Iggy Azalea – Iggy In Moscow (Video)

blame it on Illy March 1, 2012

The Aussie-born and first female to appear on a XXL Freshman cover does a shoot a video of her cover of Nicki Minaj’s horrendous “Moscow” track.

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  • Ross

    Well.. she can spit, but the vocals sound like dog shit.. nice job whoever engineered this.

  • ParisDWilson

    I still don’t see how the fuck she made it on the cover! She’s trash as hell.


    Wack vid, terrible mixing, bland lyrics, bad bitch
    I’d fuck da shit out of Iggy.

  • 3/5 sounds about right… I’d fuck tha hell outta her too… What a bodacious ass… Chuch…

  • Too Short

    she’s bitching on Twitter about this leaking, everyone go laugh at her.

  • theBroKing

    this is wrong on so many levels.. wtf why is this whit chick tryna act ghetto? “fans? i got em.” uhmmm okay sure. ive never heard of her before in my life but now shes tryna play like she has fans?

  • ohreally

    this chick is Garbage !! i support nicki before her…smh

  • Numba7

    She only got a 3/5 cause y’all want to fuck her? this bitch ain’t that great any way you slice the cake. lol.

    Her Music – .05/5
    Her – Looks – 2.7/5

  • T

    1. This video isn’t official.
    2. She was the fan-voted freshman.
    3. Her music: 4/10
    4. Her looks: 9/10

  • Gg

    I think they said freshmen were fan voted but not really

  • T

    ^ They said that 9 would be chosen by XXL and the 10th is chosen by the fans.