J. Cole – Visionz of Home

blame it on Illy March 2, 2012

Home sweet home. J. Cole kicked off Dreamville Weekend today in his hometown of Fayetteville, North Carolina and caps it off with the release of the Elite-produced “Visionz of Home.”

DOWNLOAD: J. Cole – Visionz of Home (prod. Elite) [via]
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  • King Cole


  • Coley Cole

    Lol. Cole’s killin the game and it ain’t even close

  • jza

    this shit is illlllllllll. this would be my theme song if i were from nc.

  • M&M

    Hope he has more production from Elite for his sophomore album

  • JimastaJ

    I think after the first album & success of Work Out, he has to show people he can still spit. Dope song.

  • Yooo!

    This is dope. J.Cole needs more of this on his next album and less of that “workout” and “can’t get enough” garbage. I’m starting to like J.Cole again. First “Grew Up Fast” now this…hope he keeps it up.

  • 2dope4nope

    OK foreal this is dope and word to that Cole needs more Elite assisted tracks

  • zachariah

    He’s shown he can produce and next he’s gotta get these dudes Omen,Exile and Elite on his next album, which I don’t see coming out until christmas. Work Out is still moving good, Can’t Get Enough is rising, Nobodys Perfect hasn’t even been shipped to radio and the video was just shot. Roc Nation is smart, they know that they need to run this album dry to the bone to push his fanbase as far as it can reach with one album run, and a few mixtapes.

  • sway

    shit aite. problem with this nigga music is its only good for a few listens then its pretty forgettable. boring rapper.

  • derrty

    i think now that j. cole proved he can sell, he’ll get more creative control than before, my guess he’ll be on a mission to be everyone’s #1 mc

  • kd

    DOPENESS. #ColeWorldNoFuckingBlanket

  • MyFiddyCents

    Lawwwwwwwwwwwwdd! Cole is back. He said the second album was coming in June. With Grew Up Fast and now this. I’m starting to think it might actually happen

  • whoaaaa

    ay this nigga j cole flows perfectly on this beat. He needs to drop a new mixtape with some crazy shit like I know he got. The album was just aite…

  • detox

    cole world, real cole world.

  • AirMagicMamba

    Is that a Bone Thugs sample? Like the song waiting on that Cole and Kdot collab


    This shit is so wack, flow was off point rhymes were basic. Drake shit on this nigga x10. Poor mans drake

  • gasoline

    this is nice…i’m thinking j.cole should leave the producing to others and just spit for his 2nd album, he will likely have a bigger budget for producers 2nd time round..

  • derr

    i think ppl need to lay off the whole “j cole needs to stick to just rapping” shit… i mean do ppl forget that more than a majority of his material that we praise is produced by him??

  • Drugz

    Why cant this nigga get a lex luger beat and just spit some raw shit for like 5 mins straight. Nigga always rapping on the wackest beats.

  • Jayosin

    Who rememebers Purple City??? Shiest Bub & Agallah???….Yea I Didn’t think so……Now they Flipped that perfect!!!!

  • 08Kobe24

    Flow was off point??? really you obviously don’t know what flow is, you aint nothin but a drake dick rider.

  • j cole showing how carolina does is all. I don’t think cole wants to jump on a lex luger beat and spit raw shit for five min cause he is a real artist. DERP thats why he likes to produce his own music. Think kanye but not a fag.

  • thatrealshit

    wow that beat man, call me a stan or watever but i got goosebumps when that baseline dropped, that shit was hard as fuck. coles gone harder on tracks, but this is def a quality record. this and grew up fast were both dope

  • First I Park My Car, Then I Fuck Your Bitch

    Sounds like a Dipset/Charles Hamilton beat

  • sdot

    Stay reppin I can feel it.

  • Ducey

    Forgettable garbage. Sleeping music.

  • GR

    What happened to J. Cole’s hungry flow? That was like one of the sole reasons I listened to J. Cole. Doesn’t sound hungry enough.

  • unclesam

    It was aight. Lyrically Cole can still improve A LOT, but his flow is on point, he has a good voice and his delivery is good so I guess that´s what captivates people.

  • Mikeyfresh

    Ima cole fan but I’m not impressed.

  • riktar

    Damn folks hating in FULL force!! ILL track.

  • Master Lee

    Cole always drops dope shit. All you niggas need to stop hating. Its really getting old already. 90% of his songs are produced by him so why does he need to stop producing his own shit? You sound retarded. Cole is one of the best in the game on the mic and behind the boards. I cant wait for the new album.

  • thatrealshit

    theres 3 dislikes and about 6 ppl hatin, i dont get it

  • slumerican

    this shit is ill son!!!!!!

  • yupp..

    Duchey trollen like a bitch lmao dope track cole world!

  • Cautious

    Shits ill *thumbs up from me*…but I feel what GR said…that “hunger” feel just isn’t really there no more..shits startin to get real predictable with new artists these days…1) go Hard 2) get a deal 3) relax a Lil bit(noticeable) …I’m not hatin’ cuz the track is dope, but callin it how I see it. Sue…nvm.


    i agree that he doesn’t sound as hungry, but his delivery is great on this track. most rappers dont stay hungry, its hard when you eat so good. nas, jay, eminem, andre3k none of them dudes sound hungry anymore, but their lyrics and their delivery has still improved over the years. cole definitely sounds like his delivery is improving on this track.

