Ab-Soul - Showin' Love (prod. Willie B of Digi+Phonics)

Mixed by Ali

Just when you couldn't get enough of either "Black Lip Bastard" or "Cartoon & Cereal," another song from the TDE camp. Solo's next LP is shaping up to be a problem...

DOWNLOAD: Ab-Soul - Showin' Love (prod. Willie B) | Alt

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  • yo

    I like it. Cant wait for this guys project. Beat is SICK.

    TDE they got the belt!!!

  • Dixon

    could of came harder.. maybe with a faster flow... but still hott!!!K-dot and absoul should so a joint 2gether

  • Markiee

    SOUL!!!! Word of Wisdom

  • "this ain't house party 5 but what's poppin for tonight?"

  • Joey D

    Too Fuckin Good

  • SOUL!!!

  • @Dixon

    they already have a handful of joints together... P&P, Moscato, Rapper Shit, Turn Me Up, etc.

  • VI

    @Dixon are you retarded?
    They should definitely get two other rappers and form a group called Black Hippy or something. Just a thought

  • @VI are you retarted? They've already got a group called Black Hippy, You call @Dixon retarted, but you are as retarded yourself fuckbwoi

  • Dixon

    i meant a joint project lol

  • the truth

    lol i like how they throw this dude the worst beats in the camp. kendricks beats>>>>>

  • SMH

    Solo's next LP? Umm, do you even know who you are posting about? Fucking Meka, you dumb ass black boy.

  • freshh

    @jones your inability to understand sarcasm is amusing.

  • trillzilla

    wow alot of DUMBASSES in the c-section right now.. first a nigga who cant understand the most BLUNT sarcasm ive seen yet & another dude who thinks Meka is mentioning someone elses name on the post...

    either yall are trollin' or just plain fucking dumb.

  • 2ndera

    @smh solo is an aka...

  • Andy -o

    Prob the best from TDE. Up there with k.dot anyway., always picks dope ass beats ! His projects are always on point.! His next gonna be flames.! The most promising camp in hiphop in 2012.. Black hippy.!! Black lip bastard

  • Mike

    Soul is great, prob my fav member of TDE. I really hope he blows up this year like everybody else.

  • 2dope4nope

    Solo’s next LP is shaping up to be a problem… enough said!

    I hope tho like April or may he'll drop his tape.

  • PocketOfStinkies

    Dope. Except for that fucking Hi-Hat.

  • Love’in’it

    Dope song, SOUL!

  • @trillzilla LMAO forreals though...

  • Ab Soul is just sooo dope. nice dude too. can't wait for this next project !!

  • Keebo

    I am really looking forward to his next project, I play all 3 Long Terms very often. He spit some of this song on the five fingers of death the other day, too.

  • B. Emerson 909


  • audi

    1st of all, willie b makes some ill beats, and this beat is not wack. ab-soul is too dope, and this album is gonna be crazy. "tde, we got the belt." - schoolboy q.

  • Scottyboombotty

    Ab-Solo blowing dodo in dojo

  • ko

    he used the first verse in his and schoolboy's 5 fingers of death. song is still dope though, ab-soul is second after kendrick.

  • Spike

    TDE runs this shit

  • vaninhalen

    @ko i noticed that 2. oh well, dudes been thru some real shit this last month. this track is ill. love everything about it EXCEPt for that hhat. wish i could take it out entirely.

  • Rocket Scientist

    Maybe I should take another listen

  • Nat Turner 2K12

    Joint is cold...if you got a good ear for beats...this is it! Willie B is soooooo consistent on the production!

  • TDE Nigga, if you ain't with it, jump ship.

  • allan

    Ab-Solo blowing dodo in dojo


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