• kd

    jockin Mike will made it...

  • Jonze

    @kd Mike ain't the only dude to ever release a instrumental tape. the fuck?

  • milly

    @kd ...... great post clown

  • Francisco

    art, soul, all on the beats! Ups to you Uncle Dave I'm going to record to everybeat on this ta.pe

  • trufisbak

    uhm, did mike will ever drop a INSTRUMENTAL tape?

  • DonCalypso

    Track 4 is the only one with any value...the rest is trash

  • http://facebook.com/AD1986 Armand.

    Mike Will has two beat tapes. But, I think kd is talking about having a beat tape with his baby picture & the overall theme of the tape. Not that I give a fck, just putting it out there. I prefer Uncle Dave's beats, anyway.

  • trufisbak

    @armand.: f'real? just googled mike will discography but couldn't find any beat tapes... u know the titles? links wouldn't go amiss either ;)

  • Michael

    "Uncle daaaaaaaave"

  • http://www.datpiff.com/Nino-Benitez-Make-Me-Legend-mixtape.318866.html Nino Benitez

    Not into albums with kid pics on the cover BUT it is all about the music. So, is it worth the DL?