  • marty mcfly

    @youhighbro, Go back and listen to Kanye’s first couple of albums again before you compare the two because this was aiight but it aint no Diamonds from Sierra Leon or something. That is all

  • OneTWo

    On repeat. Crazy that cole is givin this shit away for FREE. Props to Elite also.

  • illeven

    He really just shout out Utah? haha

  • Pauly D

    Anyway you look at it, this is dope.

    First Grew Up Fast now this, along with his feature and getting his own DAY named after him?

    Cole winnin’!

  • -Yo I swear this shit is It Aint Easy by PCBG (Purple City Byrd Gang) shit use to ride… Sheist and Agallah I think that’s how you spell it wrecked thst shit!

  • Steel City

    This track is nice and like the rest of you say more of this and less of that pop shit, But if he have em on his next album its cool cuz he gotta get the radio plays and sumthin for the females.

  • Stameywd

    So I’m from NC and I feel like J Cole is one of the top rappers in the game hands down..this will be the most listened to song on my iPod which has 4231 songs and the second will be J Cole release from last week!!!!!!

  • k dot

    Shit is dope, Wouldn’t expect cole to be on this type of beat but he fits well on it. Elite did a good ass job with this. Props !


    whats the SAMPLE in the BEAT ?? its right on the tip of my DOME … PAUSE … & yeah I think his LABEL or whatever made him put out songs like CANT GET ENOUGH & WORK OUT which really were not that bad but RISH N SHINE & DOLLAR & A DREAM 3 were the CLASSICS off of COLE WORLD & HOPEFULLY he gets more or COMPLETE CREATIVE CONTROL … & J. COLE shits on everybody on the MTV TOP 10 WHACKEST I mean BEST MCS (lol) even his BOSS JAY (camel face) Z .. & I CO-SIGN J. COLE needs to spit over more ELITE EBATS but COLE is a BEAST with them BEATS also .. I wish he woulda kept Hiii POWER for himself instead of making & giving it to KENDRICK LAMAR who I aint really a FAN of or see why he BLOWING UP

  • Cubano

    Now THISSS IS THE COLE I KNOW!!! I know hes capable of making great music…i just hope he makes this kinda shit for his next album because Cole world was Bland…and ^^ Plata-o-Plomo Cole cant touch kendrick lyrically chill boy lol

  • d.cole

    dope this was definitely a dipset beat. cole world. whose excited for a DMX & j.cole collab?

  • Confused

    So now I’m confused on how the site’s gonna work.. from what I’ve noticed from everything previously all the content was still posting to the “main” landing pages then just categorized from there into the tabs you’ve created – singles, mixtapes/albums, etc.

    “Visionz of Home” is only listed under the Singles tab though.. If I hadn’t of noticed it in the splash banner at the top of the page I would have never seen it. Is that what we can expect? That we’ll have to search each tab individually IN ADDITION to any content we might be interested in on the main pages? Let us know Shake and Meka..

    (sidebar: I know I wouldn’t have found out about the song via Twitter or somewhere else eventually but I’m just trying to understand how the new site is going to categorize the content)

  • Confused

    ^^ I meant I know I WOULD HAVE found out about the song eventually not “wouldn’t have.”

  • Confused

    Nevermind, Shake and Meka.. this along with the Shawn Chrystopher joint is showing on my main feed now. S***’s weird, I’ve noticed this happen before on the old site layout as well. Things wouldn’t get categorized wrong but the “order” of certain posts would get completely jumbled and pushed back pages further than where they should have been if they were being listed by the “newest first” (in regards to date and time). Maybe it’s just my comps but I doubt it? I’m using an iMac and a MacBook Pro if that matters.

    Like I said, it’s whatever.. Just odd is all. I check the site pretty often (read: way more often than I should) so I remember the latest postings and when a new posting comes up it generally goes to the top of the feed but sometimes it doesn’t a goes SEVERAL postings in. It’s just at random and it’s not that they’re being put behind posts that are re-upped due to an edit or “UPDATE”, they just get pushed back.

    Ah well though, I’m just b****ing at this point. Dope song.. J. Cole fan.. End of rant.

  • Mike


  • Trey

    Cole is killing it again. The album was good, but he can do better and continues to prove it. Fuck the MTV and the grammies. I love how all the niggas negatively criticizing on this page use some sort of alias connected to a more prominent figure in the music business. You don’t ain’t shit fuck boy.

  • Punny

    LOL did that dude up top just call Cant Get Enough “garbage”??? He must know his rap!

  • Melo15

    Nothing will be better than his album with kendrick lamar.

  • ak

    What’s the sample?

  • It’s a sample of “Hard Life” by Little River Band. Purple City already killed this sample….and did a better job at that.

  • kk

    This is my theme song im from nc