DOESN’T mean I can’t have an opinion on it.

  • Confused

    And Krit and ScHoolBoy Q are no punchline rappers, I absolutely agree (I can’t even think of ONE that either has spit at the moment – though I’m sure there’s some).. but they don’t spit dope lines?? What planet are you from?! That’s the EXACT thing that makes them dope. Plus they’re emotion and storytelling and they probably have two of THE best flows in the game right now.

    They both could spit two entirely horrible verses saying a bunch of dog s*** but their delivery and flow would make it sound better than 90% of the music that’s out here. It’s their biggest strengths. Are you even REMOTELY trying to compare this guy’s delivery and flow with either of those two??

    “Searching for a freak that wanna f*** once or twice, Wanna buy a bottle but ain’t payed my tithes.. This ain’t not lie” – Big K.R.I.T.

    “Momma said she worried cuz I rap about the government, And how the church caked up and other people out here struggling” – Big K.R.I.T.

    “Ones for the money, two for the bitches
    Three to get ready cause I feel I finally did it
    Four’s for the jealous rapper mad because he finished
    Turn that motherfucker to a critic
    Man, I got so much shit up on my plate dawg
    I was hangin’ on them corners late
    Pockets wasn’t straight, bitch
    I ain’t gon’ make it at this rate, dawg
    Know what I’m sayin’?
    Nigga prayin’ up to God just hopin’ that he hear a nigga
    I know the world got more problems and it’s much bigger
    But I figured, I’d get some shit up off my chest
    To all my niggas I would die for
    Load my pistol up, go out and war for
    To all my niggas that’ll never make it out the streets
    Fuck it, keep goin’ hard, don’t let ’em see you weak
    To all my niggas first time steppin’ in the pen
    Read a book and exercise, keep your spirit in
    To all my niggas that’s gon’ fuck around and die today
    Take our hats off, bow our heads and let us pray
    Just wanna say… Stay blessed my nigga” – ScHoolBoy Q

  • Hartman

    Nah, I don’t think KRITs delivery or flow is as strong as this kids but Q’s definitely is and I’ve seen both of them live. What makes KRIT dope is his soul and story telling. I’m listening to Right’s project right now and he definitely has a few standout records in Pressure, Showtime and Stained. And he tweeted about potentially signing with Jay or Kanye so we’ll see. He for sure needs some development though haha

  • chimmychang

    Azad right goes hard everytime! wish he had the buzz he deserves.

  • Billydakid

    This kid easily one of the most slept on rappers right now

  • Thats my dude..Shit is goin GOOD!